Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Julene & James

Even in this little red dot, Singapore has its own fair share of scenic beauty. Our first location for our pre wedding photoshoot was at Coney Island.

Making use of negative space, the photos allow the couple to stand out against the breathtaking nature. Dressed in differing monochrome colours also add a level of balance to the images. Like the yin yang, it signifies two individuals coming together to become a couple.

Using props like mirrors can also add an interesting touch to your photos. It is a unique way to present the couple as reflections. Wide shots are appealing but close-ups also deliver their own sense of intimacy. Whether it’s through the eyes or even simple hand gestures, the photos convey the affection the couple has for each other.

Smoke is a great way to add a touch of magic to your photos. As the smoke surrounds you and your partner, it is almost as if you’re whisked off to a fantastical world with your loved one.

Photographing shadows and silhouettes can also be a captivating way to introduce the couple. It feels almost invasive, like you’re observing them in secret. But this secrecy also helps elevate the appeal of such photos. Our next photoshoot location was at Marina Bay Cruise Centre.

Against these modern infrastructure, the couple changes into matching casual outfits complementing the overall cool tone. Even as still photos, the energy they injected into the photoshoot is apparent from the shots captured. For lifeless locations like these, it’s always nice to add fun through the interactions with your partner.


Our last location for our pre wedding location was at Fort Canning Park. We were so fortunate to have caught the golden hour.

Making use of artificial light and colours can also create shots resembling movie stills. Other than the striking colours, the expressions of the couple also help set the mood and intensify the tension of the photos. These set of photos also present a different side of the couple from the previous ones.