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Actual Day Wedding Video







Finally, the day you’ve been waiting for and dreaming of. Wedding Videos are what we do best.

Wedding Videography for us is not just about capturing the moments, your moments; it is weaving them together to tell a story.

Let your wedding video spark joy in this special milestone.

At Just Married Films, we tell stories. We touch, we create, we inspire.

It would be an honour for us to be a part of your big day.







Frequently Asked Questions


Contact Us: jamie@justmarriedfilms.com

Is it possible to have a lunch same day edit?

Yes it is possible. Just Married Films will deliver the edit just before the 2nd march in.

Do you do childhood montage?

Yes we do offer this option. A childhood montage is to be screened for your wedding banquet.

What should a wedding video include?

It should capture the moments from the day. There are guests during your banquet who won’t be able to witness these moments. Hence express edit is a choice to show it to them.

Is a videographer needed for a wedding?

Yes it does. More often than not, wedding photos are top priority. However, moments such as solemnisation, gatecrashing and tea ceremony is difficult to capture down in photos.

A wedding video will help build a narrative for your day. It’s a compliment to your wedding photos and for you to look back in the future to remember the day.

How much does videography cost for a wedding?

It ranges for different requirements. Do enquire with your wedding day details for more information.