Types of Couple Poses for Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

To have your photos taken as a couple for your pre-wedding photoshoot can be extremely exciting. You get to visit different places, try out different concepts and have your loving moments all photographed to become fond memories to look back on. However, it can also be extremely daunting if you’re not used to posing with your partner in various ways. You may end up looking awkward when all you’re used to is throwing up peace signs when taking a photo. 

To capture a balance between natural and stunning would be perfect for your pre-wedding photography. Pre-wedding photography is also certainly not limited in the poses you can make. Through your pre-wedding photoshoot, all these moments would eventually come together to capture your love story in photographs.

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Body Language during Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Before jumping into the different sections of  couple poses, there is a key idea that can be applied throughout these poses. It is the idea of touch points which refers to how much skinship there is between the couple for the photo. Having more skinship or touch points along the body can result in a more romantic and sensual image while having less or being apart can lead to more whimsical and playful photographs. However, this is just a basic idea and there will definitely be exceptions. 



4 Main Sections of Couple Poses 

While there is no limit to the type of poses you can execute, here are 4 main sections. These couple poses are named based on the positions of the couple’s body parts in relation with the poses. From these wide segments, it can be broken down further to explore different poses. Both traditional and candid poses can evolve from these segments.

V-Up (Hinge)

The V-Up pose is derived when the shoulders of the couple makes a sort of hinge on the back and their bodies are formed in a shape of a V. Their bodies are facing into each other slightly. Their shoulders in the back resemble a door hinge. Your photographer can use words like “open” or “close” to guide you on how close they want you to look like in the pose. 

A popular V-Up pose is to have the couple look at each other lovingly. If it isn’t too awkward, looking at the camera can also be a great pose for all the expressions to be shown explicitly. While gazing at each other with big smiles or laughter, it is a great pose to start with as it’s easy and creates a natural looking photograph. It can help you ease up to the camera too. 


Another alternative is to close your eyes while standing in a V-shape. These photos can give off dreamy and peaceful vibes. It can be fun to experiment with different lighting to create these serene photos.


While V-Up or the hinge is just a guideline to some pre-wedding photoshoot poses, it does not mean that they are only limited to the same few poses for every couple. The location and props utilised can also allow similar poses to create different effects. For instance, a couple smiling at each other against HDB flats can create nostalgia and sentiment. Another couple doing the same pose after playing with paint and bubbles can bring youthful energy to the picture.




Closed poses are when they are facing inwards with their feet pointing towards each other. This couple pose can be especially intimate based on where the distance apart and the touch points between their bodies. One of the most common poses would be to have the couple kissing each other. Being physically chummy is the most evident pose to display the affection and love a couple has for each other. 

Couples can discuss with the photographer beforehand and choose to have such pictures be taken at a spot that holds special meaning to them. This could enhance the meaning behind your wedding photos. If you have no special requests, there are also plenty of different locations and settings to create alluring photos. Even mere silhouettes can create the most enchanting visuals. 


Another possible pose is to embrace each other. Like every other pose, a photograph of a hug can also produce varying emotions depending on the setting. For example, a couple hugging on different sides of the staircase can resemble a love that will endure all obstacles together. Another couple who does so during the golden hour can symbolise a warm and cosy relationship.


These photos differ from each other also due to the differences in each couple’s dynamics. If you’re more an introspective pair, just gazing into each other’s eyes can create a romantic aura unique to you and your partner. If your personalities are more bubbly, standing in a closed pose while letting out loud laughters can also create lively images.


These poses can also be captured via close ups of you and your partner’s faces. While standing in these positions, poke playfully or fondle adoringly at your partner’s faces. These comedic photographs capture the youthfulness and become precious images you can look back on with wistful smiles.


You don’t even need to have your faces inside to achieve a captivating image. Below are some great examples. While photographing merely their silhouettes or hands, the alluring effect is still there.



Open poses are when they are standing with their feet both turned towards the camera. With lesser possible touch points, this pose would be less intimate than a “closed” pose. However, it is best utilised to show off the outfits the couple are wearing. One simple pose you can do is to hold your partner’s hands while smiling at each other or at the camera. With a stunning backdrop behind, this effortless pose creates a beautiful image. 


Another pose to try out would be to fondle with your partner’s facial features. Your photographer may instruct you to just play or poke at your favourite part of their face. It is a pose that is subjective to each couple and can give rise to interesting results. 


To express your distinct characters, there are also quirky poses. Below are some examples to refer to. 


If you’re worried about not being natural enough to pull off these poses, you can start with simple ones below. They involve the couple standing in an open feet position while looking away. The setting sets the tone and mood of the photographs and can help you ease up to being in front of the camera.


Fascinating symmetry can also be created with the locations. You get to try out wacky poses against these interesting backdrops.




Stacked poses occur when one person is standing in front of the other like they’re stacked in a row. One partner will be standing behind and slightly to the side of the other with their feet facing in the same direction. The order of who’s standing in front and behind can both be explored. This is a nurturing and cosy pose as one partner appears to be supportive of the other. Having the groom back hug the bride is a commonly-used pose. Below are 9 examples with the same pose with their own distinct charm and colour.


Doing the opposite with the bride behind the groom also works well. An important point to note is to make sure the subject in the back can still be seen and is not completely blocked by the one in front. By stepping or peeking out slightly more can easily solve this problem. 


A unique pose you can try out is to have your partner cover your eyes like in the pictures shown below. This action adds a sense of mystery and depth to the whole photo.


While being in a ‘stacked’ position, it doesn’t mean the pose has to be rigid too. To add your own distinct style, you can experiment with different actions like the ones below. Their bodies are still ‘stacked’ as a foundation but their movements make the photographs truly personal to them.



Other Couple Poses for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot


Go crazy and bust out your best dance moves! If you’re a bit shy, twirling your bride around can also result in a graceful and elegant shot as her gown flows smoothly along. These poses are some of the best to let your personality show!


Let’s Walk Together

Grab your partner’s hand and walk together. This action looks natural and comfortable which takes away any awkwardness and stiffness. These poses create photographs that symbolise going through the journey of life together for life. Either partner can be in front or you could even walk together at the same pace. It will be good to chit chat while walking and look at each other occasionally to add a sense of affection to the photographs.



Lean On Me

Rest your head on your partner’s shoulders with your eyes closed. While capturing the physical intimacy, it also captures a feeling of nostalgia and is bound to make you reminisce your love story throughout the years. Different elements in the location can also enhance the photo and make your pose truly pop out.



Carrying You 

The ‘jump hug’ is a powerful pose for it captures candid expressions in the moment and there’s also a sense of energy in the photos. These poses can symbolise your promise to uplift your partner throughout your marital life together. 


A back hug or piggy back can be a fun pose to try out too. You may want to try out these poses before the shoot itself to check the strength of the grooms! It would also be a good chance to ensure both faces can be seen in the photographs when attempting these poses. 


Getting the shot of a hug in a whole complete sequence can also be something you’re interested in. Like a full story, it captures the anticipation of a groom with his arms wide open and the emotions afterwards.



Holding Hands

Holding hands might be a familiar habit for you and your partner. But to capture such a mundane daily life habit into your pre-wedding photography also takes some effort. It can be a simple wide shot with the both of you holding hands while looking away.


Your photographer may also choose to go for close-up shots to capture your hands and facial expressions clearly. Intertwine your fingers, kiss your bride’s hand, there’s many possibilities for you to attempt.


For couples who are looking for something slightly more artistic, here are some hand gestures you can imitate.



I Got Your Back

As a married couple, they will be there to support each other and be someone the other can rely on. This pose seeks to encapsulate that meaning in a photo. These photographs will definitely become fond memories for the couple to look back on down the road. 



Lying Together

Similar to the pose in the poster for popular romantic film The Fault in Our Stars, this can be a pose to try out if you’re okay with getting your clothes dirty. As a couple lies down with their heads aligned together, it can symbolise an alignment of their thoughts and feelings to become one in their marriage together.


Other possible poses include lying on top of your partner. This is a physically intimate pose and reflects the attachment between two individuals.





While these are some of the key poses and foundations you can refer to, there is no limit to what kind of couple poses you can have for your pre-wedding photoshoot! It is best to find poses that you and your partner are both comfortable with. The setting and style can also greatly affect the photographs that you’ll get. 

Although it may be good to remember some of these couple poses that you like, you don’t have to worry if you can’t remember all. Your photographer will always be there to guide you along your pre-wedding photoshoot. What’s most important is to enjoy the process so that it will become a memory you can cherish.