Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Singapore

Here are our very own pre wedding outdoor photoshoot that were taken around Singapore.

We specialize in creating moments during your Pre wedding photography photoshoots. The connection is what makes your wedding pre-wedding outdoor photos stand out and be remembered, so don’t wait any further and email on your enquiries.

You can have ideas on what to wear for your outdoor shoot here.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Cheryl Chenwei 2.0

Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Cat Andrew

Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Grace Ferdi

Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Huiqi Zhean

Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Jim Gabrina

Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Ant Sophia

Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Cheryl Chenwei 1.0

Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Celine Yuxuan

Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Bertrand Venetia


Frequently Asked Questions


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What is pre wedding photography?

For a couple, Pre-wedding photography in Singapore happens around 2-6 months before your actual wedding day. Often these photos are taken to be shown on your actual wedding day and for keepsake.

What are the types of pre-wedding photography?

Pre-wedding photography can be classified into formal and informal wear. It can be taken indoors and outdoors as well.

How much does a pre-wedding photoshoot cost?

It depends on photographers or packages. For us, it starts at $300 per hour. However, often it can come with package prices or promotional prices between companies.

Where can I take wedding photos in Singapore?

In Singapore, there are many places that can give your variety within a single location.
A good place in Singapore would be at Botanic Gardens and East Coast Park. There are many varieties such as trees, landscapes, and monuments.
How much does pre-wedding photoshoot costs?

How do you take pre wedding photos?

Pre-wedding photos can be taken by a professional or even with your friends. It typically involves poses or candid moments with the couple.
How long does prewedding Photography take?

What should I wear for a prewedding photoshoot?

There are many outfits that can offer a good colour combination from warm tones to dark tones depending on the location and skin colour.
You can visit our blog here to find out more about ideas to wear.

What should I bring for a prewedding shoot?

Besides bringing a positive attitude (it will be tiring throughout the day), you must bring sunscreen, fans, and water. There’s a high possibility of dehydration and fatigue.