Gatecrashing Games TIPS

Calling on all bridesmaids and groomsmen to be! For years, especially in the Chinese culture, it has established as a tradition that war will participate between the bridesmaids and groomsmen primarily known as the GATECRASH games. Here are some tips for both the bridesmaids and groomsmen to plan a fun and unforgettable GATECRASHING GAMES!

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For Bridesmaids

Tip 1 : Taste your Food

While preparing the torture food penalities “ Suan Tian Ku La”, ( meaning Sour, sweet, bitter and spicy), remember to taste your food first!!! For the spicy and bitter ones, make sure that the food are of considerable amounts of bitterness and spiciness, just enough to make the groomsmen feel the pain and show it through their faces! 

FUN FACT!!!!!! 

The different tastes of the food forfeit “ Sour, Sweet, Bitter and Spicy” symbolizes the different sorts of emotions a couple will go through together in their life journey! 


Tip 2 : Space

To plan for a fun and unforgettable gatecrash location, there is one major factor to consider and that is SPACE. It is very important to have a place big and spacious enough to move about, hold activities that requires physical space. Corridors, toilets and cramped spaces are no-no places to hold gatecrashing activities. Instead, locations like the void decks, function rooms or the backyard space are ideal.    

The bigger space, the more you can plan for different fun games! Not only that, it will be of ease and better for your videographers and photographers to move around and capture all these fun memories.


Tip 3 : Angbaos


For bridesmaids, check your Angbaos for the amount because of course, you need to be rewarded for all the hard work on planning the punishments. Once you have checked and are satisfied with the number of money notes, FAN your Angbaos money to show off  your collected stash to the cameras and let some wind to settle in! After all, part of gatecrashing is to celebrate the triumph of the bridesmaids over the groomsmen. 

Also, it is best that you as bridesmaids can discuss with the groomsmen the approximate amount of angbaos/money to present during gatecrashing so that the groom team can come prepared. 


Tip 4 : Planning Games

Check out our article on the list of gatecrashing games to play.

Plan physical games that get the groomsmen moving with lots of funny expressions for a great time and a great camera-shot! Play games that pump the adrenaline too! 

Some good games include the food foreit “ “Xuan Tian Ku La”, Hopscotch Challenge, Dancing imitations, Yoga poses reenactment and Singing. 


For dancing games, do bring speakers as well as wide screens to amplify the music as well as allow better visibility of the choreography for the groomsmen and groom to learn and dance to it. If the groomsmen are really clueless, it is also possible to show them some demos first then leave it to them to copy and learn. 

Games like quizzes, puzzles or simple card games are not good choices to incite big or humorous reactions and these brain games are time-consuming as well. The videographers will also have a hard time editing this section that might have little enthusiasm. 

Give physical punishments if they fail to perform the tasks, such as push ups, light spanking, planks etc.



For Groomsmen

Tip 1 : Showing your Brotherhood 


Brothers unite! For the groomsmen, show your brotherhood by toasting Yum Seng together in a semicircle ( or horseshoe shape). Feed each other the food forfeit and support each other in physically strenuous activities. 


After all, everyone loves to see a display of brotherly love and tough friendship. The bridesmaids might not go easy on their challenges, but teamwork makes the dream work! 


Tip 2 : Expressions

Groomsmen, go all out for your expressions! Be it painful or not, bring out your Oscar award acting skills and show that it is! ( which is also a trick to prevent having further forfeits!) 


Tip 3 : Arriving at the House


After passing all the tests, you the groom and groomsmen have finally reached the destination. What you should do is to announce your arrival with a winning celebration/grand entrance – come into the house with cheers and shouts as a victory sign. 


Of course, not forget to hug your parents-in-law once stepping into the house as a gesture of respect and gratitude, especially because they are giving you your daughter 

Tip 4 : Saying your Commitments

While saying your commitments to your beloved bride-to-be outside of the door, have your groomsmen behind the groom to cheer you on in showing the world how much you love the bride. Last but not least, have your commitments short and sweet as well, with no more than 2-3 sentences for each promise.