50 Best Unique Pre Wedding Shoot locations in Singapore

Here is the list of over 50 best unique Pre Wedding Shoot locations in Singapore coming from a wedding photographer.

Do check Our Guide to Pre Wedding Photoshoot before you embark on your adventure.

In this list, you’ll see most of these locations as outdoor places as opposed to indoor locations. We found the best places to be greenery places with beautiful trees or just barren land to focus on the Pre Wedding couples.

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Jurong Lake Gardens

1st best choice for Pre Wedding shoot location shots

Jurong Lake Gardens Pre Wedding Shoot location
Photo by Just Married Films

This is the one location that recently opened on 27 April 2019 after extensive renovations. This Pre Wedding shoot location is fantastic for you lovebirds as it is filled with open land and beautiful trees as a backdrop. Be sure to also pop by the lone tree where you can keep it company. Yes, you heard it right, there actually is a tree named the “lone tree”. This is a popular spot for other couples as well, so do note you might have to queue in order to have your turn at the lone tree.

{"id":1,"title":"Jurong Lake Gardens","default":true,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/www.justmarriedfilms.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/04\/Jurong-Lake-Garden-3-scaled.jpg","width":2560},"position":{"yaw":-0.40823521037427213,"pitch":0.14924611275027289,"fov":1.4283812212446152},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"2 (click here)","position":{"yaw":-1.1095739604759487,"pitch":-0.044835496067811675},"scene":{"id":"2","position":""},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}
{"id":2,"title":"2","default":false,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/www.justmarriedfilms.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/04\/Jurong-Lake-Gardens-2-scaled.jpg","width":2560},"position":{"yaw":3.0408699625269815,"pitch":0.195277609560236,"fov":1.4283812212446152},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"3(click here)","position":{"yaw":2.9591693135221515,"pitch":0.11345819180299799},"scene":{"id":"3","position":""},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}
{"id":3,"title":"3","default":false,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/www.justmarriedfilms.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/04\/Jurong-Lake-Gardens-scaled.jpg","width":2560},"position":{"yaw":3.1253620355872647,"pitch":0.19201855931596512,"fov":1.4283812212446152},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"1(click here)","position":{"yaw":3.0436912447953244,"pitch":0.11021001023588006},"scene":{"id":"1","position":""},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}


If you’re driving, do note that there is 2 main outdoor car park. Be sure to use the South Car Park as that’s where most of the beautiful scenery is located.

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/a9ziRn5tKcG56zVC9

East Coast Park

2nd best choice for Pre Wedding shoot location shots

Singapore-PreWedding-Photos East Coast Park -1
Photo by Just Married Films

We found East Coast Park to be the best of three worlds. It has the famous Skatepark. There you can have some unique urban hipster Pre Wedding photos taken. You should know that East Coast Park is a stretch of road. Hence, we recommend you start your shoot at Car Park F. There, you’ll be able to shoot off with Skate Park. Ther after, you can head over to some trees to do your lush greenery shots.

Singapore-PreWedding-Photos East Coast Park -9
Photo by Just Married Films

You’ll be amazed at the amount of different variety of trees here. Please come during the early morning at around 7 am-8 am where there isn’t too many joggers or crowd around.

Photo by Just Married Films

Last but not least, you can head over to the beach-side to do some beach shots. You can literally bring over 3 different outfits and accomplish 3 different themes in close proximity. Toilets are placed all around so you will not have to worry about travelling back and forth too much.


Botanic Gardens

3rd best choice for Pre Wedding shoot location shots

Botanic Gardens
Photo by Just Married Films
Pre Wedding Shoot location
Photo by Just Married Films

Another fantastic outdoor location for Pre Wedding shoots. This location offers three main entrances to go in from, Tanglin Entrance, Tyersall Gallop Entrance & Nassim Entrance. You’ll find many various places to shoot ranging from The Halal ( restaurant), waterfalls, trees & open fields. We recommend you go in from Tysersall Gallop Entrance. There you will be greeted by the Waterfall and the Ginger Garden. It’s a simple stroll to discover several other milestones. The National Orchid Garden is worth considering but has a $5 admission rate. The garden is air-conditioned so you won’t need to worry about sweating that much. The garden houses over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids of flowers. If you have only time for just one location for your Pre Wedding shoot location, we recommend this beautiful location.


Tuas Lalang Field

Tuas Lalang Field Pre Wedding Shoot location
Photo by Just Married Films

Tuas Lalang Field is sort of a myth among Pre Wedding photographers. It’s equivalent to finding Mewtwo Pokemon when you arrive within the vincinity. You can find tons of websites and articles on shooting at this Pre Wedding shoot location. However, the truth is- it is a hit and miss. Lalangs are seasonal and grow at various times. Do not believe the articles that say where the addresses of these lalang fields are.  Truth is, you have to drive and scout it yourselves.

Chasing this mystical location can heap great rewards. When you do find the lalangs that bloom, you’ll get amazing photos. We’ll put in the address for you to start your adventure.


Coney Island a.k.a Serangoon Island

Photo by Just Married Films
Photo by Just Married Films
Photo by Just Married Films

We love Coney Islands. This island is located off Punggol Settlement. This location has one of the tallest trees and very unique architecture as you can see from our photos. The forest is immaculate and clean.

Within the area, you can expect trees river and barren shots. Don’t bother walking the entire stretch, the only good parts are at the beginning of the island starting from the West Entrance. The Sun rises and cast beautiful shadows if you’re into shadows and lights. Amazingly, we didn’t once get bitten as much as the other outdoor locations.

{"id":1,"title":"Coney Island","default":true,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/www.justmarriedfilms.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/04\/Coney-Island0.jpg","width":2449},"position":{"yaw":0,"pitch":0,"fov":1.4283812212446152},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"2 (Click Here)","position":{"yaw":0.13337353348448922,"pitch":0.14482669705169116},"scene":{"id":"2","position":{"yaw":1.728981296432896,"pitch":0.13393747283814506,"fov":0.7853981633974483}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}
{"id":2,"title":"Coney Island2","default":false,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/www.justmarriedfilms.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/04\/Coney-Island1.jpg","width":2449},"position":{"yaw":1.9774751266154418,"pitch":0.2768214717319406,"fov":1.4283812212446152},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"3 (Click Here)","position":{"yaw":1.8947336808747552,"pitch":0.19472689535994547},"scene":{"id":"4","position":{"yaw":-1.87290325583397,"pitch":0.2832908103699623,"fov":1.427448757889531}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}
{"id":3,"title":"Coney Island3","default":false,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/www.justmarriedfilms.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/04\/Coney-Island2.jpg","width":2449},"position":{"yaw":-3.001225410370438,"pitch":0.3368687547635343,"fov":1.4283812212446152},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"1 (Click Here)","position":{"yaw":1.0234393411813834,"pitch":0.3261956087271649},"scene":{"id":"1","position":""},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}
{"id":4,"title":"Coney Island4","default":false,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/www.justmarriedfilms.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/04\/Coney-Island3-scaled.jpg","width":2560},"position":{"yaw":2.2660016613002822,"pitch":0.2082771960150076,"fov":1.4255268223160762},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"4 (Click Here)","position":{"yaw":0.29589496542739013,"pitch":0.18606826203895466},"scene":{"id":"3","position":{"yaw":3.099219495739547,"pitch":0.22576477430714093,"fov":1.427448757889531}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}

How to get there

The time taken to get here is around 5-10 minutes walking distance from Punggol  Settlement. You must get there through the West Entrance and start your journey there.

We recommend you rent a bike or an electric scooter as it can be quite sticky and sweater once you arrive at Coney Islands from Punggol Settlement.


Hort Park

Hort Park is a fabulous choice for your Pre Wedding shoot location. It is a knowledge centre for plants and gardening offering a platform for horticulture. There you go, a fantastic reason. You can sure to be greeted with unique plants and empty expansive areas. They have a Huge Event Lawn which can be used as great nature Pre Wedding photo shots. They have a variety of themed gardens such as the Therapeutic Garden. There are some species of plants you can’t find anywhere else in Singapore. If you’re a nature lover, this place is definitely for you.


Lower Pierce Reservoir

We always were confused which reservoir belongs to which scenes. Do not make the same mistake as us. Lower Pierce Reservoir with Upper Pierce Reservoir. There’s no real way to differentiate the two reservoirs. We feel that Lower Pierce Reservoir tend to be more visited with older folks doing Tai Chi in the mornings and evenings. Lower Pierce has more accessibility to the actual reservoir. Hence, if you choose this prewedding location for your shoot, you’ll have both options of reservoir and greenery scenes.

{"id":1,"title":"1","default":true,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/www.justmarriedfilms.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/04\/Lower-Pierce-Reservoir5-scaled.jpg","width":2560},"position":{"yaw":-1.6699965044008493,"pitch":0.29265668265277256,"fov":1.4283812212446152},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"2 click here","position":{"yaw":-1.7530072456963453,"pitch":0.21050776698671747},"scene":{"id":"2","position":""},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}
{"id":2,"title":"2","default":false,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/www.justmarriedfilms.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/04\/Lower-Pierce-Reservoir2-scaled.jpg","width":2560},"position":{"yaw":2.484338023198097,"pitch":0.2526701321676228,"fov":1.4283812212446152},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"3 click here","position":{"yaw":2.4019645434978285,"pitch":0.17065780628412597},"scene":{"id":"3","position":""},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}
{"id":3,"title":"3","default":false,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/www.justmarriedfilms.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/04\/Lower-Pierce-Reservoir4-scaled.jpg","width":2560},"position":{"yaw":2.2798635880358695,"pitch":0.4155233374303968,"fov":1.4283812212446152},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"1 click here","position":{"yaw":1.6085175801977405,"pitch":0.47508381145445533},"scene":{"id":"1","position":""},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}


Upper Pierce Reservoir

Upper Pierce Reservoir is pretty similar to Lower Pierce. There are nice boulders and rocks in this location to give a very varied shot besides just open water. However, this location has one huge problem… MONKEYS. This reservoir had a serious problem with families of monkeys. If you happen to have long trails to your wedding gowns for your Pre Wedding shoot, this may be a problem. Monkeys can come up to you scratches or dirtying your wedding gown. We almost had an incident in which the monkeys thought our photography bags had food and came over several times to check on the bags. This proved to be quite dangerous. We had to always look over our shoulders to make sure the monkeys weren’t on our backs. Hope this helps and proceed with caution at different timings of the day.


Upper Seletar Reservoir

Pre Wedding Shoot location
Photo by Just Married Films

This is where the famous Seletar Tree stands. Built in 1920, it was first opened for Her Royal Highness, Princess Alexandra, and was then remanded to Seletar reservoir. It features a viewing tower, but is quite pointless as it is inaccessible to the public. The only reason it’s placed there is to be a good meeting point for my couples.

{"id":2,"title":"2","default":false,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/www.justmarriedfilms.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/04\/Upper-Pierce-Reservoir2-scaled.jpg","width":2560},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"1","position":{"yaw":-1.2674470859937337,"pitch":0.07485079447857146},"scene":{"id":"","position":""}},{"id":2,"type":"scene","title":"1 click here","position":{"yaw":-1.2674470859937337,"pitch":0.07485079447857146},"scene":{"id":"1","position":""},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}],"position":{"yaw":-1.1860444768522154,"pitch":0.1565415019951253,"fov":1.4283812212446152}}

Unfortunately, this is as much as you can get from this location. There are many trail runners here as the park is made for a leisurely jog. As such, it’s quite difficult for you to have many Pre Wedding shoot photos taken with no one in the background. But not all is lost. We have had many nice encounters with actual day Pre Wedding shots as the Seletar Tree is situated very close to the car park. As such, it is a good option for large groups of people taking photos.


Fort Road Flyover

Fort Road Pre Wedding Shoot location
Photo by Just Married Films

This Pre Wedding shoot location is a popular one, almost a secret place. On Saturdays and Sundays, there are slackliners around this area doing slacklining. But apart from this, there is no one around this area. We often wish for secluded places in this overcrowded country, and this is a rare gem. There is a beautiful flyover as a backdrop that makes for a fantastic wedding photo. Do note that this place however, is riddled with mosquitoes. Try your best not to have any shorts or skirts when doing the shoot at this Pre Wedding shoot location.

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/sYS69pNXEVEMVqcr5

Pasir Ris Park

Singapore-PreWedding-Photos Pasir Ris Park -15
Photo by Just Married Films
Singapore-PreWedding-Photos Pasir Ris Park -23
Photo by Just Married Films


Canterbury Road

Photo by Just Married Films

Canterbury Road is a location that can only be accessible by car. This is just one part of Singapore that is vast and empty. Simply a rare find if you ask me. It is however littered by the many countless number of Pre Wedding shoots that are held in this area over the years. You’ll find confetti from the past uses.

But don’t let it deter you from going over to this Pre Wedding shoot location, as it still makes for a fantastic wedding photoshoot backdrop. There’s no ugly high rised building for us to Digitally Remove away. All there is, is a place to explore and be creative.

Fort Canning Park

Photo by Just Married Films

This location is an iconic hilltop landmark. It served as a Command Centre and British Army Barracks. That is why you’ll notice that there’s many Architecture with Post British Influence. The sprawling lawns are used for holding concerts and theatre productions like Shakespeare in the Park. This is an excellent area for your photoshoot. You can have expansive photo shots either having the “Battle Box” in your background or some lush greenery.

Photo by Just Married Films

It’s also a great option for night shoots to make use of the fort architecture and bounce light around. In addition, at night, we noticed very few passersby and the peace and seclusion will require few takes. You can see more photos of Julene & James here.


The White Rabbit

Photo by Just Married Films

The White Rabit is located a the top of Demsey Hill. It was set within a restored chapel built in the 1930’s. Many weddings are held at this location but you don’t need to reserve this area for a photoshoot. There are several free spots for you to use around the vicinity. Apart from this famous “The Rabbit Hole” you see, there lies a vast green field nearby in which you can explore different creative Pre Wedding shoot Photos poses.


Sentosa Rasa Sentosa Beach

Photo by Just Married Films

If you ever decide to do some travelling, you can head out to Sentosa. There at Rasa Sentosa Beach Resort, you can have the area near to the beach to do you Pre Wedding photoshoot. This is an awesome chill out place with the perfect windiness to get those windy blow into your hair photo shots. The area is quite big and you can explore the beach area although it can be quite narrow. What’s more, you can book a hotel room and sleepover for the night. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.


Capella Hotel

Photo by Just Married Films

Within the area of Sentosa, you’ll find Capella Hotel. It’s furnished with lush greenery and hotel architecture. This is a fan favourite place among actual day photographers to do their wedding photoshoots at.

Capella Hotel Pre Wedding Shoot location


Little Guilin Bukit Batok Town Park

Photo by Just Married Films
Photo by Just Married Films

This spot has always eluded us. Everyone keeps on telling us there’s this famous place that looks like some Chinese Soap Opera Set. We scoured high and low for this spot but could never find it. Well, good news for you, it exists. Little Guilin or Xiao Guillin looks vaguely similar to that of a Granite rock sitting within a lake (Guilin in Chinese). As it turns out, it was created from a disused granite quarry. The park is so beautiful and some might say it doesn’t look like Singapore at all. It is a 5-minute walk from Bukit Gombak MRT.

As with most places in Singapore, once you have a good background, it always will be fenced up. This quarry is no different. They place this low lying barricade which need you to be creative with your shots. But it’s a small price to pay when you can get that kind of scenery for your Pre Wedding shots.


Tanjong Pagar Office Area

Photo by Just Married Films
Photo by Just Married Films

When presented with this Pre Wedding Shoot location, we were quite skeptical. An office area can get you beautiful photos?

Well, it’s really up to the photographer to see those pockets and composition. For you to really make use of this spot, you have to go there when most office people are not at their offices. That means waking up really early at 7 am. Buildings can be used to make the best shadow casters. Touring around this area, you’ll be surprised to find unique spots for your Pre Wedding shoot photos. Do check out our Pre Wedding work of Shawn and Charmaine at Tanjong Pagar Office Area.


Tiong Bahru Alleys

Photo by Just Married Films
Photo by Just Married Films

This spot is a popular one among photographers. This area gives off a hipster vibe. You’ll find that you can be transported back to the 1980’s. The shophouses and alleyways make for great photo shots. You have to do some exploring by yourself as this area can be huge. Stairways are great for those hipster shot vibes. You’ll find the occasional trees and old low rise flats which can give off a nice laid back photo. A good section to start off with is at Tiong Bahru Food Centre. From there, it can be your point of exploration. Have fun on this journey.


Dakota Crescent

Photo by Just Married Films
Photo by Just Married Films

This is Singapore’s oldest housing estates built. These low-rise flats were initially built by the government to help in the growing population crisis. Now, this estate is abandoned with over 600 units.

Our first impressions were “Alright this is cool”. But as we headed in Dakota Cresent, we found out that all the corridors were locked and were dilapidated. This meant, you can’t go to any floors at all. If you dare to explore further in, it smelt of urine at some bottom units. But fear not, if you want some great old nolstalgic photo shots, this makes for a great Photoshoot location. Since it’s abandoned, you’ll be able to shoot wide landscape shots of abandoned buildings.


Punggol Waterway Bridge

Photo by Just Married Films

This location is very near the Punggol Settlement leading to our top favourite spot, Coney Island. This can be your pit stop before that. It is like most park connectors. The park has 4 different themes: Nature Cove, Recreation Zone, Heritage Zone and Green Gallery. You can pop by these four areas to get a variety of shots.


The Visual Space

Photo by Just Married Films

If you’re ever tired of all these outdoor spaces, look no further. You can rent a studio space and do your shoot in an enclosed environment. This photo was taken in The Visual Space. There, they provide you with the essential lighting equipment. Lightboxes, strobes. You can be creative in your shots and post-edit them. This photo has not been edited yet but looks great and makes for very easy post-editing.

{"id":1,"title":"The Visual Space","default":true,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/www.justmarriedfilms.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/04\/Visual-Space-scaled.jpg","width":2560},"position":{"yaw":0,"pitch":0,"fov":1.4283812212446152}}


The White Space

Photo by Just Married Films

If you are looking for an indoor studio with character, you can try The White Space. It’s different from The Visual Space, that it has a built-in window drop to give a rustic clean look. They are slightly pricier than the Visual Space, but it certainly is an option to consider.

{"id":1,"title":"The White Space","default":true,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/www.justmarriedfilms.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/04\/The-white-Space-scaled.jpg","width":2560},"position":{"yaw":-2.471691333900729,"pitch":0.4497805648775355,"fov":1.4283812212446152}}


Primary / Secondary School

Photo by Just Married Films
Photo by Just Married Films

If you run out of space or ideas for your Pre Wedding photoshoot, you can go back to your memories of how you met. For Shawn & Charmaine, we went back to their Primary School where they first met. It’s amazing what you can do within the premises of the school. Of course, you have to make arrangements with the school to get the proper permissions. But if you do, your Pre Wedding shoot photos will serve as a memory for you down the road.


Photo by Just Married Films


Seletar Aerospace Park

Photo by Just Married Films

This space requires permission to enter and take Pre Wedding photos. Aside from the hefty amount, this still makes for an awesome backdrop especially if you’re into flying or have a deep interest in Airplanes. You’ll be able to get help to position the planes to where you need. It almost feels like you’re ina movie set and the world is your oyster.


NTU Campus

Photo by Just Married Films

We love NTU campus grounds.


Fullerton Hotel Cavenagh Bridge

Photo by Just Married Films

Located near The Fullerton Hotel, you’ll find this amazing bridge. Here is a popular place to take some nice photo shots. If you’re wearing a wedding gown and suit, you’ll always be greeted with ‘Congratulations’ among foreign travellers. This is a popular tourist spot and as such can be filled with people. You’ll have to time your shots to get a clear non-polluted photo.

Photo by Just Married Films


Marina Bay Cruise Centre

Photo by Just Married Films

We have here the best Car Park to take your Pre Wedding shoot photos. Marina Bay Cruise Centre Car Park houses the best roof-top. The exterior of this place is fantastic provided that the space you shoot at doesn’t have lots of cars parked. This is subjected to a lot of luck. As long as there are some cars parked at certain lots, your photos are ruined. Apart from that, you must be on high alert on Security Guards. The Car Park is equipped with the highest security system and you’ll only be limited by a few shots. Some couples report 10 minutes before Security Guards chased them out. But for us, the images turned out fantastic and we couldn’t be more pleased.


Portsdown Road

Portsdown Road
Photo by Just Married Films

This location is a residential area. When we were around this area to shoot, we were greeted by a security guard. As it turns out, it’s perfectly alright to shoot around the houses. But at Portsdown Road, there is a famous Portsdown Water Tank. This Structure is one of the unique landmarks among photographers and makes for a great backdrop to your photos. However, this Water Tank is old and not maintained very well and as such if you stay there too long, you’ll be faced with our situation as well- A Security Guard asking you to stop shooting.

Apart from this infrastructure, you’ll be able to shoot the nice hipster houses along the roadside.

Address: 4 Woking Road, Singapore 138688

Gillman Barracks

Photo by Just Married Films

Gilman Barracks is a hub for artists and like-minded people to come together. This whole stretch of road is filled with art galleries. Pop by any of these galleries to be inspired and at the same time,

Photo by Just Married Films

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/VrLDGDTVK1g8yP7WA

People’s Park Complex

Photo by Just Married Films

This location is hard to miss. The magnitude of yellow-painted flats gives a visual delight to the eyes.


Kampong Lorong Buangkok

Photo by Just Married Films

The last remaining surviving village in Singapore, Kampong Lorong Buangkok is right in the centre of modern buildings. This is the only place in which you’ll be able to get kampong laid back shots. From the houses and the walkways, you are transported back in time. But then again, you might be too young to know what kampongs are. The place is filled with mosquitoes so please remember to bring your insect repellents.


Koon Seng Road

Photo by Just Married Films

Located somewhere near the east coast road. These series of shophouses makes for a unique backdrop to your Pre Wedding photos.



Photo by Just Married Films

This is the first residential high rise flat we are recommending. This public housing flat won two design awards and has the world’s longest sky gardens. This is a public place but at the same time, we’re talking about a place where people stay. There are 2 sky bridges at the Pinnacle@Duxton on the 26th and 50th Storey. These are fantastic spots to conduct your shoots.


 The Great Madras

Photo by Just Married Films
Madras Pre Wedding Shoot location
Photo by Just Married Films

Great Madras is a hotel located in Little India. If you’re a fan of The Grand Budapest, you’ll be delighted to have your Pre Wedding photos taken here. Unfortunately, what most people won’t tell you is that this place is small. You have to get creative with your shots and maximise every inch. of the place as it really is an out of a world experience.



Photo by Just Married Films

The historic building located in the heart of City Hall. This chapel makes it for a great Pre Wedding shoot spot. There’s staircases to use and walkways to go by. If you’re wearing a Wedding Gown, this is just the place you need to pair with your venue. The chapel boasts a slick white colonial layout, which makes it just exquisite for your Pre Wedding photos.


Changi Airport

Changi AIrport Pre Wedding Shoot location
Photo by Just Married Films

Changi Airport has always been the place to do some studying for your ‘O’ Levels. But, now it’s also a spot to do some Pre Wedding photoshoots. You can tour around Terminal 1,2, and 3 to explore the different elements present and amount of space to use in your shots.


Little India

Little India Pre Wedding Shoot location
Photo by Just Married Films

If you’re in Little India, you can be dazzled with the countless number of temples and hidden alleys. Be mesmerized by the sights, smell, sounds and colours. What’s more, you can use this time to do some grocery shopping too.


Macritchie Reservoir


Toa Payoh’s Dragon Sand Playground

The Dragon Playground is one of the most loved landmarks in Singapore designed by Mr Khor Ean Ghee. This is the only remaining one with the sandpit and definitely brings nostalgic experiences.


Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay Spans across over 101 hectares of Singapore and is near Marina Reservoir. You can be sure to spend hours here for your Pre Wedding shoot.


Marina Barrage


Old Bukit Timah Railway Tracks


Henderson Waves


Changi Broadwalk

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/3t6yvGuBEiWE5N9p6

Punggol Lalang Fields

Unfortunately, this location is under renovations.

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/8hEeUP7nAWHZCmMf6

Bukit Timah Saddle Club


Arab Street

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/EWRxo8TFjd4vgXRCA

Haji Lane


Helix Bridge


Alkaff Mansion


Kent Ridge Park


Dempsey Hill




Temasek Polytechnic


Here is the list of over 50 best unique Pre Wedding Shoot locations in Singapore coming from a Pre Wedding Photoshoot.


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