30 Best Retailers to get your Bridesmaid Dresses in Singapore

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, there is a lot of space that you can play around with creative ideas. Be it elegant gowns or stylish jumpsuits or modernised traditional Cheongsam, your bridesmaids attire is also part of your wedding theme and concept. Your bridesmaids are going to be by your side all day long during your wedding day, from pre-wedding ceremony preparation to the celebration itself, you will want your bridesmaids to be equally dressed up (but of course not stealing your limelight) for lots of picture-taking moments. Other than that,  your bridesmaids are your closest of friends who have been with you for a long time. This is also an opportunity to thank and appreciate them by gifting them gorgeous and stunning dresses that they will fall in love with. With that, here are some top 30 bridesmaids dresses that you can get for your girls in Singapore.

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A for Arcade

Founded in 2012, A for Arcade is an online fashion store for both men and women. From office wear to casual dresses, A for Arcade has an extensive selection for the fashion wear, even a kids section for children clothing. A for Arcade’s bridal collection boasts dresses of different lengths and various styles – tulle dress, maxi dress, midi dress, lace dress. Tailored for maximum comfort in mind, these dresses are made with versatile designs such as adjustable waistline and side pockets, ensuring that your bridesmaids are able to carry out their duties with ease and in style.

 Kate Overlap Wrap Dress $49.00

 Natalie Ruch Maxi Dress $39.00

Website: www.aforarcade.com
Facebook: @AforArcade
Instagram: @aforarcade



ASOS is one of the favourite brands about ladies with their wide selection of stylish designs. Introducing their ASOS Wedding Shop, ASOS provides an extensive collection of bridal wear and accessories, from bridal lingerie to bridal shoes to bridesmaids dresses. With dresses of different sizes, whether you are petite size or plus size or maternity size, ASOS got all of your bridesmaids covered. Donned on with ASOS’s elegant and fashionable maxi dresses, your bridesmaids will be sure to accentuate your stunning wedding gown as they stand by your side.

  TFNC Petite Bridesmaid Maxi Dress $120

  Bridesmaid Washed Satin Cami Maxi Dress $139

Website: www.asos.com
Instagram: @asos



Believing that style is an attitude, BeStarck aims to design clothes that will make women feel confident and comfortable regardless of their size, age or colour. Having curated several series for bridesmaids’ fashion, BeStarck offers a variety of styles and designs that will suit weddings of varying themes and concepts.

Website: bestarck.com
Facebook: @bestarck
Instagram: @bestarck



Bluebelle is an online store based in Singapore that sells unique vintage-inspired clothing that your bridesmaids will fall head-over-heels with. Their signature vintage swing dresses with spotty and floral prints bring you back to the mid-twentieth century, making your girls look fun and youthful yet polished. For brides having vintage themed weddings, Bluebelle’s classic and timeless pieces will be sure to set your bridesmaids in the right ambiance.

Bluebelle also introduced a Cheongsam collection with vintage touches and incorporating modern batik prints to add some Southeast Asian flavours to them. These traditional yet sophisticated selections will be perfect for Chinese weddings with a hint of vintage and classic.

  Florence Swing Dress $219.00

  Ah Keow Swing Dress $229.00

Website: www.shopbluebelle.com
Facebook: @shopbluebellefashion
Instagram: @shopbluebelle



Doublewoot is a Malaysian based fashion label specialising in producing and launching high quality womenswear which also provides free shipping to Singapore. Doublewoot prides itself with coming out with their own designs and manufactures their clothing in their own factory based overseas, keeping their collections original and exclusive. With several bridesmaids collections on their list, Doublewoot offers an extensive selection of dresses that your bridesmaids can choose from. Whether it is chic elegance or sexy lace, there is bound to be one that will catch your eyes.

  Dried Sage $70.00

 Damiellie $70.00

Website: www.double-woot.com
Facebook: @doublewoot88
Instagram: @doublewoot_fashion



Check out Dressabelle’s concept store at Joo Chiat for their unique yet affordable collection for bridesmaids dresses. From refined dresses to chic and edgy outfits, you will be able to find something suitable for your bridesmaids that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.


Facebook: @dressabelle
Instagram: @dressabelle



An online fashion store that features trendy clothes for women, Fairebelle signature Qipaos is a mixture of traditional and modern style, with lovely stitched embroidery on the dresses to accentuate Chinese touches. Their contemporary Cheongsam will be perfect for your bridesmaid to wear during gatecrashing. Be spoilt for choices with Fairebelle’s wide selection of designs and styles to choose from.

  Riverra $40.90

  Jhowen $40.90

Website: www.fairebelle.com
Facebook: @fairebelle.singapore
Instagram: @fairebelle



As one of Singapore’s leading brands in the competitive e-tailer sphere offering free shipping within Singapore, Intoxiquette also has 2 retail outlets where you can try out their clothes. With their bridesmaids collection, there are several refined and sophisticated maxi dresses that exudes an air of elegance suitable for any wedding celebrations. Other than their bridesmaids dresses, we also found some hidden gems in their dress category such as rompers and jumpsuits that are chic and stylish.

    Brittany Crochet Lace $55.90

  Vera $39.90

Website: www.intoxiquette.com
Facebook: @intoxiquette
Instagram: @Intoxiquette


Le Voeu

Le Voeu, having an online and physical store, offers quality dresses ranging from casual to evening gowns. With an in-house team of experienced seamstresses, Le Voeu specialises in creating an endless choice of unique bridesmaid dresses for you to choose from. Boasting a wide selection of bridesmaid dresses with varying colours and necklines, you can play around dresses with different styles to make each of them look unique but matching.

Website:  www.levoeu-official.com
Facebook: @Levoeu
Instagram: @levoeuofficial


Lily Pirates

An online store selling women’s clothing, Lily Pirates is a source for work clothings and casual wears. Though they don’t have a collection for bridesmaid dresses, we have found some dresses that are bridesmaids-worthy. With different styles and designs that you can browse through, Lily Pirates’ Cheongsam dresses are modern and elegant with cuttings that will accentuate your waistlines. 

 Budding Romance Cheongsam $36.90

 Cascading Blossoms Cheongsam $36.90

Website: lilypirates.com.sg
Instagram: @lilypirates


Lolly Rouge

An online ladies’ boutique established in Singapore, Lolly Rouge aims to bring smiles to every woman’s faces through their timeless designs. Whether it is a wrap skirt dress or lace dress, Lolly Rouge’s dresses will be sure to bring out the feminineness out from your bridesmaids. 

  Pendulum Whirl Dress $37.00

 Chinois Jardin Dress $40.00

Website: www.lollyrouge.com.sg
Facebook: @lollyrouge
Instagram: @lollyrouge


Love, Bonito

Started out in Singapore’s online fashion retail scene in 2010, Love,Bonito has expanded their influences to overseas countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. At Love, Bonito, they believe that women are competent and capable beings and they hope to empower women through the clothes they wear, offering a wide array of designs that they can dress impeccably yet comfortably, bringing out their best.

Whether it is modern minimalist or graceful elegance, Love, Bonito presents a range of stylish and chic bridesmaids wear that will make a fashion statement in your wedding.

  Fiodrea Jumpsuit $59.90

   Bavryn Maxi Dress $63.90

Website: www.lovebonito.com/sg
Facebook: @lovebonito
Instagram: @lovebonito


Love & Bravery

A Singapore fashion label since 2005, Love & Bravery aims to create everyday wear with trendy styles and functionalities. Their bridesmaids series not only offer classy and refined wears, but are also designed for comfort and mobility, ensuring that your girls are able to move around easily to complete their bridesmaid duties.

  Peri Wrap Jumpsuit $48.00

  Earlia Layered Ruffle Dress $48.00

Website: www.loveandbravery.com
Facebook: @loveandbravery
Instagram: @loveandbravery


MDS Collection

Established online in 2006, MDS is now one of the largest wholly-owned online and retail fashion retailers in Singapore. With their constant launch of new designs every month, MDS offers an extensive selection of women’s clothing, from workwear to evening gowns to vacation wear. Their bridesmaid collection alone presents an impressive range of affordable dresses to choose from, that will suit weddings of any concept.

  Gwenith Lace Dress $69.90

  Shona Drape Dress $55.90

Website: www.mdscollections.com
Facebook: @MDSCollections
Instagram: @mdscollections


MGP Label

MGP is a Singapore homegrown brand founded in 2006 that has since introduced their strong presence in the international market. MGP, which means Millennial Girl Power, aims to empower millennial women of today with their clothings, to make them look their best in their daily life. Their bridesmaid collection has been popular amongst women looking for their bridesmaids wear for weddings. With a wide selection of dresses of various styles and designs, you can mix and match around to make your bridesmaids party look unique and stunning.

  Brina Cold Shoulder Dress $38.00

  Heather Maxi Dress $39.00

Website: mgplabel.com
Facebook: @mgplabel
Instagram: @mgplabel



Established in 2017, Mikayla.sg is a local brand that manufactures a range of dresses suitable for women of various sizes and suited for various occasions. For the brides out there that are getting married soon, Mikayla.sg is a great place to source for your wedding wear. Not only do they have bridesmaids dresses for your girls and white dresses perfect for your ROM or solemnisation ceremony, they also have couple bridal robes that you can wear with your partner on the day of your wedding preparation.

    Felly Padded Slit $40.50

 Ava Lace Dress $48.90

Website: www.mikayla.sg
Facebook: @mikayla.sg
Instagram: @MIKAYLA.SG


My Little Bow

My Little Bow is a Singapore-based online retail company that specialises in bridesmaids wear and aspire to be a one-stop solution that provides wedding apparels and accessories for bridesmaids and groomsmen. My Little Bow’s signature convertible bridesmaid dresses are highly versatile in styling that can transform into many different kinds of designs whether it is off-shoulder, cross-shoulder or one-sided etc. Boasting a wide range of colours and shades, you will be able to find one that you and your bridesmaids will love. Using premium silk material, these flowy elegant dresses are extremely comfortable and stretchable, suitable for any sizes. 

My Little Bow is able to provide alteration services and actual day dress tying services so that the dresses fit well on your bridesmaids.

   Convertible Dress – Slate $43.80

  Convertible Dress Ash – $43.80

Website: www.mlb.sg
Facebook: @MLBmylittlebow
Instagram: @mylittlebowsg



Founded by the Zhou sisters – Lucinda and Jolene, Ohvola is a homegrown brand that aims to design and manufacture their own label outfits that women can express their individual personalities and confidence. Their bridesmaids dress series offers a range of styles – from sophisticated v-neck dresses to romantic floral printed maxi dresses to sweet lace dresses. Other than Ohvola’s bridesmaids collections, you can also check out their other clothings such as rompers and jumpsuits for something different from the usual elegant bridal dresses.

Zenia Backless Midi Dress $46.90

 Audree Jumpsuit $40.90

Website: ohvola.com
Facebook: @OHVOLA

Instagram: @ohvola


The BMD Shop

The BMD (BridesMaids Dress) Shop was founded by a Singaporean couple due to the obstacles that they’ve faced during their search for bridesmaid dresses in Singapore. As such, they started The BMD Shop to provide brides with the ease to source for bridesmaid dresses from a wide selection of designs and one that doesn’t break the bank. With an array of choices to choose from, of different styles and colours, you will be able to find one that will suit your wedding theme.

 Zoe Dress Silver $36.00

Ava Maxi Dress $49.00

Website: www.thebmdshop.com
Facebook: @thebmdshop


The Closet Lover

A fashion brand established in Singapore, The Closet Lover aims to bring in trendy yet affordable clothing that can empower women to be confident. Gaining much popularity in Singapore and Malaysia due to their fashionable and trendy designs that suit any occasion, The Closet Lover offers elegant and refined bridesmaids dresses that will be sure to make your bridesmaids look classy and stylish. Match with your bridesmaids with The Closet Lover’s matching bride and bridesmaids robes that you and your girls can wear on the day of your wedding preparation.

  Carena Dress $53.90

  Cala Off-Shoulder Midi Dress $42.90

Website: www.theclosetlover.com
Facebook: @theclosetlover
Instagram: @theclosetlover


The Design Closets

The Design Closets is a homegrown brand that was established in 2009, believing that “beauty and confidence radiate instantly from within when you love what you wear”. As such, The Design Closets curates and designs clothes that appeal to every single modern woman that can express their individual personality. Apart from their bridesmaids collection, we actually found quite a number of bridesmaids-worthy dresses that are stylish and suited for weddings of any style – whether it is elegance or simple or traditional. Do check out their website more for looks!

Elessa Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress $49.50

Fannie Embro Off-Shoulder Dress $36.50

Website: thedesignclosets.com
Facebook: @thedesignclosets

Instagram: @thedesignclosets


The Fleur Label

The Fleur Label is a Singapore-based online fashion retailer tailored for modern working women to provide affordable and good quality clothing. Specialising in comfortable and contemporary designs for the working class, The Fleur Label also has a small bridesmaids wear collection that features their ombre style dresses. The gradual fade of colour makes such a beautiful and graceful design that will look absolutely stunning on your bridesmaids.

  Janelle Mesh Maxi Dress $48.90

  Valencia Toga Midi Dress $42.90

Website: www.thefleurlabel.com
Facebook: @thefleurlabel
Instagram: @thefleurlabel


The Graces

Specialising in bridesmaids wear and evening gowns, The Graces is an online retail fashion store that provides elegant and classy dresses that are perfect for your bridesmaids. Their dresses are not only made of good quality materials, but are also designed to be versatile so that your bridesmaids can wear their dresses for other occasions after your wedding.


Website: www.thegraces.com.sg
Facebook: @TheGracesLabel


Theory of Seven

Theory of Seven is a Singapore label that designs and manufactures womenswear. With modern classy designs, their bridesmaid collection screams glamour and elegance. Sexy slits, backless, diamond straps, ombre – Theory of Seven’s well thought out designs are absolutely stunning and glamorous, will be sure to be a perfect match for your gorgeous wedding gown.

  Dana Satin Wrap Maxi $58.50

  Dawn Ombre Dress $58.50

Website: www.theoryofseven.com
Facebook: @Theoryofseven
Instagram: @theoryofseven


The Thread Theory

The Thread Theory is a Singapore-based online women’s boutique that has gained much popularity and traction with their own self-manufactured designs. Curating their own line of designs, we are absolutely in love with The Thread Theory’s original and unique bridesmaid dresses series. Boasting a wide selection of dresses to choose from, their dresses exudes an air of romance and elegance to it, and we are sure you and your bridesmaids will be in love with it. With a range of sizes from XS to XL, The Thread Theory’s clothings is designed to fit nicely and comfortably in all sizes. Regardless of the style of your wedding – casual to extravagant lavish, beachside to lush garden, there will be one that can match your wedding theme.

  Making Waves Dress $45.00

  Promise Me Stardust $69.90

Website: www.thethreadtheory.com
Facebook: @threadtheory
Instagram: @threadtheory


The Tinsel Rack

The Tinsel Rack, despite not having a separate bridesmaid collection, offers several bridesmaid-worthy dresses that we think are excellent for your bridesmaids to wear on your special day. Other than their impressive selection of dresses that boasts a wide range of styles and colours, their collection of rompers and jumpsuits are perfect for a fun and wacky bridesmaids style to add some excitement to your wedding.

  Halley Lace Dress White $47.90

  Wanda Wrap Dress $41.90

Website: www.thetinselrack.com
Facebook: @thetinselrack
Instagram: @thetinselrack


The Velvet Dolls

Established in Singapore, The Velvet Dolls is an online womenswear fashion retail that sells a range of clothings for various occasions – casual, office wear or evening gowns. Their bridesmaid collection offers several dresses, from tulle skirting to flowy maxi dresses to wrap dresses. If you are looking for unique colours apart from the usual soft pastels, The Velvet Dolls presents some striking colours such as tangerine orange, yellow and mint colours. 

Eleanor Tulip Wrap Dress $46.00

Claire De Lune Maxi Dress $59.50

Website: www.thevelvetdolls.sg
Facebook: @thevelvetdolls
Instagram: @thevelvetdolls



Topazette was founded in 2009 as an online fashion retail store that sells a range of women’s apparel such as swimwear, lingerie, and clothing. With a physical retail store at Orchard Gateway, you can also head down to try on their clothing. Topazette’s bridesmaid collection offers elegant and classy dresses that incorporate lace and ruffle styles. With their signature ombre series, Topazette also has numerous ombre designed dresses. From short sleeves to sleeveless to off-shoulder and from maxi to midi dress, Topazette has an impressive selection of these graceful ombre dresses to choose from.

 Halyn Halter Maxi $39.90

  Aimee Lace Ombre Maxi $49.90

Website: www.topazette.com
Facebook: @topazette
Instagram: @topazette



The name, Wardrobemess, came about from dilemmas that most women face in their bedrooms – messy wardrobe but always can’t find things to wear. With that, Wardrobemess aims to provide women with essential clothing that can be easily matched with everything else.

If you are looking for short dresses, Wardrobemess offers elegant and refined knee-length dresses that are equally graceful as long maxi dresses. After your wedding celebration, your bridesmaids can easily wear these dresses for other occasions as well, they will be thankful for that.

  Wrap Front Velvet Dress $32.90

  Mermaid Ruffle Hem Dress $35.90

Website: www.wardrobemess.com
Facebook: @wardrobemess
Instagram: @wardrobemess


Wild Peonies

An online fashion label based in Singapore, Wild Peonie thoughtfully source their apparels from around the world. If you are looking for something different from the usual dresses for your bridesmaids, you can check out Wild Peonies’ website for fun and stylish 2-piece clothing or jumpsuits. 

  Darla Sleeveless Satin Top $29.90

  Jalyn Ruffle Front Jumpsuit $42.90

Website: wildpeonies.com
Facebook: @wildpeonies
Instagram: @shopwildpeonies