Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Xian & Dave

Do watch our behind the scenes video to our pre wedding photoshoot. To start our pre-wedding photoshoot, we headed down to Tuas South.


We were pleasantly surprised by the number of lalang fields present. Simply pick a spot and let the magic happen.

If you’re lucky to catch the golden hour, it can help create rosy and brilliant images. The embrace and smiles of the couple further elevates the warmth in the photos.

Public transport can also make a great setting for pre-wedding photos when you utilise light adequately. We had amazing shadows to play with to create beautiful insta-worthy photos.

Even the most bizarre setting of construction sites can become a location for your pre-wedding shoot.

We then headed down to The Great Madras, a popular hotel location for wedding pre-wedding photos.

Capturing an action into stills helps create dynamic photos. It also sheds light on the life and colour present in the couple.

Last up, we finished our shoot at the Gilman Barracks.

Shooting in low-light and wide spaces can also give rise to beautiful images. After all, the focus is on the couple. Through simple gestures like hand holding, it can also effectively convey the feelings of love.

When you have just a simple wall, you can also make use of projectors to project colourful images meaningful to you and your partner. It could be your favourite TV show to binge together or even just a visual of a galaxy night sky. It will be fun to experiment with different visuals to see how the images reflect on your face and choose the one you like most.