Prewedding Videos

Did we mention that we specialize in Prewedding Videos as well? Behind the scenes of every wedding lies a story untold, of how two people came together. We conduct interviews or help conceptualize the shoot for your prewedding video. Let us help to capture the chemistry between the both of you and paint the story of how you got to where you are today.











Pre-Wedding | Carmen & Resen (Trailer)

Pre-Wedding | Chelsea & Ian

Pre-Wedding | Joyce & Melvin

Pre-Wedding | Cass & Ting

Pre-Wedding | Carmen & Resen (concept)

Pre-Wedding | Carmen & Resen (Interview)

Pre-Wedding | Lydia & Yogi

Frequently Asked Questions


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What is a prewedding video?

Prewedding video is a video that encapsulates the couple’s journey to be husband and wife. It can contain interviews, enactments & scenes of the couple.
Typically the prewedding video also serves to entertain your guests during your actual day wedding.

How long before my actual day should I have my prewedding video shoot?

You should typically plan it 3-4 months before your actual day to give time for it to be produced. In addition, there might be wet weather and you might need to postpone the dates.

What happens for a prewedding video shoot?

When the prewedding should is done 3-4 months before your actual day, it will typically be divided into 2-3 hours. The first hour will be an interview and the other remaining hours will be of the couple shot for outdoor scenes.

What do you need for a pre-wedding video shoot?

If you’re doing an interview segment, you can prepare the answers to the questions mentally beforehand. The answers should be short and concise. If you have props or photos of your relationship, do bring it along as it’ll help to tell your story better.

What do you wear to a pre-wedding shoot?

Colour combination is important. Prepare 2-3 sets of clothes that are matching and that present you best.
Click here to go to our guide on colour combination.

How much it cost for a pre-wedding shoot?

The packages start from $1200 onwards. Please do enquire with us for more details.