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Frequently Asked Questions


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What are the styles of wedding day photos?

There are various styles of wedding day photos. Photographers can shoot documentary, candid & abstract photos. We try to do a mixture of all 3.

What time should the actual day photographer come?

Weddings can start very early in the day. But a photographer normally comes 1 hour after the makeup artist comes.

Where can I take wedding photos in Singapore?

There is normally some time for you to do an outdoor shoot during your actual day. What you can do is have your outdoor shoot where there is nature. Your groomsmen and bridesmaids should join in during this photoshoot.

What happens during a Chinese Actual Wedding Day?

During the day, there are moments that can be important to capture such as,
Chinese Tea Ceremony
Outdoor Shoot
Cocktail dinner/lunch reception
Dinner banquet

How much does wedding photography cost in Singapore?

Our packages start from $2500 onwards.

Wedding Photos Singapore

As Wedding Photographers, we understand how a single picture can speak volumes. Actual Day Wedding Photos Singapore might just be rituals and routines. But we strive to capture the emotions and moments from your wedding that years down the road, when you look back at those wedding photos, it’ll bring you back to that very day where you begin your beautiful journey as husband and wife. 

It is a norm nowadays to seek professional wedding photographers Singapore to capture the sweet moments of your wedding that you can look back in 10 years’ time and go “ aww that’s the happiest day of my life!”

However, hiring the best wedding photographer Singapore for you can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the wedding planning process. To do so, you need to equip yourself with some prepared questions to ask your Wedding Photography in Singapore. Here are 5 important questions about what you can do when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer in Singapore! 

What is the kind of primary style we are going for? 

One pro-tip is to ask for the portfolio of the wedding photographer Singapore to see the different styles and themes that he/she has catered for previous clients as well. If not, you can also equip yourself with beforehand research on the kind of style you like, and suggest a few examples to the photographer.

Discussion about the style is always great to reach a consensus to both satisfy the client’s taste and let the photographer explore his own style

At Just Married Films, we offer a unique approach to the wedding. You’ll hear the terms, documentary & journalistic styles being thrown around quite frequently from many wedding photographers. We definitely would apply these styles. But being in the industry of wedding photography Singapore, we have seen many wedding proceedings, traditions and flow. We help to assist and guide wedding couples through processes such as tea ceremonies, ROM Solemnisation & Gate Crashing activities. We assist in things to look out for & the activities to ensure your wedding photos will turn out great. Do check out our testimonial page to hear what our clients say about us.

What kind and how many photos will I be receiving and how long? 

Every Wedding Photography Singapore studio differs in terms of processing, editing and delivering your pictures. But most wedding photography Singapore firms would be able to promise a date anywhere around 2-3 weeks or half a year at least.

Do ask and set a due date with your studio to where you need your photos by, but also check for any extra charges for early delivery. Sometimes, you might need the photos to be delivered to you in a week’s time because you might have another wedding held in another country. Try to manage your wedding photographer’s expectations for concerns such as this. 

One of the reasons why the projects may take longer to deliver would be because of backlogs from previous weddings. It is a business and there will be previous client’s wedding photos that need to be edited.

And if you need to be posting up on social media and if 2 months is a long time, you can ask for highlight wedding photos to be given back. This would be in the best interest of the wedding photographer as it’s a media presence for them.

For us at Just Married Films, we normally take around 4-8 weeks to return back those edited wedding photos. This process needs care and dedication to go through all those wedding photos of shut eyes and unflattering shots.

What is the price point for the shoot?

This is one question that you need to know and look into every charge of the package to make sure that your hard-earned money is worth paying for. Wedding Photography Singapore Studios may have their prices constantly updated. The primary price of the package depends on the amount of time required for the wedding shoot ( whether it is pre- and actual wedding day, or just one day).  For most Wedding Photography Singapore studios, their price is for 10 hours long. An additional requirement would be the cost of extra hours. This is especially essential for your actual wedding photography. The number of hours might exceed the initially agreed timings.

Does it matter about what equipment, venues and working relations you will have? 

It is sometimes common to ask these questions. What equipment are you using? But what’s important is the final wedding photos. Every Wedding Photography Singapore Studio may use different camera brands, but that shouldn’t affect the final wedding photos. Once you see the final wedding photos of your wedding photographer’s past clients, and you’re happy with the style, book him/her fast. The technology of camera equipment has reached a stage whereby what differentiates a photographer is his/her eyes. Cameras are merely a tool to assist. Rest assured, at Just Married Films, we keep up-to-date with the lastest technology.


All in all, it’s the connection you have with your wedding photographer  Singapore that is the most important. Meet up with them, get a sense of who they are and their artistic process. And if you feel there’s a strong connection, lock him/her in fast.

Do meet up with us and we can have a short chat on your wedding needs and how best to serve you.

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