Wedding Suits for Men Simple Hacks

So, here’s one guide for Wedding suits for all you grooms out there. There are so many articles for the ladies on their wedding gown, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and the lists go on and on. But come on, we know that the wedding day is as crucial for the guys as well, and every guy wants to put on their very best for this important day.

We sat down with Q Menswear to get the low down of what to consider when designing your wedding suit.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t even know much about fashion, much less about men’s formal wear for the Wedding. So, here’s a guide on wedding suits and tuxes for the grooms.

Things to note before going to your tailor:

Rather than going to your tailor empty-handed, it would be good to go prepared so that it will be easier for your tailor to come up with a suit that is most suitable for you.

1. Pictures of what your bride is wearing

If your bride has already chosen her wedding gown and knows what she will be wearing for the wedding day, do bring along some photos of it to show the tailor. This will help your tailor to come up with a suit that matches your bride’s attire. It is imperative that the groom’s suit and the bride’s gown match each other.

There will be many photos of both of you together, so you will want to make sure that both styles are aligned and look good with each other.

2. The theme of your Wedding

Share with the tailor the concept and idea of your Wedding – casual/formal, indoor/outdoor, rustic/modernised. As you share more about how your Wedding is going to look like, the tailor will then be able to better advice and recommend suits that will be suitable for the occasion.

3. Do your homework

Go to Pinterest or another website to look through the various styles for wedding grooms and find out what are your preferences. This will give the tailor a better idea of your interests and the look that you are looking for. With many different styles for the suit, this will help the tailor to zoom in to the one that you will be interested in. 

Why get a bespoke suit?

Many grooms rent their suit as they think that it is a waste of money to spend on a customised outfit that will be worn for only a few hours. However, here are some reasons why you should consider having a bespoke suit. 

1. Great variety of choices

Compared to bridal rental stores, bespoke stores are able to offer a greater variety of fabrics and colours. This allows your suit to be customised down to the smallest detail, bringing you one step closer to your dream wedding suit.

2. Right fit

Bespoke suits are customised to your body shape and size, ensuring that it is the right fit for you. Rented suits never fit appropriately, and baggy pant and jacket it can make you look lofty. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime, and you will want to be in your best, looking perfect.

“The event is just one day two day, but the photos that are captured is eternal. So it is good to invest in a good suit” – Han San from Q Menswear.

3. Able to wear for other occasions

One of the misconceptions grooms have is that they will wear their wedding suit only on their wedding day. However, after the wedding, the wedding suit will still remain as a suit. You can keep it for other occasions such as a business suit or other formal events. So unlike wedding gowns, suits are more versatile and can be saved for future use. 

How many suits do I need?


Most grooms usually just get a 3-piece suit which comes with a vest. By playing around with the pieces, this one suit can give you three different kind of looks – with/without the vest and tie/bowtie. The different styles can suit different segment of the Wedding such as Registration of Marriage (ROM), march-in or Wedding dinner. 

Otherwise, if you want to explore something different, you can get two suits of different designs. But make sure that your suit is compatible with your bride’s attire.

Men’s Formal wear Guide

1. Coats

Tail Coat: the tailcoat is the most formal option of them all. It is short in front and tapers from the waist to become longer at the back.

Tuxedo: This is the most popular option for you.

Stroller Coat: semiformal jacket, like a short morning jacket. Usually single/double-breasted, 2 buttons and peak lapel

Dinner Jacket: This is more of a stuffy jacket that keeps you warm

2. Collars

Wing Collar: the most formal style. A short stand-up collar with the tips folded downwards.

Point Collar: found in standard business shirt collar but with more formal fabric

Spread Collar: similar to point collar but less pointy

Mandarin Collar: short, stand-up, unfolded collar style

3. Accessories 

Bow tie: a type of necktie, with a variety of colours and patterns to choose from

Cummerbund: a sash worn around the waist to cover the trouser waistline with pleats facing upwards. Colour usually matches tie colour.

Vest: sleeves garment that wears over the shirt, a way to give off a different look to the casual suit

Ascot: a scarf wrapped around the neck with a tie tack

How to Tie an Ascot

Suspenders: fabric or leather straps worn over the shoulder, strapped to the pants/trousers. Suitable for casual and less formal settings such as beach weddings. 

Groomsmen Attire 

Check out our full guide on Groomsmen Attire.

Not to forget your groomsmen, there are many fun and cool ideas away from the usual classic black suits that can make your Wedding an epic one. Groomsmen attire are different from the groom’s attire and should be that it makes the groom stands out.

1. Suspenders

Suspenders is a classy but straightforward idea for your groomsmen. One way to play with suspenders is to match the colour of the suspenders with the bridesmaids’ dress.  

2. Simple short-sleeves and Bermudas

For a casual and informal setting, this dressed-down style can be fun and playful, something different from the usual smart and neat formal wear. There are many ways to play around with this style, from polka dots shirt to strikingly pink Bermudas, it is up to you and your groomsmen to think out of the box.


1. You can’t wear suits outdoor

Especially in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, most people ditch off the idea of wearing suits as it will be extremely hot. However, this is a misconception as there are suitable suits that can cater to outdoor settings. With the right fabric and construction, wearing a suit for your outdoor Weddings can be a breeze. Choose lightweight linen/cotton fabric and unlined construction which can make your suit very breathable. Therefore, don’t ditch the idea of wearing a suit too soon, material plays a part also.

2. You can wear your wedding suit only once

As mentioned above, many people thought of renting a suit instead of customising one as they have the mindset of wearing their suit for their wedding day only. But this is not the case as you can use your suit for other occasions, especially if you do wear suits for work.

Where to get Bespoke Suit for your Wedding?

Here are some bespoke stores in Singapore to shop for your wedding suit:

Q Menswear – well-established brands that have won many awards. Their vast variety of fabric and designs has gained many reputable clients to their store.

Edit Suits – with strict monitoring of their materials supply-chain, you can be assured of high-quality fabrics from Edit Suit.

Suit Yourself – local company brand with affordable suits.