Sea Aquarium Wedding Ocean Restaurant Review

When we first came to know of the Wedding at the Sea Aquarium Ocean Restaurant, we were quite surprised to hear that it was located within the Sea Aquarium in Sentosa. Ocean Restaurant can accommodate around 40-50 people for a small ROM or solemnisation. It would be ideal for a solemnisation setting that is separate from your wedding banquet day. Here are some pro’s and con’s about this place and our thoughts.



What can we say, this venue is definitely unique. When you do tell your friends and relatives that you held it at this place, it’ll be certainly quite impressive. Not many couples would go for this option and would simply have it at a regular restaurant such as Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant. Apart from looking at the food, your guests would also be able to appreciate the many arrays of fishes that fill up the aquarium. It can be a very good conversation starter between your guests.

We shot a beautiful couple here in this restaurant, do check it out.


There are many cons to this venue especially affecting your wedding photographers, wedding videographers and guests.



The venue is located within the heart of Sentosa. This ultimately would result in your guests having to travel quite a distance to reach here. If you’re holding your solemnisation, do expect your guests to arrive later than usual. Parking is easy as it’s located within the carpark. However, we found that simply getting to the carpark is quite confusing. From where the cab dropped us off, we had to go through hard rock hotel to the basement which can be quite taxing on the legs. A big consideration when having the elderly attend your occasion.


This is a photo we took of the restaurant during opening hours. This was around the time of 4pm-5pm.

You can see that the lighting is not the most ideal.

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Hence, when it comes down to your wedding photos and wedding videos, it can be quite tricky. The lights that the restaurant has are overhanging (right on top of your heads) thus casting harsh shadows to faces. We found that by bringing extra lights, it helped alleviate the issue but it gave quite an artificial look. Furthermore, the fishes in the aquarium ( the very main attraction) can’t really be captured because of the difference in lighting. Besides that from a wedding photographer’s and wedding videographer’s perspective, it doesn’t add a very good narrative.

To sum up, we feel that for a solemnisation, it might not be the best venue to go for. A solemnisation is suppose to feel bright and colourful. It would be better to choose an outdoor setting that gives a joyous feel rather than a gloomy one.


Ther price is at $2200 for 20 tables.


For more information of Ocean Restuarant

Email: weddings@rwsentosa.com

Located in: S.E.A. Aquarium

Address: 22 Sentosa Gateway S.E.A Aquarium, West zone carpark B1M, #B1-455 & 456, 098136


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