How to pose or smile in a wedding photoshoot

We get it, photoshoots are not for everyone. But you’re getting married, and having a wedding album helps you remember the wedding of a lifetime – your own wedding. But scoring a good set of photos is not like taking a walk in the park; or as easy as the instagram models make it look. Posing and smiling in a photogenic way takes skill, and here’s how. 

Posing for men

You want to look sharp, strong, and smart, especially in individual shots. There are a few tricks that models do to give off an impression that screams M-A-S-C-U-L-I-N-I-T-Y


Sharp body angles


This one’s a little tricky, especially if you are not accustomed to posing for photos. But the idea here is to put your body in a relaxed position, to soften your posture instead of standing upright. Play to your strengths. It helps to practise by standing in front of the mirror to see which poses makes you look taller, stronger, or puts you in a comfortable manner in front of a camera. 


Lessening any curves


No hunchbacks! Reducing the curves on your back does not mean you can’t lean. You should always remember to keep your back straight, whether you are posing, standing or leaning against something. A straight back makes you look taller, which is what most men want to portray – a tall and strong look. You don’t want to look like Gollum on your wedding photoshoot! 


Relaxed, natural facial expressions

Forget the fierce-looking model you saw on the latest issue of Men’s Health – do a pose on something you’re comfortable with. Remember that this is a wedding photoshoot, and you are not auditioning to be on the cover of the next magazine issue. Smile, relax and think about something happy. Perhaps a really funny experience on your trip with your fiancee, or even last Christmas where you both fell asleep to a Netflix movie after a heavy dinner of turkey and potatoes. I often find that the most handsome, most picturesque wedding photos come from remembering a fond memory, because that’s when your expression is the most natural. You can never go wrong with an innocent smile, or a laugh, if you can pull off faking one. 


Leaning in to the camera

Don’t be camera shy, today’s shoot is all about you! Stand close to camera, or where your photographer tells you to. Sometimes positioning your posture a tad nearer to camera helps – it shows your confidence and ease in front of the camera. 


What to do with your hands

Play with ring, watch or glasses


Awkward hands can ruin the photo, and yet at the same time there’s nothing that needs to be done in a photoshoot. Don’t let your hands idle at your side – do something. Adjusting your watch, taking a closer look at your wedding ring, or even adjusting your tie makes you look smart. At the very least, your hands are busy with a task instead of being stuck awkwardly at the side of your hips. 



Alternatively, you can put your hands in your pocket. Careful not to overdo this though, or all your photos will leave guests wondering what’s in your pocket that you’re guarding it so intensely. Slot your hands only halfway into the pockets, ensuring your elbows are bent in a 90 degrees, and relax your posture. Lean against a wall, or railings to show off a smart casual look. 

Big taboos in posing for a photoshoot are such as crossing your arms – you look unapproachable, even angry. This hides away details on your suit as well, which is not what you paid a full day’s suit rental for.