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Marriage Proposal Singapore

Planning for a marriage proposal in Singapore might be stressful, but it does not have to be so. There are two ways to go about a proposal – by engaging a marriage proposal planner or planning the special occasion by yourself. But before the marriage proposal, there are some steps which you should take, or questions to ask, to increase the chances of hearing a resounding ‘Yes’.

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Getting that “YES!” Perfect Marriage Proposal

It is time for you to make the move on your significant other, this time it’s not asking him/her to be your boyfriend/girlfriend only; it’s your marriage PROPOSAL! Truth to be told, it’s definitely a nerve-wreck in planning to-dos and have- nots for the perfect marriage proposal, with the biggest pressure being the ultimate question of asking “ Will You Marry Me”. What to do to impress her? Where to plan it? Fret not, this article will provide you with the 3 greatest tips in making the marriage proposal a memorable success so get your notebooks and pens ready! 


Venue – Memorable yet Comfortable

One key importance in deciding the venue is comfort: whether your significant other would be comfortable and safe in that setting to participate in the marriage proposal, whether in the public eye or in private space. 


Public Eye

Flash Mobs marriage proposals are one of the most flamboyant yet exciting public marriage proposals to catch your partner by surprise and make them feel as if they’re in their very own musical; plus points if you get involved with the dance as well and show off your moves to your partner’s amusement. 


Other notable public marriage proposal venues can be against a nice outdoor backdrop such as a calming sunset at the beach or at popular tourist attractions. Many couples would love to be proposed as scenic places such that the moment would both capture the aesthetic beauty of the background as well as the immense joy from the marriage proposal. 

However, do take note that public marriage proposals have its own risk of failing as well – in most instances being a stressful situation for the partner to feel compiled and pressured into saying “ yes” amidst the hopeful crowd. You would want to AVOID cases of him/her being forced from the cheers of the crowd, 


Private Space 

Some love privacy, they like to keep it small, homely and close to their closely-knitted connections so as to only share their purest, happiest moments with their personal relationships. 


In this case, public spaces would not be the most ideal venues to propose. Ideas of private marriage proposals would be as simple as their own homes with a candlelight dinner and nicely decorated room, or a private function room with your partner’s desired audience. 


These kinds of marriage proposals is all about privacy, exclusivity and most importantly undisturbed space for the partner to bask in and decide one’s options in the realms of the secluded space. 

Itinerary – Knowing Her Best

A proposal is for that special one. It must be all about him/her. That’s why the greatest key to her heart is to know him/her personality well and execute a proposal to him/her best liking. 

  • If she loves the beach, an ideal proposal could be bringing her out on a romantic beach date.
  • If she loves family time, you could arrange for a nice family dinner and games night followed by surprising her with the proposal.
  • If your partner doesn’t like public attention, then try to refrain from creating a public proposal for her and make her feel out of place/ not in her best fit. 

The key is always understanding, knowing your partner best as the potential lifetime partner and using that to give one the best proposal ever. 

How to Increase the Success Rate of Your Marriage Proposal?

Is your partner ready to settle down?

Have a chat with your partner to check if marriage is something that they are considering within the near future. To prevent your partner from raising his/her suspicion, you can start off by talking about a marriage proposal done by a mutual friend or celebrity. Another topic which can lead to the main conversation of marriage would be to ask about your partner’s plan in 5 years’ time.


Ask for your partner’s parents for his/her hand in marriage

Once you have confirmed that marriage is something that your partner is planning for in the near future, you can safely proceed on to discussing it with her loved ones. Let your future in-laws know that you are serious about the relationship and are sincerely asking for their blessings.

Some ways to broach the subject with your future in-laws is to talk about how you met your partner and how your relationship has evolved. A more straightforward way would be something like: “I have been in a relationship with (insert partner’s name) for x years and I am blessed to have him/her in my life. I’ve chatted with (insert partner’s name) recently and we are both ready to start our own family. As such, I would like to propose to him/her and would like to get your blessings”.


Plan for the special day


Now that you have passed the future in-law’s assessment, it’s time to go into the planning. Never ever pop the question whenever you feel like it’s the right time or when you have the sudden urge to do so. It is a memorable day for both you and your partner, and it should be well planned out instead of a sloppy one.


There are two ways to go about the marriage proposal planning for the actual day– either you engage a wedding proposal planner or plan it by yourself (or with the help of a few friends). More details on this below.

As much as possible, try to avoid popping the question at another event. For instance, your best friend’s wedding, engagement day or solemnization ceremony. This will bring the attention away from the main couple and it’s definitely not something that your best friend will like. Furthermore, this will show that you are either lazy to plan your own marriage proposal, too stingy to set up a venue, or both.


Get the engagement ring

This ring will be worn for the rest of your partner’s life; so, be sure to get one that your partner will like.

If you happen to have the contacts of your partner’s close friends, great! You can simply ask them to have a casual chat with your partner on what kind of ring they like and you will be able to find out their ring preference. Other methods would be to ask their family members or to walk past a jewelry store “by chance” and take a look at the rings on display.

Don’t forget to figure out their ring size too! This can be figured out by gifting your partner a simple ring that can be worn every day. However, do note the finger that it will be worn on. If you did not know, the engagement ring is typically worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.

A tip to not raise your partner’s suspicion is to not ask your partner’s friends to get the ring size. I mean – won’t you suspect something if your friend takes your finger and puts a measuring tape around it? Even if you get the ring size wrong, you can always bring it back to the jeweler for further adjustments.

Do visit our page on all you need to know of engagement rings.

Be romantic and sincere when popping the question

As the day sets in and the time is right for you to pop the question, try to minimise the jokes and lame comments. Instead, work on bringing the atmosphere to one that is casual, yet romantic. This will help to set the mood when you are asking the question and your partner might even tear up when you pop the question!

If you are preparing a short speech to tell your partner before you pop the question, it would be perfect if you have the script memorised. This makes the speech much more heartfelt and sincere as your eyes will not leave your partner’s. Furthermore, having to refer to your phone does not look too good in photos or on video. If you have to refer to a script, make an effort to write it down on a paper.

How do I write a marriage proposal?

Be sincere and write from the heart. Having a marriage proposal written is always a better plan than going off the rails and doing an impromptu. Do start with the journey you have been through and how it has ultimately reached to this decision.

  • Write down the moments you both had that sparked joy for you.
  • Write down what you’re grateful for in the relationship
  • Write down why she’s the one.

And please do remember to ask the most important question, will you marry me?

DIY-ing the Special Occasion

Here are some points to take note of if you prefer to DIY the entire event.

  1. The marriage proposal location

The location sets the entire mode for the marriage proposal. Imagine this: you and your partner are at a hawker center and you suddenly knelt down on your knees with the coriander from the mala stuck in between your teeth. Will your partner be delighted if you proposed there and then? Probably not.


It is also important to consider whether to propose in public or in a private space. If you followed the steps to increase your success rate above, the possibility of you getting rejected in a public setting is low but not zero. A popular method to propose in public is through a flash mob. Though this requires a considerable amount of effort, your partner will surely be elated and touched.


If you and your partner prefer to keep things lowkey, you can always look for a picture-perfect location. This includes Singapore Flyer, Sentosa, Hort Park, Faber Park Cable Car, and Gardens by the Bay.

Another method of choosing a venue is to go with one which holds a special memory for you two. For instance, your secondary school will be a perfect place if it was where you two first met. Other possible locations include the first overseas trip which you two had together, the place where you two agreed to date each other, etc.


  1. With family & friends, or without?

Having yours and your partner’s family and friends at the marriage proposal site is only recommended when you are close to 100% sure that your partner will agree to your marriage proposal. Otherwise, things might be awkward if you get rejected and your partner leaves you in the middle of the stage.


Despite that said, you can rope in a family member to bring your partner to the marriage proposal venue. This helps to build up the surprise as your partner will not know that they are meeting you.


  1. Proposal items


If you are not keen on having a full-fledged marriage proposal planner, you can always opt to rent a few items for your marriage proposal instead. These items can include a backdrop, ‘Marry Me’ marquee LED sign letters, fairy lights and speakers to play some soft music. Items which we highly encourage you to purchase would be a bouquet of flowers, balloons, candles, and some dried flowers to decorate the ground (if needed).

Do remember to bring along your marriage proposal ring on the actual day!


  1. Know your partner’s itinerary for the day of the marriage proposal

This is an extremely important point to take note of as you do not want your partner to show up when you are in the midst of setting up the venue. To minimise the chances of this happening, you can get your partner’s friend to bring your partner out for the afternoon and arrange to meet your partner in the evening. This way, your partner’s friend will be able to inform you when your partner is about to reach the location.


  1. Capture the moment

Even though a picture speaks a thousand words, it is impossible for a still image to record the speech that you will be giving to your partner or the first drop of tear that rolled down your partner’s cheek. This reaction is one that should be captured on video as it is impossible to mimic the same emotions fully.


Since this special moment will be captured on film, you will have to ensure that your partner is presentable enough to be captured. I’m sure your partner will not appreciate it if you propose while he/she is wearing a t-shirt and slippers. During the entire filming process, your partner’s fingers will definitely be filmed. Thus, you should arrange a manicure session for your partner so that his/her nails will look clean and neat.


  1. Know that change is inevitable, and have backup plans

The sky might start pouring when you are almost done with the set-up, or the ‘Y’ in the ‘Marry Me’ LED lights decide to stop working, or the event venue might be taken because you forgot to book it. There are endless possibilities for the problems which might arise on the actual day of the marriage proposal.

As such, a backup plan is always necessary. First, recce the venue and look out for spots which can be used in the event of a heavy downpour. In the worst-case scenario, abort the plan and arrange for the proposal on another day. Second, always make sure that you have additional batteries, lighter, candles, flowers, etc. You will never know when will the battery go out in the letterings or fairy lights. Third, try to avoid using public spaces, such as the beach, unless it holds a special memory for you and your partner. Instead, go for places which require a reservation as this will ensure that your marriage proposal spot is not taken up. Some places (e.g. Singapore Flyer) even help with wedding marriage proposals!


Engaging a Professional Marriage Proposal Planner

Worried that your marriage proposal will not run smoothly? Why not engage in the help of a professional planner? This will help to keep the actual day of the proposal stress-free and you will not be too nervous. These people have lots of experience in marriage proposals and will be able to assist you with all the nitty-gritty details.

Most packages include choosing the location, setting up the venue, ideas on how to trick your partner into going to the venue, backup plans, tearing down of the event space, photography and videography service, and more. If you are planning to engage a marriage proposal planner, be sure to check out these planners who have been around for hundreds of proposals.

Just Married Films

Did we mention that we do the planning as well. From planning your day, making sure everything goes accordingly and the surprise stick. Do contact us and let us know what your plans and ideas and we will flow together with it.


Help You Marry


Help You Marry Facebook


HYM has been around for close to a decade and has successfully executed several marriage proposals. They provide two main services – HYM elves to assist you with the venue set up or coordination on the actual day, and the entire process of planning and capturing the moment.


Years & Co.


Years & Co. Facebook


There are two types of marriage proposal packages available at Years & Co. – basic styling and concept styling. The latter is personalised to the couple, with customized signature sets and more.


LYNX Marriage Proposal


LYNX Marriage Proposal Facebook


Planning to propose overseas but you’re not confident about being able to communicate with the wedding proposal planners there? Fret not! Not only does LYNX operate in Singapore, they also help with marriage proposals in Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines!

They have a range of packages available, from the basic romantic dinner package to a room decoration package. A vow renewal package is also available for the old couples who want to surprise their partner and renew their vows.




Whichever theme you have in mind, Invited will surely have the props needed to set up the event venue just like what you have in mind. They specialise in floral arrangements which definitely increase the aesthetics of the location.


Proposing to your partner is something that only happens once in a lifetime for most people. This moment should be romantic and memorable for both you and your partner. Though your words might get jumbled up during the speech, or the balloon might fly away before you get the chance to pop the question, all this does not matter as long as you are sincere about the marriage proposal.

With that, we wish you all the best in your marriage proposal and we hope to be part of your special day.



Just like a wedding, the proposal is all going to be about you and your partner. As much you want your partner to feel at ease and comfortable, you have to not just put up your best self, but be YOURSELF.

Trust yourself and your sincerity in every execution of the proposal that it will go well and be confident of yourself as well. It will definitely be a nerve-wrecking event but always remember why you want to propose in the first place

If you are not the best at speeches, speech cards or props are your best friend! 

Video confessions or cardboard message props like the one below can serve a big help in transcending your message in a quirky way.

You can play with different visuals in these ideas, such as creating video montages of your past happy memories with him/her or a video including your family and mutual friends encouraging him/her to say “ YES” – might move one to tears. 

These are just some ideas as there are many interesting and creative ways of presenting your heartfelt speech to your loved one beside direct face-to-face confrontational style.

It is totally fine if you ever run out of ideas to build your proposal as long as it is genuine and from the heart because that is what makes a proposal the greatest and the most touching one.