Actual Day Photography | Choy & Michael

Michael and Choy demonstrated what unconditional love is. Be it thick or thin, joy or sadness, fun or frustrations – love, is going through it all together.

Seeing each other for who they truly are and embracing the beauty and ugliness of one another.

Months of preparations finally coming into place. The day has finally arrived. With such eagerness and excitement (and maybeee butterflies in their stomach), Michael and Choy put on their wedding attire and get ready for their big day.

One last look in the mirror, just to make sure everything is perfect down to the minor detail, and it is time.

It’s hard to resist taking a shot of the wedding dress hanging by the window. Waiting for the bride to put it on, the dress seems to scream “I CANT WAIT TO GET MARRIED”.

With their family and friends holding a significant place in their hearts, Michael and Choy decided to host their wedding at Jakarta Indonesia, to share this special day with their love ones.

A day filled with tears and laughter, hugs and kisses. As family and friends dance with one another, in the warm embrace of comfort and support, it was such a memorable night not just for the couple, but for everyone else.