Hire a Wedding Videographer in Singapore

Many couples will question whether hiring a wedding videographer in Singapore is crucial for their wedding day. For weddings where such a big sum of money is needed, some couples may find it overwhelming to allocate money for both a wedding photographer and videographer to document their wedding. It can be hard for them to justify spending a portion of their budget on documentation when there are many other features and services that also require spending.

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These are some reasons why you may be hesitant about getting a wedding videographer.

Wedding Videography costs more than Wedding Photography

Generally, a wedding videographer in Singapore will need about twice as much camera gear as a wedding photographer. Typically, it would require more time to edit a full video out from all the footage gathered from pre-wedding segments and actual wedding day compared to editing the photos shot. This is because the videographer would need to select specific moments and cut out speeches to include in the video. Videographers also have prior sound recording experience to record clear audios of your speeches and vows during your wedding day. Hence, these all add up to the costs of hiring a wedding videographer in Singapore.

A Wedding Videographer in Singapore may Disrupt Special Moments on my big day

Some couples may be afraid that having a wedding videographer in Singapore would mean having a camera in their face all day. They worry if they will not be able to bask fully in the special moments on their big day with a camera around them the whole time. However, this is a misconception.

Professional wedding videographers Singapore know the right moments to capture and are observant to move away after getting their shot. For those who are more camera-shy or awkward, you can also rest assured. While there will be some posed or directed shots, most of them blend in with the crowd to capture raw moments as they unfold.

Importance of a Wedding Videographers Singapore

Captures Moments that Photos can’t

While a wedding videographer in Singaporewould have higher rates than a wedding photographer, they can capture moments that photos can’t. A video encompasses both visuals and audios. From a tear jerking speech to the sincere exchange of marital vows, you get to have crisp copies of these moments. Whether it is a tear or a laugh, reactions and facial expressions are usually enhanced in moving visuals compared to a still. Crucial moments like your march in or the first dance are also recorded down to be created into a video with memories that you can cherish forever.

Captures Moments you may miss out

A wedding is a hectic event with so many events happening at the same time. For example, the bride preparation and groom preparation will happen in their individual homes concurrently. This means that the bride would not be able to check out how her spouse’s preparation went. Having a videographer ensures the bride will be able to catch all these moments later on and vice versa.

Reactions from your wedding guests during reception and speeches are also some of these important moments. While you are caught up in your emotions during your speech, you may miss out the teary reactions of some of your family members. All these candid moments will be captured by a wedding videographer in Singapore to present you in the final deliverables.

Experiment with Style and Creativity

Some couples may think all wedding videos play out similarly with one fixed boring format. However, there are various unique wedding videographers in Singapore now who offer videos with different styles to choose from. A wedding video is more than just a documentation of every single event on your wedding day. The footage is specially chosen and pieced together to create a kind of film that flows smoothly. Just imagine you and your spouse being the main characters of a movie! Wedding videos seek to achieve that kind of impact.

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From the duration of your video to the concept, you can decide and discuss these details before your wedding day. There will often be different wedding packages offered by videographers that include different kinds of deliverables. These include same-day edits, full-day edits, and short 3-5 minute reels.

Same-day edits are some of the most popular choices among couples. As the name suggests, your videographer will capture the best moments from the bride preparation, the groom preparation, the gatecrash, tea ceremony, and some other moments before the banquet ceremony. All these will be pieced together on the day itself into an engaging short video of 5 to 7 minutes to be played during the ceremony. This allows your guests to experience and sees how your whole wedding day has been like. For guests who are not present for previous events, this is a great way to involve them. As the video plays, it also gives you more time to get ready for the march in.

Full-day edits are typically longer videos and can go up to over 10 minutes. For couples who want a full, detailed look at their wedding in chronological order, this would be a good option. These types of videos allow you to relish each moment as it unfolds.For short 3 to 5 minute reels, the most exciting and sweetest bits of the day will be packaged tightly into one video. These videos are usually more fast-paced and exciting.

For couples who want their videos to stand out even more from other couples, you can incorporate elements that are unique and personal to you. Whether you are going for a sweet and fairytale concept or a dark and mysterious one, there will be a videographer who can fulfill your vision and match your aesthetics.

Timeless Videos to Relive Memories

Weddings mostly happen once-in-a-lifetime. But having a wedding film means being able to relive that day forever with each viewing. Some memories may fade over the years of your married life. At times like these, having your own wedding video means being able to rewatch it anytime to relish these beautiful memories.

Special occasions like anniversaries or Valentine’s can be made even sweeter just by bringing these videos out to rewatch. Years down the road, when you are older and caught up in a mundane and busy lifestyle, just rewatching the wedding film of your younger days can also brighten up any random day of yours.

Sharing your Video with those unable to make it

While it may be unfortunate, there might be a chance where some family members or friends are unable to attend your wedding be it due to illness, distance or age. Moreover, if you are planning on having a destination wedding miles away from home, it might be too costly to invite so many guests over. Some guests may not have the financial capability to attend your wedding too. In this case, hiring a wedding videographer in Singapore means you are presented with videos of your big day that you can share with your loved ones on social media.

Although it will never beat being there at your wedding themselves, these videos give them a chance to experience what it would be like if they were there. Such emotions can also be conveyed and expressed more through videos as compared to still photos.

Other than guests who cannot make it to your actual wedding day, these videos also become wonderful keepsakes to pass down the generations. With the presence of digital platforms and advanced technology, digital copies of the videos can be kept for a long time. When you have children in the future, you can also let your offspring watch your wedding film. Other than letting them see how you and your partner are like younger, it also becomes a great bonding session for your family.

Choosing a Wedding Videographer in Singapore

There is no one best or superior wedding videographer in Singapore. Each videographer has their own merits. It is dependent on the concept and aesthetics each couple is looking for.

Having a higher rate also does not imply that the wedding videographer is the best one. To decide their rates, they take the amount of experience, level of expertise, your wedding’s location and the prices of the gear into consideration. For example, you are planning a beachside wedding and may choose to hire the videographer who charges the highest rates but the videographer has the most experience in shooting church weddings. Although the videographer is skilled in his craft, he may not be the best suited person when he does not have much experience shooting at beach sides. Hence, these are some factors to consider when choosing a wedding videographer in Singapore.


After you have decided to engage a wedding videographer, it is time to find one that matches your style. Just like photographers, different videographers have their own unique artistic vision and approach their craft differently. Portfolios are a good place to start to check out the styles of various wedding videographers in Singapore. Most of them upload their previous works on platforms like Vimeo or YouTube.

There are documentary-style videos where the timeline of events are presented chronologically in the video. Some videographers might use more special effects to enhance the film. Some make use of interesting angles and compositions to mimic cinematic films. The use of music can also vary vastly throughout. Some videographers use slower and more dramatic music, some use exciting and lyrical kinds while some may have a mix of both. Ideally, it would be nice if the videographer has works that show his ability to work with different styles.

After going through videos from different videographers, note down which style stands out to you or is in line with the kind of aesthetic you are going for for your own wedding.


When we talk about experience, it is not merely how many years a certain wedding videographer in Singapore has worked in the industry for. You need to go further into the details.

What type of wedding videos is the videographer used to doing? A simple research of the videographer’s portfolio can give you a sense of the videographer’ own artistic vision from the way he presents each couple’s story together in a video.

What venues and weddings does the videographer have experience shooting at? While browsing through all the videos online, you can see if there is a pattern. For example, a videographer may focus on shooting church weddings. This means that he would be more or less familiar with the regulations of churches in Singapore and the different rituals that may be carried out. This can help you greatly as they can advise and direct you the best during the wedding to get the best shot.

When a videographer has prior experience shooting at the venue you chose, they would also have a rough guideline of how the venue will look like. This means they get to spend more brain power and creative juices on ideating unique shots and compositions for your wedding instead of trying to figure the place out.


Even if you feel like you have found the perfect videographer after browsing through their online videos, it is important to read through some reviews they have gotten from past couples. Reviews give you an insight on the character and personality of the videographer you will be working with. Points that you should have in your mind while reading through these reviews is to check if the videographer had a positive personality, if the couple was satisfied with their deliverables and if important segments of the wedding were all filmed. The date of the review also matters and it should be one of their most recent ones. This is because a videographer may have developed his skills further after an old review.

Meet them face-to-face

Before going ahead with the videographer, meeting them in person is crucial. As a couple, meet your chosen videographer to know more about them and to let them know details about your own wedding. During this meeting, you should ask all the questions you have and to ensure both parties are on the same page.


Deciding on a wedding videographer in Singapore can be a daunting task. However, the results will be extremely satisfactory when you find one that complements the style and aesthetic you are going for. For couples who are worried about the financial burden, some wedding videographers even offer special discounts during certain months or off-peak seasons. Wedding packages also allow you to get different services at a better deal. Hence, if you are planning on having your wedding soon, keep a lookout for deals like these!