Guide to choosing FengShui Master for your wedding

In the study of Chinese Metaphysics, annual elemental cycles are believed to have an influence upon events and our actions. If you are planning an important event like a wedding, it is best to host on an auspicious date and timing to foster smooth sailing in your future endeavors.


What to look out for in the FengShui Master

  • Experience

With more experience and practices, the more accurate and trustworthy the Feng Shui master is. Your wedding is a significant milestone in your life, and you wouldn’t want to trust in an inexperienced Feng Shui master. Other than the years of experience, check out the experience they have in – whether they specialise in business Feng Shui or auspicious wedding date selection.

  • Qualifications

There are many self-claimed ‘Feng Shui masters’ out there that only learnt Feng Shui techniques and knowledge through reading books and research. However, true Feng Shui masters are those that have received impartations through proper Feng Shui masters. Therefore, it is important to read up on the Feng Shui master’s background and biography beforehand to make sure that he/she is an authentic Feng Shui master.

  • Testimony

The best way to know the capability of the Feng Shui master is through experiencing it. Testimonies from past clients can help you to understand the ability and accuracy of the Feng Shui master. The theories and procedures of Feng Shui can be quite confusing for non-practitioners, and therefore it is important to find a Feng Shui master that is patient to provide clear and thorough explanations to you during the consultation.


FengShui Masters

Adelina Pang from Fengshui Consultancy

With 25 years of experience in this industry since 1995, Adelina Pang is one of Singapore’s more established Feng Shui masters. Adelina’s talent in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology has been recognised by numerous big shot corporate companies and organisations in Singapore such as American Express, Canon, Philips, Challenger, Asia Malls, Singapore Airlines, and many more. Adelina’s boasts an extensive portfolio with a range of projects from private homes to mega shopping malls, from reputable entrepreneurs to celebrities and even worldwide services.

Adelina started her journey in Feng Shui as a mum seeking alternative and more wholesome means of improving her elder daughter’s health. This sparked a passion in Adeline where she ventured deeper into the ways and knowledge of Feng Shui and was trained by several well-known Feng Shui masters in Singapore and across Asia. Adeline’s authentic methods of Feng Shui apply the original concepts of positive and negative Qi, where harnessing positive energy in your workplace/homes can help improve the atmosphere.

With her exceptional skills and expertise, Adeline has received much awards and accolades in Singapore, which includes:

  • Asia Pacific Women of Substance Award 2014
  • Producer and Host for Authentic Feng Shui for Modern Living documentary
  • Appeared in BBC News, Channel News Asia, MediaCorp 5
  • Appeared on Straits Times, Lian He Wan Bao and Business Times
  • Founding Committee Member of the International Feng Shui Association and panel speaker (2004 – 2005)

Known for her friendly and easygoing personality yet professional and focused, you can be assured to feel comfortable with Adeline. With many positive reviews complimenting her accuracy in Feng Shui, you are guaranteed a pleasant and satisfying experience with her.

Website: adelinapang.com

Contact Number: +65 6430 6766

Email: enquiry@adelinapang.com

Address: The Penthouse #44-01, Suntec Tower One, 7 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038987


Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong from Way Feng Shui Group

Grand Master Tan inherited his forefathers’ expertise at the age of 30 and founded Way Chinese Geomancy Centre in 1984. With more than 30 years in this field, GM Tan is a well recognised Feng Shui master in Singapore and a veteren in geomancy studies. Since 2004, GM Tan has been representing Singapore in the International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) and was the first Feng Shui practitioner in Singapore to be awarded the prestigious title “Feng Shui Grand Master” in 2008.

With his wealth of knowledge, Grand Master Tan also hopes to share his insights through many of his publications such as Light of Liu Li, Hottest Feng Shui Tips for Your Home, The Secrets of the Five Dragons and Hottest Destiny Tips for Your Life so on. 

You can check out this video on the 2020 Zodiac forecast by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong..

In 1999, GM Tan received the Public Service Medal (PSM) by ex-President S.R. Nathan

Website: https://www.wayfengshui.com/

Contact Number: +65 6338 3800

Email: enquiry@wayfengshui.com

Address: Fu Lu Shou Complex, 149 Rochor Road #02-11, Singapore 188425


Hui Master

Master Hui was introduced to Feng Shui at a very young age when his father used to bring him around during his clients’ consultations. Even in the early stage, Master Hui displayed much potential and intelligence towards the principles of Feng Shui, and became a renunciant practitioner in Thailand at just the age of 9. Master Hui also learnt from many other masters and is proficient in subjects such as Buddhist doctrine, metaphysics, Bazi, Feng Shui, Numerology and the study of Chinese names. 

One of Master Hui’s beliefs is that while applying Feng Shui remedies can help improve one’s fate, the person would also need to make changes in his life. He believes that when one is kind and does good deeds, one would also be rewarded with good things. 

Master Hui is famous and highly regarded amongst celebrities. His popularity rose because his Feng Shui remedies helped one of MediaCorp artiste, Hui Ge, which there was a huge improvement in his career life. By word of mouth, many other celebrities such as Shaun Chen, Joey Swee, Yvonne Lim and Edmund Chen have sought Master Hui for his wisdom and knowledge. 

Master Hui’s insights can also be frequently found on magazines and newspapers, including daily Zodiac and money luck segment for Lianhe Wanbao, Feng Shui educational segment for Shin Min Daily, and weekly Zodiac and Feng Shui educational section for You-Weekly. 

Master Hui is known for his ability to explain profound Feng Shui and Bazi theories in simple terms, which allow his clients to understand easily. With over 20 years of consultancy  experience, Master Hui has received much support and compliments from his past clients for his friendly and sincere personality. You can check out some of Master Hui’s videos on his YouTube channel. 

Website: www.huimaster.com.sg

Contact Number: +65 6348 8888 / +65 6345 1928

Address: Blk 82 Marine Parade Central #01-604 Singapore 440082 (Head Office)


Joey Yap Consulting Group

Joey Yap was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and studied in Australia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Since young, Joey has been curious about abstract sciences and the principles of the universe, and can be found reading books on classical Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics. Despite much discouragement from people around him, Joey continued to pursue his passion and became a self-made millionaire at the age of 26 by being a Feng Shui consultant. In 2014, Joey was awarded as one of the Inspiring Top 10 Young Malaysian Millionaires by RHA Media.

Joey Yap also has over 18 years of experience as an International speaker, giving talks and seminars on Chinese Metaphysics across the globe, including France, Germany, Canada, Italy, South Africa and Thailand. 

In hope to help others in understanding and pursuing their passion in this field, Joey Yap has founded The Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics which has seen over 700,000 graduates from more than 37 countries around the world. A prolific author, Joey Yap boasts more than 182 books in his list, earning him The Merit Award from the Asean Book Publishers Association.

Joey is known to be patient to give clear understanding and advice on Feng Shui practices. You can check out his video where he explains what Bazi is about.

Website: joeyyap.com

Contact Number: +65 6208 8999

Email: info@joeyyap.com

Address: 60 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square #13-29 Singapore, 409051


Kevin Foong Consultancy Group

Master Kevin Foong is one of the most sought-after Feng Shui masters globally. Master Kevin Foong holds a strong international presence with experience as an International Speaker for more than 18 countries. Master Kevin Foong developed his interest in Chinese Metaphysics, Western Astrology and Numerology from a young age, and was trained under several masters around the world, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and India. 

Master Kevin Foong’s talent and broad knowledge in this field has been recognised by numerous publications such as The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, AsiaOne and The Business Times. He has also received many awards such as Midas Touch Enterprise Gold Award in 2013, Singapore Outstanding Enterprise in 2013 and Asia Pacific Brand Award in 2014. Master Kevin Foong boasts a comprehensive portfolio with reputation brands such as Maybank, Singtel, Ikea, ELLE Singapore, HSBC, Resort World and many more.

Master Kevin Foong is known to give accurate Bazi readings that can predict events and help make important life decisions. Countless satisfied clients have also praised his sincerity to be patient in giving professional advice during his consultations and doesn’t hardsell his clients to purchase any Feng Shui products. You can drop by Master Kevin Foong’s YouTube channel where he has some videos giving detailed explanations and profound insights on Bazi.

Website: www.kevinfoongcg.com

Facebook: @kevinfoongFS

Contact Number: +65 8700 8988

Email: info@kevinfoongcg.com

Address: Level 39, Marina Bay Financial Centre, 10 Marina Blvd, Tower 2, Singapore 018983


Lester Tan from Destiny Asia Global Consultancy

Holding an Honours Degree in Real Estate from the National University of Singapore, Lester Tan is the Senior Consultant in Chinese wedding date selection. Specialising in wedding date selection and also trained in Bazi, many couples seek advice from Lester before their wedding day.

Website: www.masterfengshui.com

Contact Number: 98367144

Email: academy@destinyasia.com.sg

Address: 12 Arumugam Road, LTC Building B, #06-01A, Singapore 409958


Master Adrian Lo from Juxian Geomancy Consultancy

With more than 15 years of experience in geomancy since 2004, Master Adrian Lo is known for adopting both modern and traditional approaches. Master Adrian Lo’s interest in metaphysics since young has led him to research and study in this field and was also trained under a reputable Hong Kong master. 

Master Adrian Lo’s wealth of knowledge and accuracy has impressed countless clients, resulting in many returning clients and new clients by word of mouth. With his approachable and genuine personality, it is no wonder that Master Adrian is so popular and is usually fully booked. 

Website: www.juxuanfengshui.com

Contact Number: +65 9829 9315

Email: sales@juxuanfengshui.com

Address: 1 Scotts Road, #24-10, Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208


Master Chen Yuan from Feng Shui Audit Consultancy

Master Chen Yuan has spent years studying Feng Shui theories in China, and attained the Certificate of Completion from School of Philosophy in Shanghai Fudan University.

Master Chen Yuan specialises in auspicious wedding dates selection, which many couples choose to engage his services. Master Chen Yuan is able to provide 3 years worth of auspicious dates which can provide much flexibility and convenience for your wedding preparations. Many other consulting firms use a simplified method of Tong Shu to derive auspicious dates which are not suitable for individual’s life events such as wedding dates. However Master Chen Yuan prides himself with his traditional method that uses both the Twelve Day Deities and 28 Stars arrangement, in addition to his understanding of the couple’s interaction, to obtain more accurate and personalised dates that are unique to you only.

Feng Shui Audit also offers an online Auspicious Date Report priced at only $88 where you can easily receive the auspicious dates and time for all your wedding preparations including nuptial bed setting, betrothal ceremony and actual wedding day. All you need to do is simply fill up the form with the necessary information, and you can get the results in 3 days.

Website: https://www.fengshuiaudit.com/

Contact Number: 

Email: admin@fengshuiaudit.com


Master David Tong from Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting

The founder and principal consultant of Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting, Master David Fong’s passion in Feng Shui started at a young age which led him to study under some reputable Classical Feng Shui masters in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries. Master David Tong had the opportunity to study under the direct lineage of Tan Yang Wu’s School of San Yuan Feng Shui, where he received the impartation of authentic Feng Shui techniques.

Master David Tong is also a well-known and highly sought-after Feng Shui master for Chinese auspicious wedding dates selection, where he has helped advise thousands of couples. He even has a dedicated website where he can share correct information on wedding superstitions and customs. His talent and wealth of knowledge in this aspect has led him to receive The Wedding Accolade 2013 Award as the Best Wedding Geomancer. 

Master David Tong uses both Tong Shu and Bazi to ensure an accurate reading for the auspicious date, as just solely using Tong Shu may result in a general date that clashes with you or your parent’s Bazi Destiny Chart. Master David Tong even offers 3 different wedding dates packages that each come with a ‘Chinese Wedding Customs and Traditions’ guide.

Eternity Wedding Package

Wedding Packages

Online Overseas Wedding Dates

Website: chineseweddingdates.com

Contact Number: +65 9829 9670

Email: david@cmgconsulting.com.sg


Master Jeff Lo from Loshi Feng Shui

Master Jeff started at a young age by studying numerous Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics books during his teenage years. He began mastering fundamental philosophies from a reputable Feng Shui master when he was 19, and further sought profound knowledge from a well-known Feng Shui master in Hong Kong. With more than 15 years of experience in this field, Master Jeff has provided countless analyses for different kinds of clients. 

Master Jeff has received many positive reviews with his friendly and accommodating personality that will make you feel comfortable around him, patient to provide clear explanation to profound theories.

Consultation Fees: Selection of Auspicious Date ($188), Bazi Analysis ($288)

Website: www.loshifengshui.net

Contact Number: +65 6226 1700 | +65 8128 8858

Email: info@loshifengshui.net

Address: Block 32 New Market Road, #03-1034, Singapore 050032


Master Jo Ching from Destiny Asia Global Consultancy

Website: www.masterfengshui.com

Contact Number: 98367144

Email: academy@destinyasia.com.sg

Address: 12 Arumugam Road, LTC Building B, #06-01A, Singapore 409958


Master Lee Yuhon

One of the veteran Feng Shui masters in Singapore, Master Lee Yuhon carries a wealth of knowledge and experience in this industry. Having experienced several mysteries during his teenage years, he began studying Metaphysics and discovered his interest in Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui mastery.

Consultation Fees: Auspicious Wedding Date Selection ($138) which includes ROM and banquet date, bed setting date, gift exchange date and timing to fetch bride and tea ceremony.

Website: www.leeyuhon.com

Contact Number: 9002 2877

Email: enquiry@fengshuipoint.com


Master Long Tian Xiang

Master Long is a reputable Feng Shui master in Singapore and is highly sought-after amongst couples for auspicious wedding dates. Though he seems unapproachable at the start, many couples find him to be very fatherly in nature. Master Long is able to come up with 3 years worth of auspicious dates using both Bazi and Tong Shu calculation. He also makes sure to explain every procedure thoroughly and clearly.

Consultation Fees: $120

Contact Number: 9067-5008

Address: 31 Pinewood grove Singapore 738263