Hi Just Married Films,

We wanted to write you sooner and thank you for helping us capture what was an amazing wedding. I have to apologise for not writing sooner as the dust has literally just settled and only found the time to do so now. You helped make our wedding ever that more memorable. During our honeymoon, we kept replaying and watching the highlights from our wedding and just reliving it all again. Even till today, we still pull out the video and watch it from time to time. The way you captured the important moments and the fine little details that we ad spoken about, you got it perfectly. Also, your cheery, friendly and easy going nature helped put everyone at ease. From the first time we spoke till the day you delivered the final video, nothing was short of professional. We’re extremely happy and glad that we chose you to work with for our wedding. Thank you once again and we’ll check back on your website from time to time to see your work!

Sandy & Nic

A year ago when we engaged Jamie, we knew he was different from the rest of the videographers. First, it was the pre-wedding shoot which he took of us and he included it into the morning highlights. Second, we wrote our own vows/letters to make the video “ours”. Third, on the actual day, when my parents were putting on my veil for me, he said something to make me and my parents relive our memories. It was really a touching moment and he captured it so beautifully on the video. Fourth, he managed to include our solemnisation into the morning highlights! My solemnisation was at 6pm and the first march-in was at 8pm. He managed to complete he morning highlights and included the solemnisation before our first march-in! Isn’t that awesome? I can go on and on with more and more good points. Our friends and relatives loved the video and me and my hubby are mad over it! Hahaha. Thank you Jamie! It is the most beautiful morning highlight I have ever seen.


For y’all demanding, impatient and hard-to-please newlyweds out there!! We were one of you! We picked Jamie from Just Married Films out from a handful we spoke to due to the fact that he is very different from the rest of the videographers out there. This was a special day for us and obviously we wanted something uniquely US, and not a film made from a “cookie-cutter” of cliches. He was extremely open and patient in brainstorming for the right idea and angle, and then executed it perfectly. Talk about over-promising and over-the-top delivering! What impressed us further was his ability to build the atmosphere, “ra-ra” the crowd (as we call it), and have a great time with everyone at the same time (no matter what language you speak). Last but not least, we heard that many couples out there would only receive their videos many months after their wedding. But you ain’t getting that from this guy. We received ours within 2 weeks after our wedding! This guy is the real deal. Send me an email if you still unconvinced! Thank you Jamie for making our special day so much more. You are the man.

Shue & Andy

“Time will never stand still and those moments that bring us such joy become memories in an instant. To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental.” – Joshua Atticks

Thank you, Jamie and team at Just Married Films, for doing such a monumental job in capturing these moments of great joy for us! We got married about 7 weeks ago, and have already received our videos from Jamie in person (all wrapped up in a lovely bag with cookies and a printed thumbdrive)! We have watched the videos so many times! Each time we watch it, we feel so blessed and discover something new we didn’t catch on that day, or from the previous views. (e.g. I didn’t realise my dad was holding back tears when he walked me down the aisle in church!)

These precious moments will have been entirely missed if not for the fact that you captured it on film for us. Thank you so much! Jamie was our prayers answered and we knew from his passion so infectious, that he will only deliver his best in crafting a video that we would treasure for a lifetime. From the conception of ideas in telling our story, his patience in finding out what God has done in our lives and taking down notes, interviewing us together and separately, going for an outdoor shoot, and then being so professional and enthusiastic on the day of our wedding, for the great follow-up and being so sweet to go the extra hundred miles for us, we truly truly thank God for you Jamie!

If you have a love story you want to savour and share with family and friends, if you want to have precious memories to look back upon and be reminded of the many blessings you have received, we wholeheartedly recommend the team at Just Married Films. You guys are such a gift, and we thank you for all you have done for us! In God’s love, and thanking God for you!

Rina & Yong Jian

Jamie has tons of energy. I was amazed by how he was always the most energetic one in the room! Beyond his jokes and quips, which helped to put us at ease in front of the camera, Jamie and his hardworking team delivered a wonderful video, which we still enjoy watching months after the wedding. His choice of music was spot on and I liked that it was not just another overplayed tune. Jamie went out of the way for our video and created something that felt “us”. It didn’t feel formulaic. We’ve since recommended Jamie to other couples. Thanks again Jamie & all the best!

Rachel Chow