Wedding Bridal Hairstyles- Your Ultimate Resource

With so many other aspects to plan for your wedding, wedding bridal hairstyles are one element that you might need to factor in. But to complete your wedding makeup, the perfect matching wedding brial hairstyle can elevate your elegance as a whole. 


Research for Hair Stylists

You can start by researching for hairstylists around Singapore to look at their portfolios. Shortlist your favourite wedding hairstyles to decide which hairstylist you should contact. There must be some alignment to what you like and what a hairstylist can do so that your hairstylist can help enhance your look.

Contact & Discuss with Desired Hair Stylist

Get in contact with the hairstylist to enquire for her availability period and find out the price range. This helps to ensure the bride stays within the budget. 

Tell your hairstylist what theme your wedding is going for. It can affect the type of hairstyle and accessories going into your hair. 

You should also show your hairstylist pictures of your wedding dress, including the number of gowns you will change into. The order is also important so that your hairstylist can prepare promptly for the transition between the hairstyles. 

Trial Hairstyles

One month before your wedding day, trial hairstyles and makeup will be done to ensure you know what to expect on your wedding day. It will take between 2 to 3 hours.

You can create a mood board to help your hairstylist better understand your expectations and feel you are going for. If you already have preferred choices of hair accessories, you should tell your hairstylist beforehand. It would help your hairstylist to prepare them during your trial.

It would be encouraged for the bride to wear a top with a neckline similar to her wedding gown. Due to the difference in the amount of skin that will be shown, the hairstyles make a lot of difference to the overall look.

It is important to note that hairstylists hold very strong principles against using your look during your trial for your pre-wedding shoot. The main purpose of trials is for both parties to understand each other’s needs. The hairstylist may also try out different hairstyles during the whole trial. Hence, the hair may not be held strongly enough to withstand the photoshoot.

For couples who want to kill two birds with one stone, they can consult their hairstylist. In most cases, you would need to top up some money. The hairstylist would adjust the trial makeup and hair accordingly to ensure it can withstand a half-day to full-day pre-wedding shoot. 


Price for Wedding Day

For a full look, including both the makeup and hairstyling, the price range can go from $500 to $700. For your wedding day, the maximum of looks you can possibly have is 3. This will be split into one look during the morning segment and two looks during the evening segment.

Price for Pre-Wedding Shoot 

It can start from $300 and go up to $600 depending on how many looks and dresses you want to match. It is relatively less expensive because the look is prepared for a shot where the shots taken would be mostly frontal with a few side profiles. Hence, the hairstylist will focus more on the frontal look. The hairstyle will not be as complicated as it is on the wedding day. In contrast, during the big day, there will be higher precision in the details to ensure you look good from all angles.

Payment Method

Typically, a 50% deposit is required. The hairstylist will then block off the date for the couple and not accept any other clients on their wedding day. The couple will pay the balance on the day or the day after the wedding. This system works for both the pre-wedding shoot and for the wedding itself.

Cancellation/Postponement Charges

In the unfortunate event where you have to cancel or postpone your wedding, you should check with your hairstylist for any additional charges. Some hairstylists might allow you to postpone for free in the event that it is postponed to a date where the stylist is also available. For cancellation, your deposit might be forfeited. 

Top 5 Hairstyles for your Wedding Day

The options are endless, but these are five popular hairstyles you can try on your wedding day! Some factors you have to consider is your hair texture and length as well. Your hairstylist will also use pins and sprays to ensure your hairstyle lasts for a good 3 to 4 hours.

Full Down with Curls

These curls add a degree of elegance and sensuality to your look. It is recommended to don this hairstyle when you’re wearing a V-neck gown with a deep plunging neckline. This could be a simple hairstyle to try if you want to do your wedding hairstyle yourself. However, it is still your big day, so pamper yourself by getting a hairstylist! She will also help ensure you don’t miss out any part of your hair and get you even and graceful curls.

Half Up

If you’re going for a sweet and girly look, this hairstyle will surely make you feel like a princess! It can complement an A-line or ball gown best. It would also help accentuate your figure when you’re wearing an off-shoulder gown.

Messy Braid

This is favoured among younger brides who want to go for a more informal look. It helps the bride to blend in with the natural vibe of outdoor weddings at gardens or beachsides. 

This style is usually associated with bohemian styles and suit simpler loose gowns. It is also advised for brides to keep their hair long for this hairstyle to truly shine. 

You can also add loose flowers to enhance this hairstyle. It would be good to add both small and big flowers to give an interesting contrast. There is no fixed way to place these flowers as the purpose of a messy braid is to look natural and easy-going.


A ponytail adds fun and youthfulness to your whole character. It is good for pre-wedding shoots and solemnisation. It can also work for all gowns. 


For a classic and neater look, you can opt for the updo. It is suitable for morning segments if the bride wants to wear the Kua. 

Types of Hair Accessories

Most brides like to weave flowers into their wedding hairstyles. The positioning of certain hair accessories can also affect your hairstyle in terms of hair parting. Your hairstylist may need to adjust the level of your bun to ensure the hair accessory complements your hair perfectly. 

Factors to consider in choosing your Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Gown 

It is of utmost importance that your hairstyle pairs perfectly with your gown instead of overwhelming and becoming a distraction.

For instance, Kua usually has a lot of embroidery details around the frontal and neck area. Hence, you would want to have a ponytail where the hair is not covering the details. 

In contrast, for gowns with low necklines, you can choose to let down your hair partially or fully. It is dependent on the bride’s choice. 


Different hairstyles give off different vibes. Just like the theme of your wedding, you should choose one that fits the mood on your big day.

Wedding Activities

Activities like dancing can affect your hairdo over time. In such cases, it is advised to have a hairstyle with the fringe away from your face. A Half Up would look great so that it isn’t rigid and allows natural movement of your hair. 

Tips for Bridal Hairstyles

Washing and Drying of Hair

It is advised to wash and dry your hair the night before your wedding. Since bridal hair and makeup starts quite early in the morning, there might be insufficient time for blow-drying if you wash your hair in the morning. It can also delay other events on your big day which you don’t want!

Usage of Hair Serums and Oils?

Try not to use too much hair products the night before as they will weigh down your hair. It will cause your hairstylist to have a hard time adding volume to your hair. 

Hair Colours

All hair colours can work typically. However, to emphasise your hair texture, you can dye your hair in a lighter shade. It is not necessary to bleach as brown can easily help your hairstyle to stand out. 

Dying your hair a week in advance would be sufficient to allow the colour to set in fully.

Hair Lengths

If you choose to let down your hair, a longer hair length might look better, but a medium length would also be good enough. However, hair lengths need not be a big concern for brides. Your hairstylist will also probably have hair extensions.

Face Shapes

Hairstyles help to balance and create a facial symmetry for the bride. As everyone’s face structure is unique, your hairstylist can help create the right hairstyle for you through meetings. 

Top 5 Misconceptions

Hair Up = Unflattering?

Some brides might be afraid of their face looking particularly big when they have their hair up or in a bun. It is not true as the framing of your frontal face is of another matter. Adding volume to the crown of your head or fringes can easily slim down and flatter your face shape.

Healthy Shiny Hair = Better?

When brides go for hair treatment to smoothen their hair, it becomes too soft to hold any hairstyle. It would be advised to do treatments after your big day. Normal shampooing and conditioning would be enough to prepare your hair. 

Hair Accessories = Necessary?

It is not a must to have hair accessories for your hairstyle to be complete. It is dependent on how many other embellishments you have on your gown or other accessories like your necklace and earrings. If you have a lot of details going on already, hair accessories may overwhelm instead of complementing your whole look. 


In essence, all the elements from your hair, makeup to gown should come together smoothly to create a balanced look. Communication with your hairstylist is also key to help you achieve the perfect look for your wedding.


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