instaworthy decorations that will amaze your wedding guests

Everyone wants a memorable wedding where their guests will remember the events for years to come. How does one do so though? Instagram. Like the notion of #instaworthy or instagrammable food or places to visit, a wedding can be another option for people to follow for months. 

1. Wedding Reception Decoration

The wedding reception is the first thing guests see at a wedding. Instead of just a mundane table set up in front for guests to check their seats, why not place a timeline of your love story beside it? Sketch up a timeline on a chalkboard or hang up pictures with your partner for a more creative and artistic feel. 

Fairy lights

If you’ve always wanted a wedding under the stars, but can’t seem to find any here in Singapore, consider fairy lights as your next best alternative. Line the ceilings with fairy lights, or put them up on the walls to give any venue – be it outdoors or indoors – that nice little touch that makes it all the more beautiful.

Hanging flowers

Who said flowers were only meant for tables or your bouquets? Create a new look by hanging these brightly coloured flowers and leaves from baskets on the ceiling, instantly adding a bit of flora and fauna into any indoor location. 

Flower wall

You put them on the table, you can hang them off the ceiling, why not put them on the wall as well? A wall filled with lush flowers forms the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities and could have you and guests feeling like models from a magazine.

Terrarium favours

Want to change your table decorations up a little? Consider having individual terrariums instead of flower placements at each table. These intricate jars of potted plants offer a different feel to the tables, and are well complemented by tea lights or sprigs of dried flowers along the tables. Furthermore, you can kill two birds with one stone since these can double up as wedding favours, and are an eco-friendly alternative since they can form a permanent fixture in your guests’ homes, instead of being thrown away like normal flower decorations.

Fog machine

Enjoy a night of dancing with the clouds – or at least, what looks like clouds – with a rented fog machine that could give your wedding that ethereal vibe you were going for. Plus, think of all the photo opportunities you can get. Not many people can say they were actually dancing among the clouds on their wedding day!


Who says balloons are just for kids? Tie bunches of brightly coloured helium balloons from the chairs for that extra pop of fun and colour, or create a huge balloon arc at the entrance to the wedding party for something different from the usual flower garland arc. Keep it casual with balloons of different shades of your wedding theme, or make it a little fancier by weaving streamers and flowers between the balloons.


There is bound to be waterworks at every wedding, but why not throw in some fire as well? Fireworks might a be tad bit extra, but why not scale it down a notch and have guests (adults only) wave sparklers around while you and your spouse have the first dance? That way there’ll be sparks flying everywhere, not just between you and your newly wedded spouse.

Remember, you don’t have to rob a bank in order to have that fairytale-esque, dream-worthy wedding you’ve always wanted. Some things just require a touch of creativity and imagination, and you could always jazz up your wedding with everyday items that you’d never think of including in your wedding decorations.

Not only can you showcase the idea to your guests of your love journey, but you can also feature them in some of the photos that they’re part of your journey too! This makes your guests feel important and they would want to share this to the world as pride for being your friends or family. 

2. Hipster Food and Drinks

When one hears of the word “wedding”, they would expect typical wedding food that are undoubtedly nice, but wouldn’t you want to spice that up more? 


Here are some ideas that can add a touch of uniqueness to your wedding, making your wedding an unforgettable one. 

2.1. Mobile Coffee Carts

A perennial favourite, mobile coffee carts are always a big hit with people. They are the saving grace for your guests during morning church service. If you are having your wedding indoors, you can place them near the reception. If yours is an outdoor wedding, you can place it in an open area because people will queue for that much-needed coffee! Although the name suggests the different varieties of coffee you can get, non-coffee drinkers can also request for non-caffeinated drinks. 

2.2 Mobile Bar Carts

Looking for exclusive bespoke cocktails and customised drink menus to leave your guests totally flabbergasted? Mobile Bar Carts are always wanted during evening time when your guests just want to chill, explore new flavours or just need that extra zing to keep them going. 

2.3 Confectionery table

Colorful and a feast for the eyes, confectionery are often popular with people as well. With an array of treats placed in front of them, one would be drawn in to try the sweets out. The confectionery table can be decorated with fairy lights and flowers, making it a wonderfully sweet table that attracts one’s eye at your wedding reception. The assortment of colours also makes for a delightful #instaworthy photo! 

Customise your own confectionery table if you want to spice things up a little! Want to make it more Singaporean, but don’t know how to? Here are some ideas that are pretty, simple and unique to follow! 

Icing gems are colorful and sugary biscuits that have always been loved when one was a child. Just pop these iconic colorful treats in a glass jar and customise it with personalised quotes for a unique touch. Pair these delicious, colorful gems with old school treats from the 90s to take your guests on a trip down memory lane. These nostalgic favourites will undoubtedly leave your guests amazed at the local and unique wedding favour, leaving them with a wedding they won’t forget, and definitely an #instaworthy one.

To make your wedding even more captivating and memorable, you can even create your own unique hashtag to accompany these ideas. A feast for the eyes, and unique to the couple, these ideas incorporated into your wedding will definitely be unforgettable.