30 Creative Props for Your Wedding Photoshoot


You can go for your pre-wedding photoshoot without any props and it can go perfectly fine. But bringing along a small fun or sentiment prop element along can help to spice up your photographs. If you’re still shy around the cameras, having a prop can give you something to do with your hands and ease up. 

Whether it is a romantic element or a nostalgic one that is of sentimental value to the couple, the presence of props also enhances the allure of each photograph. Hence, here are 30 creative props you can consider for your pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore.

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Balloons Wedding Props

Balloons are a popular choice for all couples at their pre-wedding photoshoot. You can choose to customise heart ones in your favourite colours or even customise special texts on them. Alphabet balloons and balloons with confetti in them can be great alternatives. For bigger balloons that may not fit in cars, it would be advised to get the balloons delivered to the photoshoot location directly.

While doing so, it’s also important to keep to one colour scheme and theme that will complement your outfits during the shoot. These balloons can enhance the mood that you’re going for. For instance, if you’re going for a dreamy backdrop effect, you can go for pastel colours. Choosing brighter colours can give a sense of energy and youth.

Yoga Ball Wedding Props

Having a yoga ball may not be a common option but it also allows for quirky photographs to be birthed. For example, comedic moments like the one below can be created. It is also an option sporty couples can consider displaying their athleticism. Other than yoga balls they can choose to include soccer balls or basketballs in their shoots. It would be good to discuss with the photographer beforehand on the props you wish to bring along so that an ideal location can be chosen.


Mirror Wedding Props

Mirrors produce a reflection which adds a degree of depth and intrigue to the photographs. These photos are most suitable for couples who are into a sense of mystery and introspection. Spiritually, a mirror symbolises the truth and depths of a person’s consciousness. Hence, holding the mirror to the chest where the heart is in the picture below can symbolise the presence of the bride in the groom’s heart. 



Basket Wedding Props

A basket like the one below encompasses casual and fun vibes. It would be a good choice for couples who are into outdoor activities like picnics. To ensure the photo doesn’t look too cluttered, it would be best to wear complementary colours against a simple backdrop. Other props you can bring along with a basket include picnic mat and simple snacks. 



Paint / Coloured Powder Wedding Props

If you’re not afraid or concerned about getting messy, colourful holi powder or paint makes for great amusing photos. Wear a simple plain base colour like white so that the colours will truly pop when thrown on your outfits. Have fun smearing and throwing these colourful substances onto your partner.

For safety shots, you can try bringing along an identical set of clothes to get multiple tries. Remember to also bring along towels and clean sets of clothes to change into after this chaotic shoot!



Confetti Wedding Props

The burst of confetti wedding props adds energy and youthfulness into your photographs which creates sentimental value when looking back on these photographs. Confetti poppers are also easily available at any shops selling party supplies. It would be advised to bring extras for safety shots. A key point to note is that it can be a hassle to clean up these confetti paper especially when outdoors. 

While the set of photos below are generally messier due to the use of coloured paint earlier, confetti doesn’t have to be this messy! You can do so by throwing some simple confetti up the air. Confetti can come in any colours you desire which shows your distinct characters.



Fairy Lights Wedding Props

When using fairy lights in dark settings like the ones below, it can illuminate the photographs with a romantic glow. Their light lights resemble stars twinkling in the night sky and can be used either in the background or wrapped around the couple.



Sparklers Wedding Props

For night time shoots, sparklers can create dazzling and dreamy effects like below. You can choose to just have fun playing with the sparklers or create stunning designs by drawing hearts or writing words with the lights.



Dry Ice

Dry Ice create beautiful puffs of smoke and fog that adds a dreamy and mysterious effect to your photos. As the fog wraps around the couple, it brings the attention of the photo to them.




Hold a flower bouquet with blooms that speak to you. From dainty white ones to bright sunflowers, there’s a variety of flowers for you to choose from. Other than hand bouquets, you can also make use of floral crowns that complement your outfit. These flowers are sure to add an extra touch of grace to your shoot.




It can create sweet and intimate moments of a couple sharing a drink together. Otherwise, fun and comedic stories can also be created if there’s a specific memory and story of sentiment behind it. Any drinks can be utilised. From childhood favourites to classy champagnes, it depends on the vibe and mood you’re going for.




If you’re a couple who has frequent outdoor dates that could include cycling at parks together, a bicycle is the perfect prop to reminisce about these moments during your photoshoot. To add more wedding vibes, you can add flowers into the bicycle basket. To go the extra mile, you can try to rent vintage bicycles instead of a normal bike. They enhance the photo by adding a cute rustic style.




Bubbles hold a kind of childhood charm to them, especially since they’re games we usually enjoy as kids. Not only does it add an element of fun to your photos, their translucent nature also makes beautiful elements that add dazzle to your images. This creative prop is best used for outdoor shoots against nature.




Ornate frames can be used to outline the center of attention for your pictures and also create interesting visuals. To increase the aesthetic level, you can go for vintage-looking ones that also add an element of rusticness and nostalgia. You can also choose to hand make your own frames from simple materials like cardboard or vanguard sheet with markers and glitter to personalise it for your photoshoot. This can be a great choice for couples who have no idea what to do with their hands as they’ll be holding the frames up. 



Musical Instruments

For couples who love music or play a musical instrument themselves, why not bring them along as props? Not only do they capture your own personality, they are also instruments you are familiar with so your poses will probably come out more naturally. You can go to the extremes of shooting with a grand piano or harp. Otherwise, a simple guitar also makes for beautiful shots. Serenade to your partner or play a romantic tune! While the music may not be captured in the photos, the fond memories shared during the shoot will be kept forever.




An umbrella can represent sheltering each other through all obstacles in life. This simple everyday product gains a new meaning of an everlasting support for each other through their marital journey. Be it rain or shine, they will be together in this life. For such photos, you can go for a red umbrella to symbolise prosperity or even a transparent one for you and your partner to be seen clearly even under the umbrella. Silhouette shots are similarly charming to experiment with. You can even go the extra mile by adding water droplets to replicate the idea of rain in your images.




Chalkboard signs hold nostalgic value and also allow them to be customised for each couple. You can choose to write different words in your own handwriting and even doodle drawings in multiple colours. From names and dates to special quotes, you can go crazy with what’s written on your chalkboard. Your distinct personality and childlike charm will definitely be captured when you utilise chalkboards in your photoshoot. These supplies are also easily accessible via stores in Singapore like Daiso and Spotlight.



Quote Cards

Similar to chalkboards, but these are quirky quote cards that are designed beforehand. Examples include those before. Choose from all these unconventional ones to find one that encapsulates your personality. These can be found easily in shops that sell party and art supplies. They can also be reused during your actual wedding if you choose to have a photography booth for guests to take their photos.



Sweet Snacks

Make use of yummy goodies like ice cream and cotton candy to get sweet shots! Whether you want to get an individual cone each with a distinct flavour that tells your personal taste or share a cone, feed each other or even make funny faces with them, it all depends on the dynamics between the couple. Other than acting as props, they also make tasty treats for you to enjoy during your shoot.



Your Pets

As you get married to another individual, their pets become yours too and you become a family. Hence, what could be better than to involve them during your pre-wedding photoshoot as well? Pets are generally soft and fluffy and sure to make any hearts swoon when they see them. Not only do these cute creatures add charm to your photos, your parental and caring side can also be shown during these moments.




You can show a unique side of your personality with animal masks or even go crazy and have the whole outfit of superheroes. Masks are a great way of showcasing another perspective of your character visually. For shy couples, these props can be a great starter or break from facing the camera the whole time. They also add a sense of mystery and individuality to your photos. You can also go for the comedic route with peculiar masks.




For couples who are going for a bohemian wedding and shoot, dreamcatchers are amazing props to enhance your theme. Traditionally, dreamcatchers are believed to protect those sleeping from bad dreams. When used in your photoshoot, it can symbolise a hope for having only good things coming your way for a smooth marital journey.



Blanket Wedding Props

Blankets make for comfy and intimate shots when the couple is wrapped up in it. Just be sure to bring a blanket big enough for both of you! Some couples may find it too sweaty to use a blanket especially in humid Singapore but this can be a perfect prop if you’re having a destination photoshoot and do not want to bring over props that are too bulky!




Ampersand is a symbol that encompasses the union of two individuals. Using one can help spice up your photoshoot in different ways shown below. They can be found in art supplies shops or if you’re feeling crafty, you can do one up yourself!




Hand-folded origami can add a touching element to your photographs. While they may be time-consuming to fold, they make for charming and splendid backdrops for your photos. A popular origami to fold are paper hearts, roses or cranes. For instance, origami cranes represent hope and success in Japanese culture. Therefore, you can choose between different origami figures that speak to you. In addition, these origami sculptures can be reused during your wedding day as decorations.



Floral Jars

Make use of recycled mason jars or any jar you can find and fill them with small blooms like in those below. You can choose to hang these decorations on a tree or just hold them in your hands as you pose for a romantic shot.



Pop Culture Inspired

Do you have a favourite TV show or movie series that you follow avidly as a couple? Make use of props and elements seen in the shows and include them in your photoshoot! The shots can not only show your distinct colour, they are also unusual and unique from other photos.




If you’re both bookworms, why not incorporate your favourite books into your photoshoot? Hard-covered books make beautiful props with an air of rustic and history to them. Generally, the covers should also complement the colour scheme of your outfits so the photos do not appear too cluttered or become a distraction. You can also choose a book with a title that explains your relationship together like the one below.




If you’re okay with wrecking a few of your pillows, engaging in a pillow fight can make for energetic and fun photographs. The cotton and feather create a dreamy effect that can capture your affection for each other. However, it can also be tough to clean up at the end so you can also choose to do one without using too much force and breaking the pillows open.



Your Photos

Flaunt your journey as a couple through old photos in your pre-wedding photoshoot! You can print multiple pieces to line them in a row on a string. Alternatively, polaroids also make great nostalgic pieces. To add an extra touch of personality, you can use tassels or ribbons to decorate these old photos.




While this is a list of 30 props you can consider, the sky’s the limit when it comes to props! Pick any items of sentimental value to you and your photograph can be easily enhanced with your personal charm.