Top 5 Great ideas to boost up your Wedding Energy

It is always a tough notch to get everyone involved and occupied during a wedding as couples scratched their heads, fussing on the best crowd-pleaser wedding itineraries. The best of both worlds would be one that both leaves a long-lasting impact on both the newly-wed as well as the guests and the keyword to do so is ENERGY. You gotta keep the guests’ energy pumped up to get hyped the whole day and end the night with a blast. 

, Top 5 Great ideas to boost up your Wedding Energy

With that, there’s no better way to achieve that than to follow our short but sweet 5 pointers list here! 


Great Entertainment = Great Vibe 

Entertainment, such as band performance, having the groom or bride to perform a quirky dance can be great value-added activities to invite positive energy and humour within the audience. 


Band Performance 

For band performances, keep in mind to stay relevant towards the wedding theme as well as the general taste of the guests – if your guests are mostly elders, you can’t possibly bring in a band that only plays pop songs! 

, Top 5 Great ideas to boost up your Wedding Energy


One great idea is to let your guests participate in song choices by opening the floor to their favourite song choices beforehand and having a professional band to play them. This will definitely be a great intermission entertainment while you and your partner change costumes. 


Bride and Groom Performance 

, Top 5 Great ideas to boost up your Wedding Energy


Bride and Groom Dance Performances are always the best and most entertaining! Especially if one party can’t really do a certain skill well ( e.g dancing) but still danced anyway- that will show a lot of sincerity as well as excitement within the crowd. 

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The Shoe Game 


, Top 5 Great ideas to boost up your Wedding Energy

One great game to play between the newly-wedded would be the Shoe Game – it is simply a game of “ who fits the question better”. The couple will sit back to back, each holding one of your own shoes and one of your partners’ shoes and both parties will answer a series of silly questions of which partner is better at “question” by raising his/her own shoe or the partner’s shoe. 


This game is a really fun activity for the couple as well as the most hilarious thing ever to get everyone laughing to tears. 



Get the Guests Involved 


One way to let the guests feel welcomed and not-bored is to actually involve them in the itinerary itself!  Weddings are the perfect occasion to bring all the friends and relatives you have together to know each other. Have the guests play tabletop ice breakers such as Wedding Bingo to roam around and attempt completing their bingo as fast as possible for a prize. 



Other games to get your guests to put on their thinking caps would be “ How well do you know the bride and groom” or Crossword puzzles. You can either find quiz templates anywhere online or even make and design your own unique quiz questions! 


Whip up Interactive Stations 


Okay, this might be a little more costly and time-consuming to plan, but this idea is hands-down, the crowd-winner of the whole event! Interactive stations let your guests get into their creativity and make their own items, like food and door gifts hands-on. 


Have a Quirky Photo-Booth! 


What’s a wedding without a photo-booth? Design your own photo-booth theme and back-drop and give your guests a great time dressing up and posing their best look. 


Provide your guests with all the props you can possibly think of to create those fun costumes and wedding memories. 


Make-your-own Food and Door Gift! 

, Top 5 Great ideas to boost up your Wedding Energy

When it comes to making a gift or food, this section might require additional help or manpower to look after the stations and also aid the guests to complete their personal product. 


Some ideas of interactive food stations would be like donuts-making, make your own tacos stations. 


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Well-wishes/ Advice Board 

, Top 5 Great ideas to boost up your Wedding Energy

Instead of having a guest book, change it up into a well-wishes or a wedding advice set-up! Prepare items like cork boards ( or alternatives like clip hangers), cute papers or post-it notes and stationery for guests to decorate their well-wishes and pin it up on the boards.