Top 10 Styles for Childhood Montage

Here are top 10 styles for Childhood Montages

What is a Childhood Montage

You might be looking for the different types of styles for your wedding childhood montage.
Childhood montages are done to remember the journey of how you came together. It starts from both of your childhood till adulthood and when you both met.
The sequence would be
1. Bride when she was younger
2. Groom when he was younger
3. When both of them met
4. Times of the couple together
5. Prewedding Photos

Following this sequence will help to tell a story and can be easily appreciated and understood.

Why have a Childhood Montage?

More importantly, your childhood montage can be screened during your wedding banquet for your guests to appreciate. Your guests from you family’s side might not know your partner or her childhood to adulthood. This childhood montage can serve as easy entertainment to know your partner a little better.

When to screen it.

Childhood Montages are normally screened before the 1st March in during your banquet Lunch or Dinner. Since you as a couple have seen it, it’s not important for you to witness it with your guests. However, if it is something that you wish to enjoy with your family and friends, you can choose to have it after your 1st march in. We have seen couples sit down with their family and friends to share this beautiful nostalgic experience.

10 Styles to Childhood Montage

To see the different styles of a Childhood Montage, we have created a list detailing the types of styles. We used the same photos treated in different themes so you can have a better idea of the themes.


1. Memory Style

– Going down memory lane, this style of childhood montage treats your photos just like photos. The photos can be treated like the photos that were laid out in your photo album when you were younger. It brings back those nostalgic moments of viewing your journey in photo albums.

2. Original Style

– This style is clean and minimal. It does have fantastic transitions between photos but at the same time not take away the attention from the photos.

3. Rusty Style

– If you’re an old soul, this theme is suited for you. It has a wooden rustic feel to this theme. The treatment of this style is elegant and is very nature like.

4. Ink Abstract Style

– If you are feeling arty farty, you can go for a more abstract style like this inked theme. It transitions to the next photo with ink. It feels modern and slick.

5. Carousel Style

– Did you have a beautiful childhood when you were younger? This theme reminds you of the times with a carousel projector. Every transition feel like your’e going through memory lane with an old school OHP projector.


6. Champagne Style

– This style is very elegant and posh. The name says it all. It gives a clean and stylistic feel to your photos.

7. Vintage V1 Style

– Are you a fan of rock and roll. This childhood montage will bring you back to the oldies where vinyl records were a thing. Every photo is placed unto vinyl records and can bring a nostalgic feel with your guests.

8. Vintage V2 Style

– This theme is another vintage old timeless theme.

9. Wood theme Style

– If you ever want to be stuck in the wonderful land of Alice in wonderland, this style works the best. In the grasses and nature are where your photos will lie.

10. Simple Style

– Last but not least, your childhood montage can be this simple. Simply use a powerpoint presentation, fade in between each photo and you’re done. This style can also be used for your wedding prewedding outdoor photos. Transfer your prewedding outdoor shoot you have done and put a simple cross transition and you’re done. Ensure your photos are on loop and screen it during the cocktail reception and when your guests are eating their meals.

In Conclusion

You have tons of styles to choose from. Make sure you go through them and understand the different styles and themes. to it. Do enquire us at jamie@justmarriedfilms.com if you would like to have us help you do up your childhood montage.