Calligraphy Wedding Favours

Calligraphy Wedding favours is one of the most underrated elements of a wedding.

You can choose to have it on your wedding invitations, place cards, or welcome packages. It’s a perfect use for wedding invitations.

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What is Wedding Calligraphy

This beautiful curvy and curly font makes a dramatic and romantic statement on your wedding stationaries. There are various styles to western calligraphy to suit every type of wedding, which each was using different techniques and tools – brush, dip pens or fountain pen. From traditional calligraphy to modern calligraphy, the art of calligraphy is so versatile and is widely used one way or another.

Where to use Calligraphy on your Wedding favours

Calligraphy on your Wedding favours elevates every little wedding detail to a work of art, and there are so many elements in your wedding that you can integrate calligraphy in.

1. Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invite is the first look that your guests see of your wedding. Not only does it serve the purpose of informing your guests of the essential details of your wedding, but it also gives them an idea of what to expect on that day.

Things to note for wedding invitations:

· Your wedding invitations should be personal

You are inviting your close ones to one of the most special day in your life, and you will want to make it as personalised as possible, something that is different from anyone’s else.

· The wedding invitation should reflect your wedding theme

The wedding invitation is your guests’ first peek into your wedding. It should set the tone of the style and formality of the event, to help give your guests an idea of what to expect – whether is it causal, relax, elegant or extravagant.

· Proof-read 

Before you send the wedding invites for printing, double-check for any spelling or grammar errors, especially names. Get your bridesmaids, family members or friends to help you read through. Often times, there are some details that you may miss out.

· When to send your invites

Save the Date – 6 to 9 months before

 Overseas wedding invites – 4 months before

 Local wedding invites – 2 months before

Details to include for your wedding invitations:

  • Groom’s and Bride’s names
  • Date
  • Venue 
  • Dress code (optional)
  • RSVP details


2. Wedding Vows

Vows are incredibly meaningful and personal, that contains heartfelt feelings and lifelong promises made to each other. Wedding vows symbolise love and commitment between two people who want to spend the rest of their life together, an everlasting promise of the marriage. Those words declared in front of family and friends express much significance and emotions that it is a waste to leave it to be heard during the ceremony.

One way to keep the wedding vows and remember them as you and your partner proceed life together is to have your wedding vows written in wedding calligraphy and frame it up. Here are some examples of marriage vows in wedding calligraphy:


3. Wedding gifts

Wedding gifts are a way to thank your guests for making time for your special day and a token to appreciate having them in your life. Adding calligraphy to wedding gifts brings a personalised touch to your wedding, to show how each and every one of them holds a special place in your heart. 

Here are some ways to personalise your wedding gifts with calligraphy:

Handwritten packaging to contain your gifts

Calligraphy on the gifts itself


4. On-the-day stationaries

Welcome Signage

Wedding welcome signs are the perfect way to welcome guests to your wedding and using calligraphy signages is a way to welcome them with style.

Wedding Aisle Signs

Walking down the aisle what every bride looks forward to for their wedding day. Wedding aisle signs are gaining popularity amongst brides, with unique quotes that hold meaning to you lined along the wedding aisle. It makes such a beautiful sight with these beautiful Hand-lettered signs by the side and your soon-to-be husband at the end.


When you’ve put in time and effort into selecting your wedding menu, it becomes even more meaningful with a beautifully printed or handwritten menu for each guest to treasure as a memento of your special day.


Place cards

A place card is usually a piece of paper that has the guest’s name, used to indicate what table and seat the guest is assigned at the wedding. Apart from the traditional use of paper, there are many interesting and pretty designs for place cards that can accentuate your wedding theme.

Sea Glass


Gold Foil Oyster Shell

Wedding Seating Plan

Chair Signs

Wedding chair signs are a trendy wedding decoration idea to have special signs on the backs od the bride’s and groom’s chair. There are many ideas to show the personality of the newly-weds, and wedding calligraphy is one of them. With floral posies, simple and elegant wedding calligraphy signs fit most wedding styles.


Well, hope you’re inspired by these options to have Calligraphy on your Wedding favours. You can get them printed by yourself or find a custom bespoke vendor to do it for you. If you’re choosing to do it yourself, here are some wedding fonts can use for your wedding Calligraphy option.

Simply go to www.dafont.com and download these free fonts to use.