Wedding Dances in Singapore

Spice up your wedding – Wedding Dance in Singapore

We always believe that for your relationship to be alive, you have to keep it fresh. Planning your wedding can be tough and exhausting, but when you have a common goal, it may make this process so much fruitful and easier.

Wedding dancing Singapore

In Singapore, it may be uncommon to have wedding dances. We have seen many weddings as wedding videographers that result from the usual march ins, toast and speeches. So trust us when we say dances will definitely put a check mark to giving your wedding something to be remembered about. Not only will your guests have something to marvel at, but your photos and videos will look amazing. It’ll give you something to look back when your wedding is over and say, “We did that”.


We approached Dance Arts to give us some tips and advises on wedding dances. Check out the video below.

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Pricing for Wedding Dance Studios

Wedding dancing Singapore

The price range will vary depending on the number of lessons and how proficient you are in the choreography. It ranges from $500-$1000.


With partner dancing, you can expect around 4-6 lessons ($150-$200 per lesson) to be able to amaze your audience and friends.




Try to schedule your appointment with your dance studio 3-4 months before your wedding date to give yourself enough time to practice. Have your lessons done once a week in order for your to have ample time to practice and rehearse your dance choreography. In this way, you’ll not tax your pockets with more lessons. But

the most important part is having the time to practice and rehearse the routines. You can see where you stand with a simple dance routine from a video we did here.


Types of Wedding Dances in Singapore

Now we do have a couple of variables when doing couple dancing. We have captured some examples for you to see what’s possible.

Fairytale Wedding Dance

Choreograph Wedding Dance Basic 1

Choreograph Wedding Dance Basic 2

Choreograph Wedding Dance Advanced


Groom Solo Wedding Dance


Bride Solo Wedding Dance


Rhythm Wedding Dance: Rumba, Cha-Cha, Samba, Mambo, Salsa, Bolero, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing.

You can find an example of this dance here.

These dances involve lots of hip motion and twisting steps.


Wedding dancing Singapore

Smooth Wedding Dances: Foxtrot, Tango, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep.

These dances are more refined in our opinion. Less vigorous and more elegant. Poise is key when it comes down to these dances.

You can find an example of this dance here.

Now that you see the various dances available, it’s now time to explore tips and tricks to get a great dance routine out.


Dress for your Wedding Dance

Wedding dancing Singapore

Do take note that you need to be mobile when you’re doing your dance.  Hence, try your best not to have a dress that inhibits your dance moves. Long dress trains are a No No. Have a bohemian dress, or a dress that has cuts so you can look fabulous with some lifts and turns.



Now it’s also worth mentioning that it’s important to know when to have your dance. Typically speaking, we have seen brides coming in between their 1st and 2nd march in with a dance routine. If not, it would be during their first march in, thereafter, they’ll transition to their dance routine. Consider when you’ll want to have your dance routine.

In addition, the wedding couple dancing is different from father-daughter dance. You can check out our article here for more information.


Song Choice

You may have been inspired with “So You Think You Can Dance” or “Dance Celebrity” reality shows. But the truth of the matter is

Wedding Couple Dancethat they have much more experience and equipped with tons of trainers to prepare them for their routines. Remember to set your expectations so you won’t end up disappointed. There are many popular music videos such as Ed Sheeran’s Think Out Loud. The issue with these videos is that it may look good on screen but in reality it might not be when it’s done live. The magic of camera work, as well as Ed Sheeran’s partner in the video ( who happens to be an amazing dancer), elevates the performance. So don’t be wowed into thinking that this is the standard to reach.

Swing Rhythm- When choosing your songs, it’ll be easiest to have your dance routines to the sounds of Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra. This music contains beats that will give you momentum and signals for your dance routine. The next alternative is pop music or Korean pop. But again, we are talking about partner dancing and not group dancing. Take into account that all eyes are on both of you. Hence, beats and rhythm in the song will give you the proper pacing. Do consult with your dance instructor on what songs are appropriate.

You can check out some of the dance routines here.


Wedding dancing Singapore

Often, the venue space can be a huge factor when you’re doing your dance routine. Take into account the banquet venue’s space in relation to the dance studio’s space. It’ll always be a good idea to practice in a space that is similar to the actual space you’re doing your dance routine. Some venues such as restaurants may be restrictive. Consult your banquet manager to advise on this aspect of what is possible. It often involves the banquet staff to shift chairs and tables to cater to this space.

Do it together

Your schedules might collide. But do find the time to do the dances as a couple. Often, there will be one of you that will be slower and the other faster. However, partner dancing is teamwork. Transform in this process together and it can be rewarding. If one falters, the other can help push him/her forward. There’s no better joy than reaching the final result together and enjoying the whole process.


Wedding Couple Dance

Couple Dancing at weddings is certainly a treat for everyone including the wedding videographers and wedding photographers. If you do have the time and don’t mind trying new things, why not have a partner dance routine on your wedding day. Men can be said to be more out of tune with this or more resistant. But from the reviews, it can be quite surprising to hear how they transform to magical swans. More often than not, you’ll leave this experience more accomplished than ever. Do comment below on your experiences with couple dancing and what kind of routines you did.