Seasons Honeymoon destinations to be in Asia – Summer Edition 


Who doesn’t love the sun? Summer is here and it’s time to bask your honeymoon under the sun, slipping through ice tea and your feet beneath the soft sand or crystal clear waters of the beach. Or perhaps an exciting trekking adventure to the hills or scenic tourist spots? The world is really your oyster, and when it comes to spending a summer honeymoon in Asia, you are in for a treat of options. Compiled into the best of the best, here are the top honeymoon destinations and ideas you can pick and go for a perfect tanned getaway. 


Island tripping


It’s time for island tripping! With countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia making three of the world’s biggest island countries, the best part about Asia is its abundance of tropical islands that are tourist-friendly to visit for a great time. From the white sandy beaches, the crystal waters as well as the plethora of delicious island food to indulge in. Here are our top choices in Islands to make your escape to : 


Phuket and Krabi, Thailand 

Phuket and Krabi share the best of both worlds to both embrace the beach view as well as the hilltop backdrop – you can both enjoy a suntan as well as opt for an adventure for some hill-climbing. You and your partner can go for a romantic stroll in the day or the cooling night, relax & sunbathe, try myriad water sports, or party at the beach shacks. 



Not only that, their nightlife scene is not skimmed as well – with beach clubs to pump your energy all day and night. 


The Maldives


Oh, the Maldives! Known for being the “tropical paradise”, the Maldives is a favourite among honeymooners to relax and enjoy with the white sand beaches and glistening waters. There are also tons of water activities to participate in, such as snorkelling, scuba diving and above-water sports too! 

Just like Singapore, the Maldives shares two dominating seasons – a dry and wet season. The ideal weather to visit the Maldives would be the dry season, which lasts from December to April! 


Jeju Island 

Welcome to South Korea! Among islands, Jeju island is a rising and dominating attraction for young couples to spend their romantic getaway amidst their flora and fauna as well as the popular K-culture. 

This island has its unique charm, being voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. Not only do they have beaches, but also gardens, orchards, waterfalls and fields – their wildlife is also beautifully protected. 



Historical Sights to See and Hike 

For an alternative of sight-seeing, you can choose to venture into different amazing historical sights for a glimpse of the past civilisations. It is definitely a meaningful insight into your honeymoon itinerary as you can learn more about the culture, as well as appreciate its standing beauty. 


Angkor Wat-Cambodia 


One must-visit historical place would be the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia, a religious temple complex that is well-known and admired for its intricate sculptural decorations. 



Being a national treasure and monument that reflects the 15th century architecture, it is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Battle the heat as you climb 213 meters up the temples and claim a rewarding sunset at its peak – it is definitely worth a sight! 


Borobudur Temple Compounds- Indonesia

Borobudur Temples Compounds, located in Central Java, Indonesia are the Famous three Buddhist temples that resonates an almighty and outstanding evidence of architectural amazement and devotion to Buddhism.

Visit in awe as you take a spiritual journey around the compounds – the scenery is amazing too from above.  Of course, the place Yogyakarta has many accompanying sights and activities to do as well, such as elephant rides and hands-on art and cultural activities in the villages.