Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Here is a list of 20 wedding suit tailors in Singapore you can check out to find your wedding suit.

As the groom, you might think your bride is the main character in her stunning gown. But as the saying goes, “Clothes maketh the man.” Although it’s as important to let your bride-to-be bask in the limelight, being equally well-dressed will elevate the charismatic presence of both of you as a couple. Suits and tuxedos are also not ‘one size fits all’.

From bespoke to made-to-measure, there are a variety of tailors you can choose to select the perfect suit to flatter your body shape.

A Gentleman’s Tale heregentleman@a-gentlemans-tale.com 



C. Armani Tailorsherecarmani@singnet.com.sg 
CYC Made to Measurehereenquiry@cyccustomshop.com  
Christian Armani Ladies & Gents Tailorshereinfo@christianarmani.com
Common Suitsherewecare@commonsuits.com 
Edit Suits Co.herecare_sg@editsuits.com 
Joe’s Tailoringhere
Kevin Seah Bespoke



Made Suitsheregetmade@made-suits.com 
Meiko Tailorhereenquiry@meikotailor.com 
Mode et Creationherecontact@modeetcreation.com 
Perfect Attirehere



Picadilly Tailorsheretailor@singaporesuits.com 
Q Menswear



Suit Yourself





T.J. Tailors heretjdes@singnet.com.sg 
The Prestigious Bespokehereboutique@theprestigiousbespoke.com 
The Old Fashion Househeretheoldfashionhousesg@gmail.com 

A Gentleman’s Tale

, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Kenneth and Lyn founded A Gentleman’s Tale in 2015 with a combined love for fashion paired with prior knowledge from their tailoring and fashion background. With skills garnered from their previous experiences, A Gentleman’s Tale is definitely a tailor that can assure their quality of suits.


When they were starting out, they offered mobile tailoring by travelling around Singapore on public transport. Initially, with just a piece of cabin luggage and a backpack containing fabric samples and working tools, they have come far to secure a space for their business. From 2017 onwards, they work at a container showroom in River Valley to provide convenience to clients.


Through this journey, they have stayed true to their initial mission. The team believes in ‘Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.’ and are dedicated to accompanying you throughout your process of tailoring your suit. Their services include mobile tailoring, personal tailoring and corporate uniforms.

Tel 8742 1282

Email gentleman@a-gentlemans-tale.com 

Website here


Assemble, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Founded by a couple of Ken and Lyn back in 2014, they started out as roving tailors. They would bring their tailoring services to clients’ doorsteps. Now, they have an outlet in Orchard Central for customers to browse through to their heart’s content. Whether you’re looking for a made-to-measure suit, trousers or shirts, they have it all!


With over 900 fabrics to choose from and from over 20 customisations specially made for you, they are dedicated to making sure your suit only exists for you. If you’re looking to spice up your suit, they also have an in-house service of customizable linings. These definitely transform your suit from a plain one to a quirky statement piece.


Assemble also goes deep on the details. Other than just getting your body measurements, they also provide top to bottom analysis of your body structure, face shape and skin tone. This would help you greatly in choosing a suitable colour, fabric and cut for your tailor-made outfits.

Tel 8742 6863

Email hello@assemblesg.com 

Website here


C. Armani Tailors, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

From a small, family-owned custom tailoring business 20 years ago, it has grown to be a leading tailor in Orchard Road. You can be assured of their reliability and tailoring abilities as they have served over 20,000 satisfied customers. They are also efficient and are able to deliver your bespoke suits and garments to your doorstep within 3 days.


Whether you’re looking for a tuxedo, single-breasted or double-breasted, they have samples and professional tailors available to guide you along. If you already have a shirt you wish to duplicate or re-create, you can also bring it down to their tailor shop at Lucky Plaza Orchard Road. To make the suit truly yours, they can even embroider your full name or initials by hand inside the jacket!

Tel 6737 7651 

Email carmani@singnet.com.sg 

Website here


CYC Made to Measure, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

In 1935, CYC Made to Measure became the first in Singapore to offer tailor-made shirts. From then onwards, CYC Made to Measure has been growing their presence in the industry both internationally and locally. They have 2 retail stores, one at Capitol Plaza and the other at Fullerton Hotel. To better suit your wedding theme and venue, they also give valuable advice to ensure you feel comfortable in your suit on your big day.


Apart from tailoring their own made-to-measure suits, they also collaborate with companies to create exclusive products. Currently, they have worked with Marvel to make Avengers inspired shirts that are trendy and fashionable. From these quirky designs, the ability and creativity of their tailors are also evident.

Tel 6298 2001

Email enquiry@cyccustomshop.com  

Website here


Christian Armani Ladies & Gents Tailors, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

They first started as a small home-grown family tailoring business 31 years ago. Throughout the years, they remain dedicated to providing affordable and meticulously tailored apparels. Their workmanship is carefully monitored at every step of the assembly, right from the cutting until the finished handwork process. This is because each suit is treated as a piece of artwork to them. They carry only the best materials sourced from all over the world.


For your ease of budgeting, they have different price packages available on their website for your reference starting from ‘Starter’ to ‘Premium’ and the most expensive one, ‘Luxury’. Different fabric types are also allocated for different price packages.

Tel 6733 6407

Email info@christianarmani.com

Website here


Common Suits, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Common Suits aims to be your best wingman by helping you exude charisma and confidence when donning their suits. They believe in a permanent fashion, so you can definitely expect high-quality outfits and timeless designs that will last for decades to come. To get a better idea of how you can put on their suits for years even after your wedding, their Instagram feed is filled with dapper male models clad in their apparels around Singapore.


They have a wide selection of suits, shirts, pants available for browsing online. You can also customise your own colour and pattern to make the shirt truly you. They also have different price ranges from the lowest to highest titled, ‘Emerge’, ‘Pride’ and ‘Royal’.

Tel 8298 5224

Email wecare@commonsuits.com 

Website here


Edit Suits Co., Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Edits Suits Co. is based in both London and Singapore and promises to offer the custom suiting experience without the heavy price tag of a bespoke suit. With exclusive promotions and offers, they assure that you can look sharp while saving money. They have a detailed guide of the British and Italian fabrics they use to ensure you are paying for high quality apparels.


For customers who might not have much time to drop by the showroom, their online shop allows customers to customise and place subsequent orders based on their initial measurements taken during their first order. The finished suit can also be delivered to the client for free if desired.

Tel 3158 3926

Email care_sg@editsuits.com 

Website here


Haber, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

HABER, short for Haberdashery, aims to revolutionise the menswear industry with their signature “Archetype Fit” system. This approach focuses on shortening the tedious process of measuring and fitting the groom. Detailed fitting samples which are set into body types and sizes are used where any fitting errors will be amended and improved. Through this unique system, HABER aims to make it as convenient as possible for the client.


A suit can be as classy and delicate as it can be. But the man wearing it also matters. To help grooms perfect their menswear etiquette, HABER has previously held relevant talks and events at their store at Robinsons The Heeren.

Tel 9386 0328

Email info@haber.sg

Website here


Joe’s Tailoring, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Grounded in tailoring tradition since 1983, Joe’s Tailoring is proud to serve every stage of your sartorial journey. Their tailors and seamstresses have been working with them since the start. To this day, they’re a family-owned and operated bespoke tailoring house. They strive to ensure every garment produced from Joe’s Tailoring bears the defining elements of their long-standing philosophy – comfort, fit and quality.


Even before your first consultation, their service has already begun. They also have complimentary after-sales service to ensure every piece they create is maintained to the highest standards. This gives every groom a peace of mind on the thought and effort put into their suits.

Tel 6225 0686


Website here


Kevin Seah Bespoke, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Started by Kevin Seah after a 15-year career in haute couture, Kevin Seah Bespoke has progressed into the premier bespoke tailor that it is today in Singapore. His experience is also evident in the unrivalled and stunning designs.


Other than bespoke suits, they also offer a range of other products. This includes shirts, shoes, ties, pocket squares and socks. Their distinct and innovative pocket squares have to be one of their unique strengths. Kevin Seah has collaborated with various artists around the world to create handmade pocket squares.

Tel 6532 2018 

Email info@kevinseah.com 

Website here


Made Suits, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Made Suits take high pride in their garments and ensure they adhere to the highest standards. While doing so, they also aim to expose clients to a greater understanding of contemporary style suits so that they can become the ‘Made Man’ they desire to be in their life.


To the tailors at Made Suits, they’re not merely providing a service. Instead, it is an experience. Once your detailed consultation and measurements are taken, fully customisable options are available for you. From buttons, linings to the construction of the garments, you have the choice. They strongly believe that bespoke to measure is neither a loose or tight fit. It is your fit.

Tel 9828 6746

Email getmade@made-suits.com 

Website here


Meiko Tailor, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Meiko Tailor is Singapore’s homegrown bespoke tailor with over 50 years of experience in bespoke tailoring. Throughout the years, they have developed their own distinct house-style in suits-crafting, pants, shirt-making and bespoke suits.


Their team of craftsmen are also all trained by Master Tailor Chung. With a resident personal styling advisor who is trained and certified by Academy of ImageWorks (AIM), they also offer simple styling advice on colour profiles and other relevant details to help you find the best suit. Over the years, Meiko Tailor is committed to putting in all their time and effort to ensure you have the best tailoring experience.

Tel 6334 6911

Email enquiry@meikotailor.com 

Website here


Mode et Creation, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Back in 1977, Master Tailor Mr Anthony Tan established Mode et Creation after graduating from London’s Tailoring and Design centre with a First Class Honours Diploma. With a diverse clientele over the world, Mode et Creation proves its ability to meet your needs and likings to create the best suit for you.


Even to this day, there are customers who insist to have their clothing made by Anthony. This is an affirmation of the meticulous attention to details that he never fails to put into tailoring every product. To ensure you are perfectly satisfied, they also offer free alterations after you have received your orders.

Tel 6235 3202

Email contact@modeetcreation.com 

Website here


Perfect Attire, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Perfect Attire believes that any tailor can make a suit. Obsession and passion are the crucial elements to truly make the perfect bespoke suit. For clients who want to visualise how they’ll look in the suits, their online site also has an inspiration gallery with models clad fully in their apparels for browsing.


Their process involves two fittings, one Muslim and one basted to improve the fit at each stage. To ensure utmost customer satisfaction, every client gets a complimentary ‘Test-Garment’ for fit testing. Regardless of the number of orders, the ‘Test-Fit’ garment is prepared specifically for each new client. Their sincerity and expertise definitely show through the numerous rave reviews on their website.

Tel 9818 7062

Email support@perfectattire.com 

Website here


Picadilly Tailors, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

From college prom suits to millionaire CEO business suits, they have a vast experience in the tailoring industry. Since the 1930s, Mr Mulchand founded Mulchand’s Dressmaker and Suit Tailors and trained many tailors under his wing. After Raffles Hotel acquired the shop premise in 1986, Picadilly Tailors was born. Currently, Picadilly Tailors is also in collaboration with Singapore’s homegrown singer and radio personality, John Klass.


With their exceptionally professional and friendly service, many customers come back to them even for alternative services for shirts or pants.

Tel 6734 9990

Email tailor@singaporesuits.com 

Website here


Q Menswear, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Q Menswear is a leading fashion label that is trusted by celebrities, fashionistas and the media. Many local celebrities have been seen donning suits designed by Q Menswear on numerous red carpets and award ceremonies.


To them, their ‘bespoke’ service doesn’t just mean the clothes fit and complement your body shape perfectly. It also speaks about your personality and expresses the soul of the artisans behind it. One of the greatest differences between Q Menswear and other bespoke houses is that you’ll have your consultation, be measured and fitted by one designer consultant throughout your entire bespoke experience. This helps to build a bond between the groom and designer.

Tel 6636 6939 

Email contact@q-menswear.com 

Website here


Suit Yourself, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Homegrown Singaporean brand, Suit Yourself was set up by 3 students at Nanyang Technological University with the aim to provide smart suits to every man at affordable prices. Currently, Suit Yourself operates a showroom at Far East Plaza in addition to campuses at NTU, SMU, NUS and SUSS.


They work directly with manufacturers and simply cut out wholesalers, other middle-men and the expensive retail infrastructure that forces other tailors to charge you steep markups. Through this system, it allows them to keep their costs lower than in traditional retail and pass on these savings to you.

Tel 9618 4587

Email hello@suityourselfsg.com 

Website here


T.J. Tailors, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Founded more than 3 decades ago, T.J. Tailors has built up an excellent reputation for high quality and service at competitive prices. For clients who may be too busy to head down, they have an extensive measurement guide and form online if you wish to submit your measurements yourself. This includes even the form and posture to ensure your apparel won’t be too stiff on you.


While ensuring the best workmanship goes to each suit, they also offer a variety of options to choose from to design your own custom suit. They never compromise on quality, craftsmanship and time, even if it means late hours or delivery to your overseas address.

Tel 6534 0301

Email tjdes@singnet.com.sg 

Website here


The Prestigious Bespoke, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

Founded by former President of the Singapore Master Tailor Association, Thomas Wong, The Prestigious Bespoke is dedicated to crafting bespoke clothing to extracting standards. They boast its unique atelier within its retail premise at Boat Quay where every commission is crafted in-house without being outsourced or transferred offsite. The Prestigious also partners with the finest heritage mills to import cloth specially from Italy or the United Kingdom upon commission.


As a lecturer at LaSalle College of the Arts since 2010, Thomas Wong also sources and trains his tailors from these students. Under Thomas Wong’s guidance, every piece of apparel is meticulously taken care of.

Tel 6705 6708

Email boutique@theprestigiousbespoke.com 

Website here


The Old Fashion House, Top 20 Wedding Suits Tailor

The Old Fashion House specialises in custom made suits with an exquisite design that will definitely give you a clean and crisp look. From subtle embroideries and details to elaborate patterns and colours, there’s a range of choices to suit your preference and personality.


With a wide variety of tailors in Singapore to choose from, there will definitely be one for you to construct the suit of your dreams. Whether you’re going for a bold statement piece or looking for a simple yet elegant one that you can wear on an every-day basis, there’ll be something for you!

Tel 6822 0321 

Email theoldfashionhousesg@gmail.com 

Website here


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