Guide to Wedding Photo Montage

Photo montage is one popular way to keep your guests entertained during the wedding celebration, and we see more and more couples choosing this option in their wedding. If pictures speak a thousand words, a photo montage would speak a million words. This is the chance for you to put all those photos you have hidden in your computer into good use – those baby photos that your parents took, those group photos with your friends, and those cute couple photos. 

Some couples choose to engage in videography companies that can help to piece together their wedding photo montage. You can check out page out for Childhood Montage Styles.


For those of you who it is your first time creating a wedding photo montage, here are some tips that can help you along the way.


Dos and Don’ts of Photo Montage

Do showcase different phases of your lives and relationship

The photo montage should consist of those special milestones of your growing up journey. Most of your family and friends are not always there to witness these milestones in your life, and some of your friendships are only forged at the later stages of your life. Your guests would love to see those cute baby photos, awkward fetus photos of you and also those sweet moments the both of you have as a couple. Through these photos, your guests can get to know both of you more and feel more included in your life journey. 

Do include photos of your guests

Although your wedding day is a very special day for you, and you want the focus of your wedding to be about you, you should let your guests feel included in this significant day as well. It is not wrong that you want to feel like a queen on your big day, to have all eyes on you, but what’s a wedding without your loved ones celebrating this day with you right? 

The wedding photo montage is a way to keep your guests entertained, not to bore them. Adding some cherished memories you have with your friends can get them excited and your guests will be interested to look forward to seeing their faces up on the screen.

Don’t drag the video too long

You may have many photos and memories that you want to include in your Wedding photo montage, but remember, it may get tiring looking up on the screen for too long and your guests can start to lose focus on your Wedding photo montage. A 6-8 minutes long video with about 60-100 photos would be a perfect duration to keep the attention of your guests. One way to avoid long video is to split the video to be played at different timing – one for childhood montage and one for the couple montage.

Do a quality check before the reception

One thing that every couple dreads during their wedding day would be unforeseen situations. Be prepared that there may be technical issues and so to avoid panicking on the spot when something happens, it is important to check through everything beforehand. Run through your wedding photo montage on the venue’s screen before the wedding reception. Make sure that the video is clear on the screen and that the sound can be played through the speakers. If there are any issues, this gives you the time to solve the problem. 

Do use high-resolution photos if possible

High-quality photos are important to ensure that your video is sharp and that the guests are able to see the images clearly. Some of your old childhood may be of low quality due to technology in the past but fear not as there are free softwares available on the internet that can improve your photos’ resolution. 

Some softwares that you can use are:

Do have a balance of the bride and groom’s photos

The wedding day is as equally important to the groom as it is to the bride. 

Don’t make the video too fancy

Stick to using just 1 or 2 simple transitions for your photos so that your video doesn’t become very messy. Having tons of effects and transitions can make the video overwhelming and it may result in difficulty for the guests to catch the focus of the Wedding photo montage, which is the story and pictures of you and your partner. 

Do add in captions in your photos

There will be lots of photos in your wedding photo montage showing the different stages of your life and even funny memories. Not everyone will understand what is the story and significance behind the photo, this is where captions can make your video even more powerful. Simple captions such as ‘My First Steps’, ‘When We First Met’, ‘Our First Date’ can explain what the photo is about or you can make the wedding photo montage even more interesting by writing your thoughts and storyline in your caption.


What to Include in Your Wedding Photo Montage

Basically, your photo montage should reflect your growing up journey and important milestones in your life that you will want to share with your guests. You can also include short video clips if you have a moment that is really meaningful. The photos can be funny moments that can make your guests laugh or touching moments in your life reminisce with your loved ones. 

The Wedding photo montage should reflect your personality and life story, so include significant moments in your life and people that have a special place in your heart. If you are known to be someone who is a foodie, include photos of your food adventures; if you are known to be someone who loves to travel, including photos of your wanderlust journey. 


  1. Baby Photos – when you were born, first baby steps, first words you spoke
  2. Pre-school Photos – kindergarten moments, birthday celebration in school
  3. Pre-teen Photos – primary school photos
  4. Teenage Photos 
  5. Family Photos
  6. Best Friends Photos
  7. Moments as a Couple – first met each other, dates, travel photos
  8. Proposal Photos
  9. Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Click here for prewedding photoshoot locations.


For Childhood Montage

  • Best Day of My Life by American Authors 

“Best Day of My Life” is a pop-rock genre with a unique blend of Africa-influenced rhythms. This upbeat song is perfect if you want to convey a fun and lively story in your wedding photo montage.


  • The Climb by Miley Cyrus

“The Climb” is a mixture of country-pop ballad that sings about how there will always be obstacles in life but at the end of the day it will be a rewarding experience. The song starts off calm and gradually becomes more upbeat and powerful, perfect to stir up emotions as you show how much you have grown since you were a baby.


  • Daddy’s Angel by T Carter

This song captures the love that every father has for their precious daughter, suitable for the bride’s childhood segment. Every heartfelt verse from this song truly conveys how your parents feel as they watch their daughter grow up from a tiny little baby to the independent woman that they are now marrying her off.


  • A Mother’s Song by T Carter

Also written by T Carter, the company who has composed Daddy’s Angel, this is a song dedicated to the love that every mother has for their son. The lyrics ‘you’ve made your mother proud’, warms everyone’s heart as they listen to the song.


  • Time After Time by Boyce Avenue

The acoustic cover of this 80s song originally sung by Cyndi Lauper is perfect to go along with those wedding childhood photos. The soft and slow melody of the guitar has a soothing effect to reminisce your growing up journey.


For Couple Montage

  • No Matter Where You Are by Us The DUO

Sung by the American folk pop duo, “No Matter Where You Are” includes beautiful harmony of the pair and rhythmic beats of the tambourine and bass drum. This is a lively and festive song, perfect to go along with those fun and cheeky moments in your relationship journey.


  • A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

“A Thousand Years” is a romantic song with the melodic piano keys and guitar strums, a popular choice of song to share the romance of the couple. The song is about the fear of falling in love and uncertainty of a relationship, but how love overcomes these doubts.


  • Collide by Howie Day

“Collide” is a slightly upbeat acoustic song, talking about a relationship between two person and how they may face some adversity in their journey.


  • I Do by Colbie Caillat

This is an upbeat happy pop song that talks about taking the relationship further into marriage.


  • Better Together by Jack Johnson

“Better Together” is an acoustic rock song with a catchy beat to it. This song conveys how life is always better to have someone there to journey together with.


  • You and Me by LifeHouse

“You and Me” is a soft rock genre that conveys how love is. The song sings about how life is just about him and this girl he loves, and how everything in the world seems to disappear when he is with the one he loves.


  • You Are Loved by Matthew Mole

“You Are Loved” is a song written by Matthew Mole for his wife. It has a joyful and catchy beat with its guitar strums. Every lyric in this song captures the unending love he has for his wife, “I will love you till we’re old and grey, And I’ll love you when we’re young.”


  • Beautiful In White by Shane Filan

“Beautiful in White” is one of the most popular songs used in wedding celebrations, a romantic song about how the singer felt when he sees his bride in a beautiful white wedding gown. 


Recommended Company to Use

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