Procedure to Solemnisation ROM

A step-by-step guide on getting married in Singapore: Civil marriage edition


Step 1: Check that you fulfil all the prerequisites for getting married in Singapore 

  • The couple must be 21 years old and above. You could get married if you’re above 18 but not yet 21 if you have parental consent before applying to get married.
  •  Present in Singapore for at least 15 consecutive days for a non-Singapore citizen or non-permanent resident.
  • Proof of divorce or death certificate of late spouse if either partner has been married before.
  • Divorcees who remarry must make a declaration on existing maintenance orders, and whether they owe any maintenance payments.

Step 2: Source for a licensed solemniser (if you choose to have your solemnisation done outside of ROM)

You can skip this step if you decide to have your solemnisation at the ROM as an in-house solemniser is provided if you do it at the ROM. Otherwise, you may source for a solemniser on your own. You may refer to the list of licensed solemnisers here


Step 3: Decide on the date and time of your solemnisation date

Do remember to give at least 21 days of notice to ROM, but don’t book your solemnisation date too early! Registration only opens 3 months before and no earlier. 


Step 4: Pick a venue

There are two options to choose from, and you can either hold it at the ROM office, or select a venue outside. Selecting a venue outside gives you the freedom to invite as many guests as the venue allows, and at your preferred timing. Meanwhile, the ROM office only provides a solemniser during their office hours, thus it might limit the number of choices you have. 

*Remember to inform your solemniser once you’ve picked the date, time and location! 


Step 5: Have 2 witnesses to the marriage who are both above 21 years old.

In Singaporean traditions, the 2 witnesses are either the parents or siblings of the couple, or any relative. 


Step 6: You’re now ready to file a notice of marriage at the ROM website

Have the following on hand when you book a solemnisation date:

  • NRICs/passports of both the bride and groom
  • NRICs/passports of 2 witnesses
  • Solemnisation date and time
  • Address of the solemnisation venue
  • If the marriage is being solemnised outside ROM, provide the name and licence number of your solemniser. 

You may then proceed to pay with your credit card, which is the only method of payment accepted by the ROM office. 

Upon completion the online filing, don’t forget to print the payment receipt, Filing Instruction, and Summary of Notice of Marriage. Take note of your appointment date to go to ROM, where you have to verify documents (VD) and perform statutory declaration (SD).


Step 7: Go to the Registry of Marriages for VD/SD

This is strictly by appointment only, so be sure to get all your documents ready and head down to ROM with your partner. 

  • Filing Instruction and Summary of Notice of Marriage
  • Original NRIC (for Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residences) or original passport (for foreigner) of Groom and Bride
  • Photocopy of NRIC (SC/SPR) or Passport (foreigner) of two witnesses
  • Signed “Invitation to Solemnise a Marriage” form
  • Divorce papers or death certificate of late spouse (if applicable)


Step 8: If you are having your solemnisation outside of ROM, remember to collect these documents from ROM: 

  • Confirmation of Marriage License Issued
  • Certificate of Marriage: Black and White and coloured copy
  • Marriage folder and checklist
  • Solemnisation

Black and white copy: The groom, bride, two witnesses and solemniser will be required to sign on this piece of paper during the solemnisation. The paper and provided envelope will be returned to ROM by your solemniser.

Colored copy: The solemniser will be the only person signing this piece of paper. The paper will be given to the couple.


Step 9: Getting married! 

Remember the following on your solemnisation day: 

  • Bring NRICs or original passports of you and your future spouse
  • Engage a solemniser if the solemnisation took place at venue outside ROM
  • Hand documents collected from ROM to your solemniser (applicable for solemnisation at venue outside ROM)
  • Remind your 2 witnesses to bring along their NRICs or original passport