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Wedding Feng Shui 101 Hacks

Is Chinese Wedding Feng Shui really necessary for a Wedding?

So you just got engaged and you’re planning on your wedding banquet. First of all, you have to do is to choose a wedding date. Believing in Chinese fengshui or geomancy can sound a little too fancy.

In this article we hope to give you some insights on what to expect from a Feng Shui expert and whether the $100-$200 you’re chalking out is really worth it.

Some may refer it to Chinese Geomancy or Fengshui. It’s all the same where it uses energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment. Well, it is understandable that not everyone take Feng Shui as a matter-of-fact reasoning to arrange a wedding date, but of course there’s no harm in doing that if it makes you feel at ease and your family satisfied with the calculation.

We did a video with Wedding Expert: Jacelyn Phang from Yuan Zhong Siu to help guide you in Wedding Feng Shui 

1. Selecting your Auspicious Date 

, Wedding Feng Shui 101 Hacks

Couples often refer to this book called the  Tong Shu (通书), which is a Chinese almanac used to locate their auspicious date. According to your Chinese zodiac sign, the Tong Shu will use the Chinese Lunar Calendar to find the most auspicious times to engage in various activities. 

The Tong Shu is commonly used because it is self-help and generic as well, thus reducing the complexities of finding that one auspicious date. 

Usually, for auspicious dates, even-numbered months are popular, namely February, June, October and December. People will especially avoid the 7th lunar month. 


2. Ba Zi Compatibility 

However, if you want to be sure of your auspicious date and timing, you can always approach a Feng Shui master/expert and they will choose a date by looking at your Ba Zi Compatibility. Ba Zi is essentially an analysis of your birth information, it is also a tool that will give you in-depth information about yourself from a series of calculations.

, Wedding Feng Shui 101 Hacks

Through you and your partner’s Ba Zi compatibility, the Feng Shui master will provide you with an analysis on your strengths, challenges and life opportunities. Ultimately, this will bring the success you desire in the relationship.

Take note

The auspicious date that the Feng Shui master chooses should not clash with the Ba Zi of the 6 most important people in the wedding.

They are the bride and groom, the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents. 


3. Choosing the Right Colours to Wear

After all, Feng Shui is all about harmony and on this important day, wearing auspicious colours can bring you luck and kickstart your marriage with a harmonious beginning. From the colour scheme, you can choose fire elemental colours or bright colours.  Consequently, they will boost luck, prosperity and wealth in your marriage.

Fire elemental colours are purple, pink, yellow, orange and red. 

You can check your specific auspicious colours in accordance with your Chinese zodiac sign as well.

, Wedding Feng Shui 101 Hacks


4. Auspicious Stars and Inauspicious stars 

You can look at the auspicious and inauspicious stars as they play a part in the Chinese Astrology which affect an individual’s fortune. 

, Wedding Feng Shui 101 Hacks
Examples are like the Hong Luan (红鸾) Star that symbolises good luck in love. If there is that star in the year, it determines that it is good to get married in that year.

Avoid inauspicious stars that are lonely, or indicate poor health, such as the Hui Qi (晦气) Star.

5. Tips and Misconceptions on Feng Shui 

Attending other people’s weddings

According to Chinese superstition, you are not allowed to attend another wedding or funeral 100 days before and after your wedding. In doing so, the couple will get bad luck for their own marriage, also known as  喜冲喜 ( a clash of blessings and joy)

However this is not true as attending other people’s weddings has no clash of energy. It is totally fine to attend other celebrations. 

Choosing a nice pairing wedding date

Rhyming or pairing dates such as 20.02.2020 or 18.01.18 are not based on Feng Shui at all!

As a matter of fact, they are just the dates that are chosen by the couple to their own liking. 

Some of these tools below might be useful to help determine your Bazi Compatibility

6. Tools

Website: Chinese astrology


This website helps to calculate your individual Bazi. However, to determine whether your Bazi is compatible with your partner in relation to the wedding date, there might be more variables. For that reason, it’s often best to consult a geomancer or Feng Shui expert to give you a more concise reading. 

App: Bazi Astrology (Android)


App: Bazi Calculator ( IOS)



For apps wise we found both of these to be useful to give insights on your personalities. However, they are limited in usage and do need a subscription to unlock features. For that price, we recommend you might as well go to a Feng Shui Master to get a proper precise reading.


We found that ultimately the cost of $100-$200 seems very insignificant to engage a feng shui master. Besides, it can boost your morality in planning the rest of your wedding when you know from the fengshui master that this date means something.

But approach it with a pinch of salt. Things like morning hours, auspicious hours may need to be taken with a pinch of salt. We found that often the day suffers a lot when the couple stresses too much on the timings given by the Feng Shui Master. All the best in planning your wedding, do leave your comments on experiences with your Feng Shui Master in the comment box below and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel here.