Proposal Wedding Photography

This is where it all begins, your Wedding Proposal. Capture the moment where you make a promise to last a lifetime, with him down on one knee, and the ensuing tears of joy and hugs. proposal wedding photography are intimate moments and having it all on video gives you something to show your family and closest friends. Down the road, your wedding proposal video, can be the first milestone for your new journey together.

Female Propose to Man

In this unique proposal wedding photography Singapore, proposal for wedding, Melly planned an entire proposal wedding photography for a husband to be. We managed to do this hidden and shoot the entire wedding proposal unseen. 


Movie Trailer Proposal

Imagine going out on a movie date and seeing your partner on screen? That’s what Dorene experienced when Jason shot a surprise trailer to propose to her. Since they first met in a movie theatre, having their video proposal in the theatre became more significant to them. As the film trailer draws to an end, Jason enters the theater to propose to her officially as their friends cheer on and it’s all capture in the wedding video proposal Singapore.

Gay Proposal

After the classic movie Love Actually was released, the sketchbook proposal became a hit. Naresh takes reference and proposes to Clement in public with handwritten words on a large sketchbook. In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, a simple act like this reflects the effort and sincerity put in for his love. This Marriage proposal has been a hit over on youtube.


Wedding Proposal at Summerhouse

A beautiful wedding proposal done at Summerhouse. Decorations made in one of the domes. This proposal was witnessed by family and friends giving well wishes. 


Wedding Proposal at Gown Connoisseur

Simple is always best. Having their best friends help prepare for the proposal, this was one successful wedding proposal. Done in a cozy simple environment, it started out with a photo montage of their journey together. Thereafter, the lane of memories helped solidified their narrative. We must always say the most romantic part is the actual proposal where he kneels down and proposes. It was such a beautiful and wonderful experience to capture an intimate wedding proposal in Singapore. In addition, we made it a point to get the well-wishes and advises from all who were involved. 


Wedding Proposal Canterbury Road

What a simple proposal at Canterbury Road. Having friends set up this simple decoration at Canterbury Road, they organised a “fake” graduation photoshoot with friends. Leading the path to the decoration, watch how this beautiful wedding proposal unfold.

Wedding Proposal Hotel

Proposal done in an intimate setting.


Wedding Proposal Video at Coastal Settlement

This wedding proposal has to be one of the most simple and intimate. Just a simple dinner at the Coast Settlement. The staff were surprisingly receptive to the idea. And we found out that we were the first to ever shoot a wedding proposal at the restaurant. At various points, we had to have our sniper lens shoot them having their dinner. During the last of their 3-course meal, we had him mic-ed up and got his reaction. With a simple design on the dessert plate ” Will you marry me?”, she gave the most incredible genuine reaction to the wedding proposal.


Marathon Marry Me Run Proposal

Chin Boon ran the longest marathon in his life to propose to Melissa. The video adopted a news broadcast style to document his progress to meet Melissa. There were obstacles along the way but it didn’t stop Chin Boon. After all, he’s running toward the love of his life. As we witness his perseverance, we are assured of his determination to carry on in his new life journey with Melissa against all odds.

Magic in my eyes Proposal

To spice up your proposal, why not include some magic tricks? A magician stops Guil and Jessie as they’re passing by. He performs a few magic tricks for the couple as Jessie goes along unsuspectingly.

As the last trick, he gets Jessie to turn the poker card around where it reads “Will you marry me?”. Successfully catching her by surprise, Guil kneels down to end off this magical moment with his Marriage Proposal video.


Mount Faber The Jewel Box

Balloons, candles and printed photos of the couple. This video encompasses the whole preparation process at Mount Faber to the final proposal itself. It’s a pretty simple marriage proposal video but the warmth and love peeks through the effort put into creating the romantic setting.



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Frequently Asked Questions


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How do I propose in Singapore?

Wedding Proposals can be nerve-racking. What you can do is plan way in advance. There can be performances, videos to play for her & walk down memory lane with her. But most importantly, you have to kneel down on one knee and ask her the question “Can I marry you”?

Is filming video needed for marriage proposals?

The answer is yes. The most important thing to have is video instead of photos for your marriage proposal. It is key to document down this important milestone.
You must recognise that marriage proposal involves action and speech and only video can capture it down. If you do need photos it still can be taken and reenacted but for video, it only happens once and needs to be captured.

How do you begin a proposal?

Apart from the performances, you have to prepare a speech that is short and concise. Explain the reason of the decision and gratitude to embark on your next stage. Thereafter, you can kneel down on one knee and pop the question.

How do you propose a unique way?

We have seen our fair share of unique proposals. From public proposals to movie theatre proposals. However, the most important thing is to be real and truthful of this decision to make.

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