Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Elizabeth & Irvin

It’s hard to miss the high-rise buildings and HDB flats present everywhere you go in densely-populated Singapore. Shooting outdoors against these flats is suitable for those looking for a sense of nostalgia in your photos. You can definitely instill fun and relive childhood memories when you let yourself free during the photoshoot. As you pose fondly with your partner against this beautiful backdrop, the warmth in these pictures come as a reminder that you have found a home in someone else too.

For those seeking to bask in the lush greenery, Singapore has plenty to fulfill your desires. Dressing in a matching colour like blue can help complement the green going on at the back.

Nature is unpredictable and it’s definitely fun to play along with unexpected elements that come by. Elements like mist and fog can transform every photo with an entirely new vibe. Whether you’re looking for something mysterious or even introspective, nature gives you a variety of factors you can play with.

Another aspect affecting outdoor shoots like these is the weather conditions. Playing with light and shadows can add a different level of depth to your photos. As the sun creates a circular streak of orange in the photo, it gives rise to the feeling of warmth and is a quiet nod to the bond shared between a couple.

Utilising different angles and wide shots can not only give the sense of a future of endless possibilities. It also symbolises the promise to be by each other on this journey of life together.