How to Save Cost for a Budget Wedding in Singapore

Weddings are always not wallet-friendly. If you are reading this, then you must be in this dilemma to both get your wedding plans done yet not end up sacrificing all your precious life savings. From fussing over the cost of the wedding venues to the micro-details like food and decor, it is always a common and real worry to minimise your wedding budget, but there are always ways to go about it. Hand all your expenditure problems here as this article will guide you through different ways to save cost for a budget wedding in Singapore. 

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Choose a Venue that Doesn’t Need Much Decor

Worrying about spending too much on decor? How about choosing a venue that already has its ombre to sparkle or beautify the atmosphere! Venues are always important in determining the mood and style of the wedding, and if you are having problems deciding both the best and affordable venues, here’s some tips! 

When it comes to natural landscapes like gardens and parks, it can never go wrong to provide an earthly, beautiful backdrop for a wedding. The outdoor light will be your best friend in a good lighting choice instead of indoor venues like hotel ballrooms that are rather on the high end price. 

Other landscapes that can make great wedding venues are like the beach or a nice courtyard that encompasses elements of lush, fauna and the natural breeze. 


Cutting the Cost on Wedding Logistics 

One just can’t manage all the details of the wedding single-handedly (and single-wallet), thus this calls for extra manpower. Don’t be shy or afraid to ask around for help when you need to as friends and family are always the most important support in making your big day a successful one! 

You can always call on the culinary relatives to help in baking desserts as well as rely on that one photographer friend that handle the wedding shots for you Moreover, if you wish, you can consider their services in exchange as a wedding gift and that could be a practical and useful offer as well -Some of them might be more than willing to help without any payback needed. 


Create Your Own Wedding PhotoBooth 


Get Creative! Bring in your own tools to make your DIY Photobooth- use curtains, cloth or butch paper as the backdrop and decorate around it with fairy lights or flowers as you wish. 

The great thing about creating your own Photo Booth is that you can choose whatever design and style of the booth you want and this adds the fun in idea-making! 


Alternatives for Dessert

On average, a wedding cake costs between $350 and $450, depending on the size and ingredients as well. Rather than splurging a huge sum of money just on a single confectionery, you can reconsider other options to save that blow on your already-shattering wallet.


Other cheaper and tasty alternatives include desserts like fruit tarts, brownies or pies that can be pre-ordered in bulk from your favourite bakery or best-homemade! Not only does it save on the cost of the ingredients, but it will also satisfy your guests with a variety of flavours as well with different selections


Skip the Wedding cake – Your Guests just want a nice dessert. No wedding cake, no worries! 


Get a Fake Wedding Cake 

Re-emphasising from the previous point, a Wedding Cake can cost a huge bomb and that’s why it’s not a necessity to have one. However, if you just wanna have one for the cake cutting ceremony during your banquet, how about opting for a fake wedding cake? 


To get a stand-in fake cake replica, you can have a baker make a fake cardboard cake which is fully decorated and pretty cake with just the top layer real for cutting and showing purposes ( just for its effect!!) and ta-da! You are ready for your budget cake cutting performance!