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Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Prewedding Shoot in Singapore & Behind the scenes

In this article, we’re showing you the ultimate guide on how we did our prewedding photoshoot and some behind the scenes from the same photoshoot we did.


Prewedding photoshoots are nowadays quite a common activity for couples to do. Couples would engage a photographer to either shoot for a casual photoshoot or a formal photoshoot. This would cost from $150-$400 per hour depending on the skills of the packages from the wedding photographer.


Option 1: Formal, gown photoshoot.

Typically, couples would go to bridal gown companies and rent their gowns for both pre-wedding shoot and actual days. A prewedding shoot day would last for 7-9 hours long depending on the company and would cost between $1000-$2000. The day typically starts from 11 am-8 pm. This would allow the photos to be mixed with day and night shots. Couples would get back a photo album with around 30-60 pages depending on the packages they choose.

For bridal gown companies, they allow for both outdoor and indoor shoots to give a variety of photos. The problem with formal gown photoshoots is that it can be incredibly exhausting. Carrying around a weighted gown is not a joke. Besides that, the groom has to be in 3 layers of clothing with the suit on. With Singapore’s climate, this can be a challenge. But on the upside, you do get back incredible photos that can be shown on your actual day.

Option 2: Casual couple photoshoot

This option is an easier one whereby couples would engage a freelance photographer for the shoot. The shoot would typically be for 2-4 hours. During this shoot, couples will go to around 1-2 locations and have different poses. They would get their photos back in soft copy and have the option to upload it to Instagram or to print it out in albums. Locations would either be suggested by the wedding photographer or by the couple.


To get the most out of your prewedding photos, choosing the right location would be essential. The places we are recommending are free and you do not need to pay any entrance fees. You typically have 2 choices.


To get the cleanest and natural-looking images, couples can opt for having the prewedding photos to be taken in places with trees and lakes. Reservoirs and parks are a great choice for this. However, do note that Singapore tends to get pretty hot and you will be sweating buckets. So do remember to hydrate.

Under the nature option we do recommend the following:



We found that East Coast Park to be the best of most parks out there. We definitely have the usual other suspects like Seletar Reservoir with the infamous tree or Lower Pierce Reservoir. However, with East Coast Park, we have a mixture of some skateparks, nature and a beach to play around with. That’s value for just one location.



Now, we found this island to be a great location for outdoor prewedding shoots. However, the downside is that you have to travel to the island, which can be quite a distance.

You can’t go there by car, you can’t go there by train. The only option you have is by bike or a Pmd bike. Now that being said, the hassle might be worth considering. This will work well if it’s a casual no-fuss photoshoot instead of a formal gown and suit photoshoot.



This place is fantastic but sometimes it feels like finding a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow. Lalang is seasonal and it’s growing sporadically throughout Tuas. You need to get there by car, but the good thing about the trouble to get there is that no one actually will be there. You will have the whole space to yourself. We advise reaching here by 8 am and to go earlier since you have to find the perfect spot. It’s important to wear long pants and dresses as the lalang can scratch your legs and you will have marks for the next few days. ” The lengths we go to for great photos”


This is an option to go for if you want to get the beauty of shadows and highlight architecture. Singapore can tend to get pretty impressive results from positioning the couple with the buildings.

Here are some following locations we would recommend



This location is a favourite among wedding photographers. You would expect wedding entourages to populate this area during weekends. There’s much to explore around this place. From shadows and old street houses, you can have a good variety of prewedding photos to remember.

There are nice walls where trees cast amazing shadows too.

Stairs that are very hard to find elsewhere in Singapore.

Quirky hallways with splotchy painted walls.

2. Gilman Barracks- Here


This location is great for artsy-fartsy students, but also great for outdoor wedding photoshoots. It’s free to use, no entrance fee and you can get to see some art pieces as well. I particularly love the whitewashed walls which can be used so easily to create a minimal photo. Don’t forget this place is HUGE. Furthermore, getting here would mostly be possible by car as you have to go through stretches of art galleries.



Chinatown complex is fantastic. You have to go up to the carpark at the topmost floor. The downside here is that sometimes, there’s a security guard that may ask you not to take photos as it’s still a residential area. You get a nice old run-down feel of buildings with a uniform visual look to buildings. When you arrive here, you’ll be transported back in time. Like in the ’80s where grandparents live in those HDB flats, this area is perfectly preserved. You get to shoot among the HDB flats as well as make use of the carpark area.


Do check out our post here for the colour combination for outfits during prewedding photoshoots.

Make sure you bring sufficient water and 3-4 outfit changes.

There are instances you can bring a wardrobe changing tent. Link.

This will help you change faster but do remember that you might want to bring along a friend or fellow bridesmaid to carry these items.

Without further ado, let’s now jump into our outdoor wedding photoshoot we did at East Coast Park.





We first began at 7 am at East Coast Park. The concept for this shoot is to make use of any urban elements. Thereafter, we would take all of the natural elements East Coast Park has to offer.

Arriving at Car Park F, we shot at the skatepark. We loved the timing as the sun just rosed and cast a beautiful warm tone to the couple. Using the skate rings, we could do lots of posing of the couple. This photo was of the couple Covering faces and creating good lines of geometry.


Another great thing we did was to let them have fun in the skate bowl. Running around and being kids again. One trick we use is one person doing an activity and the other reacting to it. This required a bit of instructing and getting them to bounce around. But in a way, it was great to warm them up in the morning so that their bodies can be prepared for the rest of the day’s photo shoot.


We did some games with this. Asking the couples to create faces that their partners would make if there were happy, sad, angry. It’s important to not only shoot the parts when they’re making those expressions but to also shoot the aftermath of it when they are laughing at the expressions they make.



It’s important that in prewedding shoots, we engage the couple. Giving them topics to talk about but at the same time, not too serious topics would get them warmed up. We asked them to talk about what food they felt like eating since it was so early in the morning. From there, we would be able to get the expressions whether it’s crying for help or just cheeky smiles.


Getting the male counterpart, to tease the female counterpart is a great exercise. Asking them to whisper perhaps their first impressions of their partner or to guess their favourite animal would elicit laughing expressions. We understand that for most couples, smiling or posing would be a little unnatural. Having them partake in activities would definitely be able to be more comfortable in front of a camera.


This was just a simple image with just having the couple be next to each other. We just wanted to accentuate the highlights of our couple against the sunlight. This photo gives them a beautiful contour of their silhouette.



For this exercise, we had the male groom sneak up behind the female bride and hugging her. Apart of the usual posed shots, we managed to get a prewedding photo that happened in a moment. We asked the groom to squeeze her as hard as he could and it was a picture-perfect moment.


Needless to say, the time now was at 830am. The sun cast a beautiful flare against the camera and we couldn’t resist shooting the couple against the sun flare.


It was a spontaneous exercise, the groom happened to have a running nose. We had to pounce on this opportunity and asked her to lick his nose and that gave us this shot. It was pretty gross, but anything for a great expression shot.


Often we had to mix the shots with fun activities and emotional ones. This time, we cooled down with an exercise of feeling your partner. Getting them to be close and feel each other, we were able to get some shots of their body parts, namely their hands.



Towards the shoot, we got the couple to change their prewedding outfits and did some hugging shots with a beach landscape. This photo was taken from a series of other failed photos. We asked the groom to swing her madly around and got the best shot of the photos.


For just one location, East Coast Park was a fantastic location. We had a mix of the skatepark, trees, and beaches within a span of two hours.

Pasir Ris Park


We loved how our next location turned out at our beloved Pasir Ris Park. Loved how the skies swirled around creating a nice painting-like image.


Once again, we had to warm up our couple and as such, “piggybacking time”. This was an especially fun activity as it was one of few times the bride could get to punish the groom and bring her to wherever she wanted.


Time to explore each other’s bodies. This exercise involved the couple touching each other’s favourite part of the body whilst closing their eyes. No easy task, and for this couple was all about the chins.



This was a cheeky exercise whereby we asked the groom of his first impression of the bride. We call this a “ticking time bomb” exercise. Questions asked would elicit some expressions that could start a war or a sleeping on the couch moments.


We had the couple play some touching games. From a distance, closing their eyes, we had them come towards each other and touch a favourite part of the upper body. And it turned out comical.


Ending off the day, we did another physical activity. But this time no more piggybacks. It’s pure lifting up of the bride on his shoulders. We took this chance to get him to try to throw her off and managed to take down this fantastic shot of fear.



Here are 28 Poses for your outdoor prewedding shoot.


With just two locations in East Coast Park and Pasir Ris Park and lots of sweat, we managed to get quite a good assortment of photos. Had to thank the sun, for if it were a cloudy day, we wouldn’t be able to get such beautiful photos. Practice makes perfect and we hope you enjoyed the article.