Guide to Colour Themes for Bridesmaids Dresses

Throughout your whole planning process for your wedding up till the actual day itself, your bridesmaids have been there with you to ensure you can worry less and focus on being the princess on your big day. They are also girlfriends and sisters that have been with you through various stages of your life. For such important people, picking the colours for their bridesmaids dress can be daunting. 

Everyone has different colours that will look flattering on them. With such a diverse group of bridesmaids, it’s recommended to stick with a colour that can bring out the best of every kind of body shape and complexion present. 

Another decision to make is whether you want all of your bridesmaids to wear the exact same dress with the exact same embellishments and dress types or for each of them to wear something slightly different but still with a consistent theme. From then on, you will also need to consider the fabric and get the measurements of all your bridesmaids. 

Generally, the colours you choose should complement your own wedding dress and the theme of your wedding. To give you a better idea of how to select the colours, here are 20 popular options for you to browse through. 

Sky Blue

Blue is undeniably one of the most appealing and soothing colours to many. It was even selected as the World’s Favorite Color for its calming qualities. The soft tones complement white beautifully to give off a natural vibe. This colour will shine its best if you’re having an outdoor wedding. While posing for photos with your bridesmaids against an outdoor setting or nature, the photos created will be extremely serene and pleasing to look at.

Navy Blue

 Another shade of blue that is widely popular is navy blue. Navy blue carries an air of confidence and sophistication. As a colour that is commonly associated with the police and military, it also symbolises a united group. This dark shade can also make your wedding seem more formal and classy. As a colour that’s considered of a dark midnight shade, it is also one that can flatter most body shapes.



Pink is a delicate colour usually associated with princesses for its feminine and romantic qualities. It is also a nurturing one that represents love and affection. For weddings that are celebratory occasions of an everlasting love, pink is definitely a popular one to choose from. From dusty pinks to brighter shades, they are all lovely shades to bring out the natural beauty in every bridesmaid. 

Darker shades of pink may be overpowering for some but it all depends on each individual. They can also present a striking appearance with them.


A harmonious mix of blue and green, mint is a refreshing and inviting one combining both soothing elements of its counterparts. It is a colour full of life and can make your bridesmaids look extra radiant. It is also the brand colour of the luxurious jewelry brand, Tiffany & Co. that is popular amongst all females. Hence, there is also a hint of elegance in the colour mint.

Emerald Green

As a gem, emerald is a stone that embodies the spirit of unity and unconditional love. Emerald green also appears to be a luxurious and royal colour. Its hue is also one that is universally flattering and is hence a popular choice among bridesmaids all around the world. They also make for a stunning contrast against the bride’s pure white gown. The simplicity yet richness of this colour make it one that your bridesmaids can easily re-wear for another dinner or event in the future.

Buttercream Yellow


When we think about yellow, we think about sunshine and positivity. As a paler shade of the bright yellow we’re familiar to, it still carries the same message of hope and happiness. 

However, it can be a tricky colour to deal with. As Asians with a higher possibility of yellow undertones in our complexion, yellow might be colours we are used to avoiding. This is a concept that is not true! A good yellow can counterbalance some of your skin tones to bring out a healthy glow to your face. To counter any remaining doubts, you can also choose to add a few embellishments of other colours on these buttercream dresses to create a contrasting look. But for such a joyous occasion, why not infuse some of that joy through the colours of your bridesmaids dresses?

Lemon Yellow

After dealing with the lighter shade of buttercream yellow above, it might be even more daunting to see a brighter one like lemon yellow. However, from the reference pictures, the bridesmaids give radiant smiles that are further amplified by the bright yellow dresses. 

Symbolising optimism and freshness, lemon yellow can greatly spice up your wedding as a colour that is not as popular. The colour pops and is sure to brighten up the whole mood and tone of your wedding. As a preppy Summer-themed colour, this would be a great colour to go with if you’re having a garden wedding.

Burgundy / Wine Red

A deep reddish-brown shade inspired by wine, it is one that is usually associated with those from a higher class. As compared to bright red which may be too overpowering, this rich hue is seen as one that is adequately powerful and refined. 

This would be a brilliant colour for those having evening banquets. Satin can be a good fabric to select to bring out the full elegance of such a colour. Longer dresses can also look more flattering especially since it’s such an amazing colour made for slow dances.


Royal Purple

Like the name suggests, royal purple is one that is linked to the ideas of royalty and wealth. This dark shade also looks appealing on almost every body shape and complexion. To match the majestic symbolism of this colour, it would look amazing against a backdrop of rustic and dignified architecture like those of a church.

Soft Lilac

For those who want to go for a lighter shade of purple, soft lilac is an excellent choice. Light purple hues represent delicacy with hints of romance and nostalgia. They are also soft on the eyes and can induce a pleasing atmosphere.



For a colour that’s so similar looking to white, it might seem like a weird choice for bridesmaids’ dresses when the bride should be the center of attention. This neutral colour offers both the warmth of brown and the coolness of the colour white. As a perfect balance, these dresses can also allow the bride to shine while looking elegant themselves.



Although looked at as a dull and boring colour, grey is a timeless and conventional one that can symbolise elegance. It is also perfect for couples who are going for a more classic and minimalist theme. The grey is also a captivating contrast from the white of the bride’s gown.



Black is one of the easiest colours to wear for everyone regardless of body shape and complexion. It can complement almost every other colour and brings a certain aura to every bridesmaids. They will be sure to look chic and elegant all donned in black.

Some brides may be concerned that black is too solemn or dark for weddings. However, there’s nothing as classic and timeless as black bridesmaid dresses. To balance out the solemnness, you can also add simple sequins or lace details. Choosing a black dress also guarantees that your sisters can wear their dress again for any other occasion.



If you can’t choose a single colour or just to insert fun and energy by choosing mismatched bridesmaid dresses, colours of the rainbow is a great option. Each bridesmaid gets to choose a colour that flatters them while still looking united as an ensemble. After each bridesmaid has gotten a paint swatch of their colour, they can also pick out a dress cut that accentuates their body shape. Furthermore, rainbows are also seen as a sign of luck and hope.



 Two-tone can refer to dressing your bridesmaids in two different shades of a colour. For instance, instead of having everyone wear the exact same shade of blue. They can be split into 2 equal groups with one wearing a darker shade while the other wears a lighter shade. This is great for those that want an extra element of individuality and depth.

Two-tone can also refer to having two colours on one bridesmaid dress. Like those in the examples, the top is of a colour that is lighter or white while the bottom is the similar shade of another darker colour. Such a colour combination also creates a form of unity between the bride and her bridesmaids. It is also an easy colour to re-wear for other functions.


Assorted Pastels

 Pastel colours evoke relaxation with their strong affiliation to spring and flowers. They include colours like baby blue, lilac, buttercream yellow, dusty pink and mint. With such a wide range of colours while still sticking to a distinct theme, it allows bridesmaids to pick the colour that best suits their own complexion and figure. Since they can choose their own favourite colour, it also allows them to easily find another occasion to re-wear the gown in the future.

Being less saturated than their primary colours, they feel light and calming. Being such earthy colours, they are perfect for couples who are having outdoor or garden weddings.


Warm Tones

Warm tones like gold, red, orange and brown resemble the colour palette of autumn. They are the colours of fall leaves, sunsets and generally represent passion and joy. For couples having a bohemian wedding, this is a colour scheme that can enhance your theme well. They are vibrant without stealing the limelight away from the bride. 

With charming rust hues inspired by the fall season, they would look best against a backdrop of nature or rustic architectural structures. These bohemian-style dresses are also trendy enough to be worn in everyday wear.


Jewel Tone

Jewel tone refers to any deep and vivid colours that are similar to that of gemstones. They include ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple among others. They are radiant and usually best worn with winter and stormy weathers. With a wide variety of colours to choose from, they still come together in a balanced look because these gem-stone inspired hues all share cool undertones.


Flowery Prints

Flowers are often used as a romantic gesture between couples. Hence, it can represent love, hope and love. You can choose to put your bridesmaids in all similar flowery prints or let them choose their own flowery dresses. Since they all have the common theme of flowers, they will not look messy or disorganised while standing together. These floral prints would look truly lovely for garden weddings.

Tropical Prints

Tropical prints are best suited for those having a destination or beach wedding. Beside the natural backdrop of an island, these palm leaf designs and earthy tones will create a beautiful picture. Usually in soft colours like peach, sky blue or mint, it also allows your bridesmaids to wear their dresses in their everyday life.