Guide to things to do before the Wedding Day 


, Guide to things to do before the Wedding Day 

With the wedding day in its arrival in just a short while, it is a normal thing to feel perplexed, excited and worried. All emotions at one time. Being a bride/groom-to be, there’s nothing more urgent in the mind then to make sure that the wedding will go smoothly and fine. However, here’s a guide for you to plan out the important things to do before your wedding day! 


Get a good sleep and healthy diet

, Guide to things to do before the Wedding Day 

Everyone wants to look at their best on their own wedding day, and there’s nothing else to do so than to make sure that you yourself have enough rest and sleep before the day. Beauty sleep, (including the groom as well) should not be taken lightly to recharge and look energised. Some great ways on making yourself feel refresh are : 


  • Apply night cream or a mask before you sleep to lock in that moisturiser 
  • Have some lemon water in the morning to detoxify and freshen your breath 
  • Maintain a nice glow by eating antioxidant fruits like oranges, strawberries 
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated


Take note of your diet days prior to your wedding, to keep yourself in good shape and complexion as well – refrain from unhealthy, fat-induced foods like fried or fast food. 

, Guide to things to do before the Wedding Day 

You might ask, my makeup artist will do the job? But the truth of the matter is that if you have puffy eyes from lack of sleep or a breakout, there’s only so much the makeup artist can do. If you have a clean and minimal look, your groom and guests won’t have a hard time recognizing you.

Have a good talk with your parents


Before the Wedding Day, spend some quality time with your parents and family cherishing the last moments living under the same household. Chat with them about how you’re currently feeling about getting married and ask for any advice for a great marriage in the future. 


This is also the best time to say your heartfelt words of love and gratitude for them behind closed doors without an audience. You might really miss this talks after leaving the house to start a new family! 


 Practice your vows and prepare your speech

, Guide to things to do before the Wedding Day 

You want to feel confident to your partner and to the rest of the present audience, so it’s good to practice the lines and the flow a few times to get familiarised with it. Prepare the vows a few days, or even weeks earlier that you are going to present to your partner during the solemnization so as to give yourself ample space and time to think about the words you want to say from the bottom of your heart.  

, Guide to things to do before the Wedding Day 

However, try not to memorise word for word as it may sound insincere, robotic as though as you are memorising or reading through a script. Relax, 


Confirm arrival times for the vendors and wedding caterers 

, Guide to things to do before the Wedding Day 

Do call your wedding vendors and caterers again before the day to make sure and finalize the wedding timeline with vendors and the wedding party. Give a copy of the timeline to your manpower or logistics crew so that they can be in the loop as well.