How-to: Wedding Photoshoot for Just $10.90

Do it with an Iphone or DSLR.

Hiring a photographer, renting a gown, booking a venue can mount the stacks of bill sky high even before the wedding happens. But as the prudent Singaporean saving up for a BTO, a COE and milk powder, racking up a few thousand dollars for a photoshoot is the last thing on my mind. And so, shoot your entire album of wedding photos for just $9.90. Here’s how:


Step 1: Find a partner. You find already? 

Step 2: Equipment


This part is where all your money goes. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a crazy few thousand dollars investing in a DSLR, professional tripods. Stretch your dollar with basic equipment, and you’ll still end up with great shots, and here’s how. 



It’s always good to have a good camera in hand for a shoot like this, where you document some of the most beautiful moments of your life before moving on to the next stage, hand-in-hand with your partner. 

Aside from the camera, a great addition to have would be a 50mm lens. These lenses come as close as a replication to your eye without breaking your bank account. Lazada offers many options at very affordable prices if you’re thinking of investing in one of these lenses. 

If not, do without one, or tug on one your friendship strings. A friend in need is a friend indeed, no?



Again, Lazada offers a great deal of offers for anyone looking to get a tripod. The cheapest (since we last checked) comes at only $8.90, and is really the only essential you really need to spend on. 



Wireless Trigger Camera

These gadgets come in handy when you’re doing a photoshoot all on your own. Sure, you could skip on this and simply opt for the self-timer function on the camera, but the maximum 10s you’re allowed just doesn’t give you much space to work with. And, you risk ruining that nicely waxed hair with a forehead of sweat running in the sweltering heat. No amount of equipment is going to fix a sweat-stained outfit, or your partner’s grumbling look when you press your dripping forehead against hers. Besides, these wireless trigger cost less than $2 on shoppee




Do take note though, that these wireless triggers are customized by brands. There is not one universal trigger that could work for all cameras, so please make sure you get one that is compatible with your model! 


Step 3: Decide on a theme. Or two, if you like. 


The Nature-lover

Think dreamy lalang fields, bokeh filter, and the sky painted in hues of pink and orange at the golden hour. Think East Coast Park, Coney Island, Singapore Botanic Gardens. Think FREE. 


Aside from cost considerations, you can also take note of the multi-themed variability of the locations selected. Places like East Coast Park is great, with urban landscapes like a skate park, lush green trees to offer a switch up if you’re going for a nature-themed shoot. 


The NYC-wannabe 

Singapore may not be home to the bright neon lights of Times Square, or boast a mesmerizing Manhattan skyline at sunset, but we didn’t grow from a fishing village into a first-world country without a business district of our own. The CBD has its beauty spots, if only one knows the right places to look. 

The urban city-dweller theme is suitable for those of us who do NOT want to stand in the hot sun, tolerating mosquito bites and risking a Dengue fever in an outdoor nature-themed shoot. The CBD offers a contemporary side of things; a true portrayal of the pragmatic city-state we live in, and the towering skyscrapers that hosts much of our 9-5 days. 


The Church 


Churches are magical. Intricately stained glass windows, symmetry and the Cross at the center of it all – everybody loves a beautiful church, whether you’re a regular goer or not. Set against the backdrop of the Singaporean skyline at sunset, these majestic buildings are a popular go-to destination for couples looking to snag a shot or two. 

Step 4: Click away! 

Before you get carried away with all the funky poses you’ve got all planned out in your head, here’s a few tips when snapping pictures on your camera: 

  • Always put your camera on manual focus once you’ve set the focus of your photograph. This ensures that the camera does not adjust its focus even with changes in the frame, such as when you enter the frame for a self-timed shoot.
  • Bright daylight may affect your judgement on the exposure of your picture, so be sure to look into the viewfinder when adjusting exposure. 
  • Always review your photos! You might just find yourself with 100 un-focused photographs or over-exposed shots, and a day’s effort gone down the drain without a proper review after every shot. 
  • Outfit matters! It’d be good if you and your partner could coordinate on matching outfits, or bring along props to go with the theme of the photoshoot that you’ve chosen. Colours add a touch of vibrancy into your lovey-dovey pictures, and you can be sure your friends and relatives would love to see the crazy outfits you pull off together as a couple. 

And… You’re good to go! With these tips, you could find yourself saving up to thousands of dollars, since most photographers charge a couple of hundreds, with rates that go up by the hour. Good luck!