Team Up and Dress Up – Getting your Wedding Squad Ready (Groomsmen Edition) 


Behold, the men of the occasion! It’s about time, you, the dashing groom, will make preparations on what and how to dress up your chosen groomsmen to accompany you through important events of the wedding such as the gatecrash and the ceremony itself. It is definitely a challenge to choose the right outfit, and also one of the most important decisions in wedding planning. Fret not, just like our Bridesmaid Edition of Team Up and Dress Up, this article-episode will show you the ways to suit up your boy squad for the occasion you have been waiting for! 

Gatecrash Outfits 

A costume that brings back nostalgia 

With the groomsmen being a group of friends, you must have similar interests or experiences with them in life- such as the same sports team, same hobbies or being in the same secondary school. With that, you can come up with uniform-designed costumes such as jerseys or school uniforms for your groomsmen to dress up together.


You can approach any uniform manufacturer to customise and sew your clothes for you- some websites or shops that you can inquire are attached here : 


  1. School Uniforms, jackets, https://jeepsinguniform.com/ 
  2. School uniforms for different levels ( Primary, secondary, Pre-University) https://www.myuniformshop.com.sg/
  3. Tailored clothing  https://www.t-shirt.sg/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1rn5nMKu4gIV0iMrCh1TQAG-EAAYASAAEgKalPD_BwE


Be as crazy as possible

Show off your inner creativity and fun! This is the time to dress up as crazily as possible with your groomsmen squad so discuss with your mates on what kind of quirky theme you all want to do. Ranging from dressing as heroic spartans to the PAP party, gatecrash costume ideas are endless possibilities. 

Onesies are also adorable and fun costumes to wear – choose your very own cartoon and hit the streets to the amusement of others. 

Important : A comfortable change of clothes 

It is always about making your groomsmen look clean and sharp but activities like the gatecrash will require vigorous and physical routines, with sweat having no mercy to the clothes.

As such, make sure that your groomsmen squad has a comfortable change of clothes to let them feel polished and neat again. Dress them in comfortable gatecrash clothes, along with their additional wedding ceremony suits for a quick change afterwards. You wouldn’t want your groomsmen to be dressed in tight-fitting suits during the gatecrash, only to have their suits drenched and unable to dry in time for the ceremony.


Wedding Ceremony Suits 


Suits can be really expensive and you might want to consider the costs that your groomsmen is going to pay for their suits. Tailored suits cost a bomb, as well as retail ones so choose wisely on the kind of fabric and detail that you want for your groomsmen suits. 


Uniformed Appearance 

You would want your groomsmen uniformed with similar details that matches the rest of the outfits. Can you imagine an awkward blue tie amidst other black ties- it would look so mismatched to the audience’s eyes and the photographs as well. As such, it is important to stress having identical details to the groomsmen for an overall cohesive picture. 

Some examples of identical details will be similar coloured shoes, the type and colours of ties

 (such as choosing bow ties or neckties, as well as deciding whether to wear watches or not. 

The more uniformed the groomsmen look, the more pleasing to the eye 


Matching with the theme of the wedding 

You can pair the groomsmen style with that of the bridesmaids as well – if the bridesmaids are  dressing up in a vintage ‘90s look, you can opt for suspenders and smart casuals for the groomsmen like the one below : 


As for banquet or hotel wedding ceremonies, you can choose a sleek black tuxedos for the groomsmen 


Making the Groom Stand out

Just like how it’s gonna be the bride’s biggest day, it is your biggest day too! Make sure that as much as your boys are going to dashingly handsome, you are dressed as the man of the event. This means that the coordination of the groomsmen’s clothes will suit to compliment you as well as giving you ample amount of shine and spotlight. 


Use colour

 This is the simplest yet easiest way to distinguish your groom from the rest of the  groomsmen. Some tricks would be giving the groom a different coloured tie, such as blue for the groom and white for the groomsmen. 


The vest can be of a different colour as well as it is the most obvious and striking to differentiate the groom and the groomsmen. 


Chose a different suit style as the groom 

You can choose a different styled jacket or suit for the groomsmen, such as choosing a double-buttoned jacket for the groomsmen and only single-buttoned for you as the groom. This will really change up the style for the groom/groomsmen, showing a unique taste of clothing that freshens the appearance for the groom/groomsmen. However, be mindful of too contrasting styles as the dressing should not be too different from one another or the theme itself.