Team up and Dress Up – Getting your Wedding Squad ready ( Bridesmaids edition) 


Have your numbers planned for the bridesmaids team? Now it’s time to decide what they will wear to compliment you a.k.a the stunning bride. Bridesmaid dresses are such a crucial focus on the wedding day, yet one of the hardest decisions to make. Details starts from the arrangements of dress colours to suit all bridesmaids as well as dress styles to make them bridesmaids sparkle without overshining the bride! Have no idea on where to start from? Or whether the costumes would match the theme? Don’t worry as this episode is the answer to your dressing woes for your girl squad for your special day! 

Choose dresses that suit the theme/location of the wedding 

For church weddings, opt for a more modest look for the bridesmaids to complement with the religious setting of the church, that means dresses without a plunging V-neck or fully-exposed back. Nonetheless, elegance can still be retained within the details of the dress through its lace. 

For naturistic locations such as garden weddings, natural tones for bridesmaid dresses will be complementary not only to the dazzling white gown of the bride, but also the backdrop of the scenic nature. Examples are adopting pastel shades such as blush or baby blue for the dresses to give that gentle air of soft, feminine yet simplistic beauty. 

As for wedding venues like the beach or a barn, perhaps consider location elements when choosing the material as well as length of the dresses. Opt for shorter length dresses so as to prevent sand, mud or water to stain and damage the dress, as well as looser clothing for easy movement around the place. Some examples of great outfits would be short floral dresses, or light-weight chiffon gowns.


Consider the skin tones of your bridesmaids

Skin tones are a really important factor in choosing the right shade of colour for all your bridesmaids – you wouldn’t want a crisis whereby the colour of the dress overpowers the person. As such, it is good to identify the different skin tones of your bridesmaids first, then proceeding to match the colour of the dresses so that the dress will radiate your complexion and overall look, especially in the wedding photographs. 

For lighter skin tones, 


Find a dress that match the style of each bridesmaid 

Standard sizes as well as styles do not fit all.  Height, body shape as well as weight distribution are three main factors to which different styles of the same coloured dress must be accommodated to. As such, versatility is great to mix and match styles for every girl’s style to let them stand out in their own curl and curve. 

Short champagne dresses tend to reveal their calves, thus keep in mind on whether your bridesmaids will be comfortable showing off their legs for the event. If not, opting for a longer train will be ideal. 

Compliment the Bride as well! 

While making sure that your bridesmaids look their absolute best on the wedding day as well as in the pictures, always remember that you, the bride, is undeniably the center of attention! In order to ensure that the balance in the spotlight, here are some mistakes that brides often make as well as tips to avoid such situations.  

Avoid white coloured dresses for the bridesmaids. 

It is the golden rule of weddings – to never wear the same colour as the bride herself, for both the guests as well as the bridesmaids. This is let the bride stand out in her own colour amidst the audience, giving her the necessary spotlight.

Soft and Natural Colours 

It is good to use soft colours for the bridesmaids’ dresses  to blend with the white wedding dress to create a soft aura. This strategy is encouraged so as to compliment the shade of white well, thus bringing out the purity of the wedding gown. 

Important : A comfortable change of clothes 

Make sure that your girl squad has a comfortable change of clothes from their bridesmaid dresses to their respective banquet dresses as they don’t have to match or follow a rigid style at that point of time 

That’s it, and now you’re ready to make your bridesmaids as beautiful as ever for your wedding day!  


the colours you choose should complement your own wedding dress and the theme of your wedding. To give you a better idea of how to select the colours.

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