Guide to a Great Church Wedding 



Church Weddings embody that magical, sacred allure, as it provides for an extremely intimate and spiritual ambiance where couples can celebrate with loved ones the moment they become man and wife. However, every detail, from the march in to the handover, followed by the Church’s sermon and lastly the concluding Solemnisation, is intrinsic yet in high regard to ensure that everything is mistake-free.

If you are planning to hold your wedding at the Church, here are some points to take note : 


Before the commencement of Wedding 


Either during the rehearsal, or just minutes before the wedding, do check with the AV Team (your friendly equipment guys) to ensure that there’s an audio output. This step is necessary to make sure that not only the visual, but the audio is fully recorded in their cameras. 


March In 

Bridesmaids → During the walking in of the bridesmaids, make sure that there’s ample space between each bridesmaid so that the videographers and photographers can shoot each of them individually. 


After the last bridesmaid has completed her walk, ensure that the door is closed again and the aisle fully cleared and empty to anticipate the arrival of the beautiful bride and her father. 


Door → For most churches, their doors can be really heavy and two-doors wide. As such, before opening the doors, it is best to have two people behind the doors to assistance its opening while the bride and her father enters. This is to prevent a catastrophe from the doors shutting back onto the duo and blocking their entry. 


Bouquet → As the bride walks down the aisle, there might be a tendency for brides to hold their bouquet too high such that it covers their faces. Avoid doing so, so as to ensure that your face can be captured by the videographers and photographers, as well as seen by the applauding audience. 


During the Handover 

Once the bride and the father walks to the front of the aisle, the groom will be positioned there to receive the bride. Holla at all grooms! – remember to courteously ask the father for the hand first before proceeding to take the bride’s hand so to show sincerity and respect. 



Sometimes the pastor might opt for Chinese translations along to provide a more billiginualistic sermon for the general audience. Our advice for a better transition is to have the English sermon first, followed by the Chinese translation. Alternatively, it can be done back and forth at the same time as well, but do make sure that the English sermon should be said in full sentences, and not phrases then followed by the Chinese translation. This definitely ensures a smooth flow in speaking as well as the understanding of content from the listeners. 


Unveiling of the Bride 

For the grooms, do be careful and gentle when you unveil the bride, as the soft fabric, if carelessly handled, might ruin the bride’s makeup, such as her eyeliner or her long eyelashes. You don’t want to create a mess from such a delicate act! 


Solemnisation (vows) 

Ah, it’s time for the wedding vows. Remember, always have eye-contact with your partner when reciting the vows and when reading your vows, make sure that you don’t block your partner’s head. Also, do not read your vows together at the same time, as the videographers will have a hard time editing the video.