Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Hazel & Ryan

You don’t have to travel far for beautiful scenic spots. If you’re looking for something with a homely feel, shooting around your neighbourhood flats can be a great option. Framing can play a significant role. Even the plainest staircases and flats can be transformed into pretty backdrops for your relationship.

Close-ups of hands and other body parts evoke a sense of intimacy. Through such shots, small loving gestures are highlighted that one may miss out in wider shots.

Close ups of facial expressions also allow the picture to capture the emotions of each individual. Poking fun at each other also make great comedic photos that you can look back on to have a good laugh every once and then.

Mundane elements can also be manipulated to create quirky new images. Whether it’s using reflections of a puddle of water, using silhouettes or even through the action of a tie, every image can come out different and unique to the couple.


Happiness is one of the most associated emotions to a marriage. And such bliss can also be captured during the pre-wedding shoot. Whatever the setting, when you and your partner come together to embrace each other and share loving gazes, it becomes a photo and memory to cherish.