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January 5, 2020

Actual Day Photography | Sharon Jaye

Sharon’s and Jaye’s wedding showed how the marriage of two-person can bring forth so much happiness to the people around them. Nothing very extravagant, a simple affair can be such a joyous one as well.

Sharon was such a light-hearted bride, she just can’t stop smiling and giggling while she was getting ready for the ceremony.

What’s a better way to kickstart your wedding with a good filling meal of Mac Donald and a bit of alcohol yea.

As family members, young and old, came to celebrate the marriage of Sharon and Jaye, the house was filled with so much joy and laughter.

While waiting for the groom to pick the bride, everyone was just so comfortable with mingling around. This, once again, showed how marriage is not just the unification of the couple but also bringing love ones together.

The time is drawing near for the groom’s arrival, and the bride makes her final preparation to be ready to get picked up. Sharon and her father shares one last heartfelt conversation before the groom arrives, and the final touch of covering the veil was done.

At last, what everyone is waiting for, the groom has arrived. Warmly welcomed with lots of hugs and handshakes, Jaye was well integrated and greatly loved by Sharon’s family.

Oh, and not to forget a welcome shot of alcohol for the groom to drown off the jitters.

The wide smile on Jaye face expresses how he felt as he see Sharon in the wedding dress for the first time.

With her father on the left and her soon-to-be husband on her right, she was being sent off by the guy that raised her up and brought into another phase of life by the guy that she now loves the most.

As Sharon and Jaye feeds each other tang yuan as part of a Chinese tradition, the couple marks off the start of their wholeness and blissful marriage.