Top 5 Wedding Videography Styles you need to know

So you are looking to have Wedding videography for your wedding day. You have scoured the internet for wedding videos and are bombarded with so many styles of wedding videography. you keep on hearing journalistic and cinematic styles but are not quite sure what it is. Fret not, in this post, you’ll find out the top 5 styles to wedding videography.

Wedding Videography

Before we get into the styles of wedding videography in Singapore, we have to know what happens on your wedding day. Let’s say you are a simple Chinese couple.  So here are the following activities you will most likely have.

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Your wedding should have these activities.

Morning Preparation

Your wedding day will begin with the morning preparation. During this time, you will have your makeup artist do up your makeup and you’ll also take down your wedding gown. In addition, your bridesmaids will come over during this time to prepare the gatecrashing activities. If you’re traditional, you’ll have your combing of hair and the lighting of the dragon Phoenix candle, which is an auspicious custom within Chinese culture. More often than not, others might forget the most important part of this morning ritual, which is the Veiling of the Bride. This involves the participation of the parents and is a very intimate activity between the parents and the bride.


Thereafter, we’ll have the gatecrashing activities. Bridesmaids took their whole morning for this opportunity to teach the groomsmen and groom a lesson. During this time, the groom will prove himself to the bride whether he is worthy. He’ll go through many activities with food tasting, performances, and commitments to his bride to be.

Tea Ceremony

During this time, the couple offers their respect to their elders. The ceremony begins with the eldest from grandparents to parents. This ceremony is intricate to Chinese customs as it shows respect to the elders.

Solemnisation or Church

After all the activities and rituals, comes the most important part of the ceremony, the solemnisation. This is what we all have been waiting for. You will exchange your vows in front of your family and friends and thereafter, sign the marriage certificate to make it official.

Banquet Lunch/Dinner

Now comes the time for you to unwind and relax with family members. Eat and feast during your banquet lunch or dinner. You will have your first and 2nd march in with your cake cutting and toasting of champagne. Be sure to give your heartfelt speech to parents and guests and offer gratitude.

With the moments of your wedding day spelled out, now is the time to find out the top 5 styles or themes to your wedding videos.

Top 5 Wedding Videography styles

1. Documentary

For this theme or style, the groom and bride will be mic-ed up. Audio will be captured during the whole day and you will get to relive the moments of your day through your voice and narration. There can be funny quirks and anecdotes between you and your guests. This style works well if you have a personality and are a talkative couple.

Above all, the style for this wedding videography is deeply personal and makes your wedding video unique. Below is an example of how it can be played out.



In this video of Alex and Shiela, you get to see their personalities and quirkiness of how they go through the entire day. It’s so deeply personal and funny where you see how they plan for their vows and how they feel for the entire day.


Do note, that apart from being an outgoing couple, your wedding videographer is equally important in this style. Your wedding videographer should be coaxing you to engage with each other and ask questions in which you can give funny responses.

2. Emotional / Just your ROM Solemnisation

This style is meant for more simple weddings. Let’s say you plan for an easy day, with just the Solemnisation and wedding banquet. This wedding videography style is meant for you. Above all, this might be the reason for weddings to exist. To proclaim your love to each other in front of family and friends. This style is definitely for couples who are modern and simple.



The wedding video you get will help remind you of the love you promise to each other 10-20 years down the road. For this style, you have to plan for time with speeches, vows, and parents. For this wedding, you would have to cater an adequate amount of time for the veiling of the bride, outdoor shoot and Solemnisation.

Most couples often are worried that their wedding videos might not be entertaining or have enough content if it’s just the solemnisation. Hence, they would squeeze in time to do gatecrashing activities before church or solemnisation.



The above wedding videos are all done during the same day edit without gatecrashing. I feel that as long as the couple caters time for joy and fun, the wedding video will turn out fabulous. We found that having buffer time in between activities for a wedding will ensure this style to shine.

3. A mixture of playful and emotional

Well, if you do have the time and energy, let’s have the best of both worlds. On your wedding day, you can have both elements from gatecrashing and Solemnisation infused in your wedding video. If you were to screen this during your wedding banquet, your guests will surely be impressed with the magnitude of the grandness of the wedding you’ve planned. This wedding video will be remembered for decades to come.



With the wedding video, you’ll have a mixture of playful elements and emotional elements. This can almost be distributed in a 50/50 percentage of the edit. The first half of the edit can be playful encompassing the fun and happy moments from the gatecrashing elements. The second half of the edit can contain more of the emotional elements of your wedding.


This can contain the solemnisation, veiling of the bride and outdoor video shoot. The edit will be happy and end off with an uplifting note. Normally, couples will have this edit screened before their 2nd march in. After this is played, your guests will be pumped up and be ready for your march-in to happen.

4. Prewedding and actual day mixture

This wedding video edit style can be the most dynamic and complete. However, it might be the most effort involved. The wedding videography will require a prewedding shoot.

This shoot will consist of an interview with the couple. However, the interview will be conducted before the actual wedding day. The wedding video snippets will be used and interspersed throughout the wedding edit.



This option usually is for couples who want to have their edit be the most complete. The edit will tell their story whilst also showing the actual day’s activities. In the interview, it’ll cover portions of how the couple met, what they do together and most importantly, how was the proposal like?


When guests watch this wedding video, they’ll have a complete story of how the couple’s journey tougher and how It has come to this day, the day where they are officially husband and wife. Apart from entertaining your guests, this video will be a testament to your journey together.

Wouldn’t it be something great, if you were to be able to show this to your children in the future? Don’t miss this opportunity to paint the picture of your journey.

5. Playful and happy

This style of wedding videography focuses on the happy side of your wedding. Namely, the gatecrashing and everyone just enjoying themselves. If you were to show it during your wedding banquet, your guests would surely be entertained. From the torture and rising above the challenges, your guests will cheer you and the groomsmen on with the video being played.


This video would be suitable if you have very playful and fun going bridesmaids and groomsmen. In this wedding video, you’ll see how the groomsmen handle war during gatecrashing. They go through very challenging activities such as food tasting and dancing. Your guests and audience will surely be delighted. You’ll definitely have the older crowd drop some of their fishes during the 4th course when watching some of the groomsmen do some yoga stretches.


Of course, we have to do up a list of other ideas that have been done before. These styles are very specific in terms of style of wedding videos. You have to consider if the ultimate output is something you would show your guests for your wedding or something you would love to keep in the future.


Have you seen Transformers or Michael Bay movies? Your wedding video can turn out similarly. Having some cinematic moves with trailer music can make your wedding video stylish and slick.


This style requires a lot of direction and may need time to act out. Your wedding videographer might use the time when you are resting in your hotel room to do some of these scenes.

This style of wedding videography and editing is suited for Instagram platforms as well. It is something for you to consider as well as you can post it on your Instagram feed after your wedding to remember your day.

Marryoke Music Lip-Syncing Video

To narrow down what this style is, it’s simply lip-syncing to a music video. It’s where the couple and family and friends can lip-sync to the lyrics of a song.

This is especially fun and can be funny when viewed by your guests. You can make your wedding video funnier by involving your entire wedding participants.


In this wedding video, you can see how the groomsmen and bridesmaids lip sync to a popular wedding song. It creates an incredibly entertaining wedding video for you to remember. Above all, it also serves as a time stamp on what was popular during your generation.

Reverse Order

In this style, you can make it unique by having your wedding video streamed in reversed chronological order. This can make for a unique experience and disrupt the chronological flow of activities. Instead of having the usual activities such as bride preparation, gatecrashing, tea ceremony and solemnisation, you can opt for something that is reversed in order.


Apart from your guests, you as a couple would find this style out of this world. Be mesmerized by this style and uniqueness.

Ideas you can have for Wedding Videography

Apart from these styles. There are many other ideas that could make your wedding video stand out. Incorporating elements of the following will help give a unique experience to your audiences.


You can have the option to get your guests or the couple do an interview on the day itself. This will make it especially memorable. Your friends and family can paint a picture of how the couple grew up and came to be. Their personalities, traits, habits and embarrassing secrets can all come out.


This can especially be fantastic to watch back in the future when you see your parents and friends participating in this wedding video.


If during your wedding, you have speeches from your father, brothers, guests, these speeches can be incorporated into your wedding video. The wedding edit will be narrative to tell the story of the couple since the speeches are about the couple. Hence, the wedding video will be more personalized. In addition, this element is real and doesn’t need any staging.


The speeches can happen anywhere. We have seen speeches mostly happening during the wedding banquet night. However, we have seen some who plan it to be intimate and have it in hotel rooms where they invite the closest of friends. The energy you get is completely different.



You can have voiceovers from the couple. For your wedding day, you can get couples to write vows to each other and read the letters to each other. It will be like a voice-over narration throughout the wedding video which helps to give the same feel of that with vows being said.

Aerial Shots

The use of aerial shots has been quite popular in style. In Singapore however, there are laws that restrict the use of drones. A major factor to consider is that drones cannot be flown in parks and nature reserves overseen by National Parks Board. That’s almost over 28 parks altogether. Apart from just the nature reserves, you are not allowed to fly within a 5km radius of an airport. That’s canceling out most venues to do aerial shots.


Wedding Videography

We find that this style is quite dangerous as there are many grey areas to consider. Here’s the link for updated information on drone flying. Besides that, Singapore is so highly dense, and whatever drone shots you have of the couple will also have shots of litter bins, signboards or things going under construction. It just might not be worth it.

First Look & Fusion

You can choose to have a first look at your wedding. This is the process of seeing your bride for the first time. Sometimes, this already happens if you’re doing your gatecrashing and you come in to see your bride thereafter. However, you can have an open area and have this time to do a first look. You can prepare the effect to be better but not seeing each other weeks or months before the wedding. This can get emotional for the both of you, so prepare some tissues.

This is suitable for couples who don’t have many rituals to attend too for the wedding day. This is because, this option requires time and an area. However, if your groom is a wooden block, this option may not be for you.

Timelapses Wedding Videography

This kind of style to your wedding edit is more of showcasing the transformation of an event or how the day progresses to the night. However, this should only be used once or twice in your wedding video and not be overused. It is especially effective for outdoor weddings in Singapore.

Stop Motion

This technique is rarely done and unfortunately, we don’t have many examples for this style. It requires effort to do. This style can be done at some points of the wedding such as couples doing movements or boomerang. It can add a quirkiness to your wedding video.


In conclusion, unlike wedding photography, wedding videography comes in all shapes and forms. There are many styles to choose from to tell your story. You can go for playful arcs or emotional arcs. But most importantly, your wedding video shouldn’t be too overdramatic with such overemphasis on cinematic movements or gatecrashing activities.

Your wedding should at the crux of everything, be of both of you and of your friends and families coming together to celebrate. It’s great to see those moments of rituals being conducted such as tea ceremony or gatecrashing, but at the heart of the wedding video, it should show the happiness and joy. You would want to look back at this wedding video years down the road to know that this day, this moment, was the start of your new journey as husband and wife.

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