Best Gatecrash Wedding Games- Gatecrashing done right

Gatecrash Games are a must for every Chinese Wedding. You’ll get to see these gatecrash games at night during the same day edit wedding video screening. You sometimes need gatecrashing ideas and we have the full complete list just for you. Strap in for all the gatecrash games ideas you need.

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Yoga Poses Gatecrash Game

What is one thing girls are better than boys? The flexibility of body of course. That’s why this gatecrashing activity should always be in your arsenal of games. There a ton of yoga poses you can choose from.

We created a Yoga Poses Mood Board over at Pinterest.

This Yoga Poses Mood Board has all the yoga poses so you don’t need to go scouring through the internet to find them.


This video above shows the yoga poses that were performed for the gatecrash games we shot for. You have the options for all guys to participate or you can only have just a selected number i.e 3-4 groomsmen including the groom whilst the rest of them can help the ones participating get into the right position. Do note that this is one of the best aesthetics you can have for your gatecrash game.
Through the years, we found that you Should Not get them to spell words in yoga poses. This is because it rarely turns out well as you can’t read the final yoga poses. Guys are just naturally inflexible and it’s more fun to see them in pain with unique difficult yoga poses rather than just stretching their hands to spell a word or phrase out.

You can choose to do up a Yoga circle where it involves everyone. Do ensure that their legs are highly raised and straight to get the most painful results. As bridesmaids, you have to ensure these guys don’t cheat and get in the correct position. Bring those canes or feathers to punish them at any time.


Yoga Pushups are just another fantastic choice for your gatecrash wedding games. Here you have two of them do a 69 on each other. Instruct the top one to do up any number of pushups. Visually for your Same Day Edit wedding video, it’ll look awesome.


Dances Gatecrash Game


Dances are yet another staple for Gatecrashing games. This will show you how good their dance moves are. Make sure there’s lots of hip pelvic movement to the dance videos you showcase.

Please download the videos into your phone or iPad and if you have loudspeakers bring them down. We have had so many gatecrash dances that had internet lag issues. If you have access to a bigger screen like a TV screen, please use that. These groomsmen normally have to look through a small phone to see the dance moves and it tends to be quite difficult.


Please download a video that is a dance tutorial instead of a concert or MTV video. You don’t want any weird downtimes like people’s reaction or some exterior shots in the music video and waste time. You want the groomsmen to get this done right and perform well. Give them the proper opportunity and good instructions to get them to prepare their dance moves. If all else fails, just get them to improvise and do some lap dances around the groom.

It’ll be awesome if they can do sensual dances and as feminine as possible and it’ll be great for the wedding video.


Here’s one Gatecrash game that is often forgotten, Twister. We all should have played it before. It shows how good the groom’s core muscles are.

You can get your Twister Mat off Lazada.

Shake It off

This is one of our favourite Gatecrash games. It requires the bridesmaids to prepare a tissue box with ping pong balls or keys in it. The tissue boxes are then tied to the groomsmen’s’ waists. The gatecrash game has a timer of an estimated 10-20 seconds for them to shake all the contents of the tissue box out. It makes for a humourous scene. Ensure there is a time limit as you want the guys to have to work those butts. This is the one gatecrash game where twerking pays off.

Lick It off

Lick it off is a great sensual gatecrash game for the groomsmen. Here, you get to spray whip cream off any body part and get the groom to lick it off the body parts. It shows the brotherly love the groom has for his groomsmen. In addition, he gets to gets a tasty breakfast for the morning stomach.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be whip cream. You can get gummy bears, chocolate dips, Shot Glasses or any small items placed on their body part to balance. Thereafter, these items can be eaten. Make sure the groom gets to lick it off as he shouldn’t be the one who’s Dirtied up, or should we say, cleaned up.


Bite it Off


Yup, this one can get dangerous. This often involves the Poky Stick you get from the NTUC. You get them to pass the stick around to each other and the last pair bites it to a mere few centimetres. The bridesmaid gets to measure it for approval. You can determine any length you want and this will dictate how close the guy pair get to each other. Again, this Gatecrash game tests the brotherly love they have for each other. Do encourage them to give it their all and go as close to a kiss if possible. After all, this might be the last day the groom gets to kiss another person.


Here’s another item you could use instead of the Poky Stick, Apples.  Give them the instruction to hold the Apple not using their hands and grabbing it using only their mouths. You will be pleased to find interesting results and creativity. With all the taste from the respective parts of the body, the final person gets to taste that love with one a big mouthful of the Apple. Tasty treats.


Lipstick Love

This Gatecrash game makes for great laughs. And best yet, every bridesmaid has a lipstick in her drawer. Get the groomsmen to doll up for this activity and pucker those lips. You can get them to kiss anywhere you want them too. you can get them to kiss each other’s forehead, lips or create a masterpiece on a piece of paper spelling out the bride’s name.

You have to be careful for this game as it can sometimes get out of hand. It would be dangerous especially if there’s a church activity after this game as it can easily stain the guys’ shirts. It is important to note that the groom should not be participating in this activity.

Too many times we have seen the lipstick stains being hard to remove from faces and lips. This becomes especially challenging when we have photoshoots after gatecrashing and it won’t look good for those group photos. Do check out our article on prewedding shoot locations.


Wax Strips

Never belittle the power of Wax Strips have on getting you to scream. Here you can work those Brazillian waxing you always wanted to try out. Get hair parts of the guys’ exposed. The legs, armpits and nipples are the best places for wax stripping.

Be sure not to use duct tapes as they are not as effective as the proper Wax Strips ones. If you have a limited number of Wax Strips, choose the hairiest ones or the ones who you think will scream out the loudest. This makes for great scenes of the wed


Skipping on needles

You need to prepare those painful needle mats from Lazada. Have them do some skipping and watch them cry out in agony. Do test the mats out before and feel the intensity of them. If it’s not hard enough, you can get them to piggyback to ensure a heavier load pressed against these mats. The more pain there is, the better it is for the wedding video and wedding photos.


Mahjong Tiles Foot Bath

This gatecrash game is quite popular. Every Chinese Household loves to play Mahjong. You simply put the Mahjong tiles into a pail. Prepare ice and water in the pail. Get the boys to dip their legs into the Mahjong tile ice-cold bath to grab the winning Mahjong tiles up. You want to make sure that pail is freezing cold to get the guys’ reactions out. Have them take turns to save on time. The groom should be the conductor for this and speed things up and should be exempted from getting wet for this gatecrash game.


Plucking the fruits off the trees are of the traits of our ancestors that show their status on the food chain. This Gatecrash game tests their ability to bite through those tough times. You have to prepare a pole and attach those treats on a loose string for the groomsmen to pluck off it. You can have weird items such as Bananas, Apples or go as far as Chilly Padi and Bitter gourds.
Apart from the fruits chosen, you can have them in uncomfortable positions. Get them to do a Limbo dance whilst grabbing the items off the pole. That’s where you can see how good their core strength is.


Duct Tape

Duct Tape can be very interesting as a tool to the gatecrash game. Prepare Duct Tape from any Mama shop and roll it around them. Once restricted in movement, get them to do any gatecrashing activity you want.

You can get them to roll down and get to a point.

You can get them to walk from Point A to Point B.

You can get them to do some exercises.

You can ask them to do jumping gatecrashing activities.

You can get them to do human Hopscotch

The possibilities are endless for this tool. You can see from the video that they had to travel from the void deck to the housing unit and makes it hilarious on the wedding video.


Hopscotch Gatecrashing Game


Next on our list of Gatecrash games is Hopscotch. Everyone’s favourite childhood game.

Here you can play this nostalgic childhood game with the groomsmen but have obstacles along the way. You can tie them up with their hands strung together, duct tape them or even tie their legs together. Although this game is simple and easy, you can make it challenging. You can opt to get them to use only their hands to step unto the squares. Please enforce some rules and make sure they have their legs within the squares or incur penalties such as more Ang Baos.


Push Face through Frame Gatecrashing

This gatecrash game is quite popular as of late. You have to construct a frame with layers of plastic wrap. Instruct the guys to pull their faces through the frame. When you get to see their faces, you’ll be in for a treat. Make sure you make the groomsmen push as hard as they can to get the best imprint of their faces. The more ridiculous their faces look, the better for the wedding photos and wedding video.

Ensure the guys do not cheat and use their fingers to pierce through the plastic. 5-8 layers of plastic sheets are enough but it again depends on the surface area to give the most challenging tension. Be sure to try and test it beforehand as this frame varies in tension.

Caterpillar Pushup

We have seen bridesmaids make groomsmen do normal pushups, but why not try Caterpillar pushups. Caterpillar Pushups might not be new to gatecrash games, but it sure makes for some funny coordination. Only guys with great Coordination can pass this test. Visually, it’s a great look and the pain factor is great especially for the last guy. This is greatly different from the regular pushups as regular pushups just show how strong they are. But Caterpillar pushups show how good groomsmen work as a team. If you see any fence or low rise bar, it’ll help them complete this more easily. As bridesmaids, you will surely get a hearty laugh at this sad sight.

Pull Shirt

Honestly didn’t know how to title this Gatecrash game. It can be quite humorous to watch as the bridesmaids give the task of using just one shirt to be transferred to the respective groomsmen. For this video, you can see that the groom is blindfolded and have to be instructed on how to go about taking the same shirt to put on the next groomsmen. It can be very entertaining to watch and there is a high probability of failure which is great for the wedding video.

Swing It

This Gatecrashing game involves attaching an item on their waist. It can be a ball or a banana. Get the guys to swing it and knock things down with their newly acquired asset. Don’t make it too difficult for them. In this case, have the water bottle filled half to the brim and watch them swing to action.

You can also get them to hit items into the desired location. For this case, it’s combining their swing pelvic action into Golf. Teeing off the ball into the final destination, the cup.


Post It Notes gatecrashing

What’s one thing you can use for studies and gatecrash games, Post It Notes. You can clip it on the groomsmen and paste it at various spots around them. In 10 seconds, they have to shake all the Post It Notes off. This gatecrash game is visually beautiful to watch as the groomsmen are transformed into mental crazy backstreet boy fans. You get to see them do sommersaults and starjumps. It’s a visual feast for the eyes and you get a great laugh.

Please remember to buy the original Post It Notes and not the pirated ones. We have seen so many of these notes not stick even on contact and destroy the entire gatecrash game. Bring clippers and Scotch Tape to ensure these paper notes are stuck to the groomsmen and groom.



There are so many things you can do with Clippers. This gatecrash game is so painful. Your face is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Prepare some clippers and string them together. Put the clippers on their ears, noses, eyes. In one swift motion, get them to move apart and see the pain unfold. Make sure you get strong ones, like the metal kinds for more painful effect.

Reach the Wall Gatecrash game

This Gatecrash game involves a lot of teamwork. You must make sure there is a ceiling and its just the right height. You can make it two or three people tall where they have to piggyback the person taking stuff off the ceiling wall. For this gatecrash game, the sisters stuck lipstick notes for the groom to guess which one belonged to the bride. He was then tasked to take it down and the only way to do it is by piggyback. It is extremely funny when the male entourage is made of all skinny framed men. That’s where you get to see them struggle in pain when lifting the groom up.

Make sure safety comes first though. As this involves physical assertion, make sure you remind them to support the piggyback in case someone falls down.



What’s in the Box?

This Gatecrash game is not for the faint of heart. As Bridesmaids, you have to go to your neighbourhood fish shops to prepare this game. Have the mealworms placed in a box where it’s covered. Place any item you want into the box such as a key to the Bride’s room or photos of the bride. The purpose is to get the guys’ to be daring and manly to confront their fears of the unknown. Pull that key out and get to the Bride’s room.

You do not have to limited to just mealworms. You can get frogs, Tarantulas or Snakes. The more Slimy and difficult to identify by touch, the better. This is where you separate the men from the boys.


Playground Fun Gatecrashing

Playgrounds can be very interesting to hold your Gatecrash games. You can get to test the guys’ fitness and strength. Have them do challenging activities, hanging on the monkey bars or do countless number of pushups.  Here is the perfect opportunity to make them do their early morning workout, that’s killing two birds with one stone.

Again, be careful not to tire the Groom out, especially when he’s wearing his tuxedo. You can instead get him to solve some riddles, or questionnaires whilst the groomsmen are doing the exercises.



You have noticed by now, one of the aims is to get the guys to be more feminine, to know the pains of being a woman. Hence, this gatecrash game comes to no surprise. Prepare all those pointy heels from prom night or your office place. Get the groomsmen to wear them and strut their stuff on the walkway. You need an open area to have them do a catwalk. Try to have this gatecrash game at the void deck and some various sizes of heels. Be prepared for these heels to break due to their enormous feet so no expensive Louis Vuitton heels here.

Singing Gatecrashing

You have all the physical activities. Now, it’s time for them to do their mating call like the birds. Get them into a singing frenzy and get the groomsmen to concoct a song. You can provide instruments. It’s either you’ll be amazed by their talents or have damaged eardrums by the end of this gatecrash game.

Suan Tian Ku La

Of course, you can’t forget our Sour, Sweet, Bitter & Spicy challenge. This game is a must for every gatecrashing activity. But, it often gets out of hand and can get the groomsmen warded in the hospital. Make sure you don’t go so extreme on the spicy challenge as sometimes it can lead to stomachaches. Get the guys to eat them together or have volunteers for different challenges. Be prepared for puking and vomiting if the food taste are extreme.
You can have different presentation for the challenge and it doesn’t need to be limited to just food on a plate or cup. In this video, you can have the groomsmen drink it through a long straw and laugh at their struggle.

You can also choose to have tiny utensils and make it difficult for them to eat the dishes. For this case, they had to use a straw and tiny forks to grab the noodles. This can be quite gross but hey, it makes for great TV.


Running up the Stairs

Did we mention we hate this gatecrash game the most? Sometimes, the bridesmaids will want the groomsmen to run up the stairs for the next gatecrashing activity within a short period of time. For both the wedding photographer and wedding videographer, they have to run together with the groomsmen to capture this game. It is extremely exhausting and tiring to shoot and run at the same time. If possible, use this as one of the last options for the gatecrash games if you can. Have pity on your wedding photographer and videographer.


Ang Bao

Giving Ang baos is a must for every wedding. But it’s important to note some things about Ang bao. First, it can be given at any time. Bridesmaids just need to ask for it. As bridesmaids, you can choose to ask for Angbaos before the gatecrash games begin, before every gatecrash game begin or before he enters through the gate.

Bridesmaids must remember to always Open the Ang bao. We have seen groomsmen put in Rupiah and the bridesmaids didn’t even open to find out. When opening the Angbao, no amount is ever enough, ask for more, be frustrated, or simply just throw the Rupiah back to the groom.

Fan and show the money out. All these tips will make you look fantastic at the wedding film edit. Have fun in this process and don’t be shy about it, everyone here is having fun. If the groom didn’t prepare any money, you can even get him to do a Paylah transfer to your account.

There is no Holds Bar when it comes down to Ang Bao giving. The range of money is from $88-$888. This again depends on the number of bridesmaids and the time and effort it took them to prepare the food and activities.



Having the groom read out the promises before he enters to see the bride is a Must. These are sort of Commitments he has to promise the bride. It is often humourous and taken with a pinch of salt. The real commitments should come when the bride and groom have their ROM Solemnisation.
Do check out our article on what to Write for Vows and Guide to ROM Solemnisation.
Do note that it should not be a Poem and instead should be sentences to read out. This makes it clear and concise for the wedding video edit and can be easily edited parts. As you can see from the video, just 3 main vows will do. Make it punchy and funny.
” Your Money is your money, my money is also your money”
“I promise your birthday gift won’t be what I want”
” I promise to clean the house with you every week”
“I promise to take you on 2 vacations every year”
“I promise our kid in the future won’t be Maximus the Great”
But most importantly make sure the last vow is to the point. Something like” I will forever love you” and exclaim it out at the top of your lungs.



In conclusion, you have to prepare time to have these Gatecrash games. Make sure that if you’re doing it, give it your all. Even for the Bridesmaids, don’t be afraid to get the groomsmen in check as it most often determines how good every game look. It’s fun and games and remember to enjoy it all.