Wedding Day Photos Singapore

As Wedding Photographers, we understand how a single picture can speak volumes. Actual Day Wedding Photos in Singapore might just be rituals and routines. But we strive to capture the emotions and moments from you wedding that years down the road, when you look back at those wedding photos, it’ll bring you back to that very day where you begin your beautiful journey as husband and wife. 

Actual Day | Bertrand Venetia


Actual Day | Cherryl Joshua


Actual Day | Sharon Jaye


Actual Day | Choy & Michael


Actual Day | Denezia & Nesh


Actual Day | Sandy & Nicole


Actual Day | Paulyn & Adam


Frequently Asked Questions


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What are the styles of wedding day photos?

There are various styles of wedding day photos. Photographers can shoot documentary, candid & abstract photos. We try to do a mixture of all 3.

What time should the actual day photographer come?

Weddings can start very early in the day. But a photographer normally comes 1 hour after the makeup artist comes.

Where can I take wedding photos in Singapore?

There is normally some time for you to do an outdoor shoot during your actual day. What you can do is have your outdoor shoot where there is nature. Your groomsmen and bridesmaids should join in during this photoshoot.

What happens during a Chinese Actual Wedding Day?

During the day, there are moments that can be important to capture such as,
Chinese Tea Ceremony
Outdoor Shoot
Cocktail dinner/lunch reception
Dinner banquet

How much does wedding photography cost in Singapore?

Our packages start from $2500 onwards.