30 Best Wedding March-in Songs

Here’s the best complete list of Best Wedding March-in Songs for your wedding needs.

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The Wedding March-In is not only the first time for your wedding guests to see you and your partner on your big day. It also signifies the start of a couple’s journey through life together. As the couple walks down the aisle, music plays in the background, creating the perfect atmosphere for this magical moment. 


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The song you choose also helps set the tone and theme of your wedding. From traditional romantic pieces to upbeat and energetic bops, here are 30 songs you can choose from!

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Popular Classics

Traditionally, instrumental songs are usually selected for the Wedding March-in. Some of these classical pieces are even dubbed wedding songs even when you don’t know their original titles. They are grand and add a touch of grace to your wedding.


“The Wedding March” by Mendelssohn

From the trumpet intro, it is already easily recognisable. This is a classic tune that you would have heard at least once at some wedding. It was originally written for Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream back in the 1800s. But this song has transcended time to remain one of the most frequently played instrumentals at weddings.


“Bridal Chorus” by Wagner

The soft and delicate piano keys create a dreamy atmosphere for the Wedding March-In. Since it was made popular at the wedding of Victoria, Princess Royal in 1858, it has become a classic for weddings all around the world. You can also go for the version played on an organ for a more magnificent sound. 


“Canon in D” by Pachelbel

The Brooklyn Duo creates a magical harmony with the cello and piano and gives this hit classic a new colour of its own. Not only is it a soothing song, it has rich melodies that one can easily hum to. It’s a popular favourite at weddings for it’s simple melody progressing into an elegant climax, symbolising the hopeful journey through life ahead of the couple. 


“Ave Maria” by Bach & Gounod

There are many different instrumental arrangements for this piece. But in this video, the harp and flute work melodiously together to create an enchanting tune. “Ave Maria” is also a phrase from the prayer to the Virgin Mary used in Catholic worship. Hence, this could be a song to consider if you’re having a Catholic wedding.


“River Flows in You” by Yiruma

As one of Yiruma’s greatest hits, this song is hugely popular among both pop and classical listeners. It consists of recurring piano patterns which are sweetly addictive to the ears. It begins slow and may sound sad, but it escalates faster into a dignified piece. In essence, the song represents the feelings of what loving someone means. This melody would be sure to tug at the heart strings of all your wedding guests.

“The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba” by Handel

Unlike the previous classics, this bright and upbeat song welcomes the couple in with a bang. This magnificent piece was written to symbolise the excitement of the people as they witness the Queen of Sheba visit Solomon’s kingdom. Likewise, it represents the exhilaration of the guests watching the couple Wedding March-In.


Movie Soundtracks 

Is there a movie that is special to you and your spouse? Walking down the aisle to a soundtrack from your favourite film can be meaningful and personal as a Wedding March-in Song. Romance movies are a great place to start exploring your options. 


“Glasgow Love Theme” by Craig Armstrong (Love Actually soundtrack)

The 2003 film Love Actually has proven to be a timeless favourite among romance fans even 17 years after its release. The soothing instrumentals are soothing and evoke a sense of warmth. While it’s used frequently during the film to reflect the unrequited love, having this tune as your Wedding March-In song feels like the rainbow after the rain. It symbolises a love that is attained over time. As a popular Christmas film, this might hit you harder in the feels if you’re having a wedding in December!


“Somewhere in Time” by John Barry (Somewhere in Time soundtrack)

Hauntingly beautiful, this nostalgia-inducing piece brings back fond memories of a couple’s love. It encompasses the deep feelings of true love, of a promise to be together for better, or for worse.


“Rewrite The Stars” by Zac Efron & Zendaya (The Greatest Showman soundtrack)

Fans would definitely remember this beautiful melody being played during the distinct trapeze stunt scene in the film. ThePianoGuys delivers their own rendition of this popular song, adding a whole new splendid spin on it. As the name suggests, this song holds onto the expectations of creating a destiny together as a couple moving forward.  A fantastic choice for your wedding march-in song.


Disney Soundtracks

Disney is usually associated with kids for their animated films. It may be magical and fantasy-like, but the underlying strong themes of love definitely pull adults in too. 


 “Beauty and the Beast” by Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson (Beauty and the Beast soundtrack)

The recent 2017 live-action adaptation of this 1990s classic Disney princess film has definitely reignited the love for this story. Though it’s fictional, it contains the moral of loving someone’s inner beauty over their outward appearance. In this rendition, the combination of the string and percussion instrument embodies the idea of two different individuals coming together to create a lovely story. 


“A Whole New World” by Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle (Aladdin soundtrack)

With a 2019 live-action adaptation, this film remains fresh and vivid in the minds of many. Lyrically, this song describes Aladdin showing Jasmine a life of freedom that she never had previously. By using 3 instrument voices, LAYERS recreate the magic of the film in this wonderful instrumental track. It is a majestic piece, encompassing the anticipation of a bright future ahead the couple. 


Fan Favourite songs 

For those who can’t decide between a classical piece and a relatively modern lovesong, here are some options to get the best of both worlds.


“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri


With a mesmerizing piano and cello duet, this has become the most watched video on ThePianoGuys channel. This song speaks of an everlasting love and of individuals that loses all doubt and fear when they’re together. Its healing nature makes it a perfect choice for a couple’s Wedding March-In.


“Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen


In Hebrew, the word “hallelujah” means to rejoice in praising God. But the significance of this song is as varied through the different covers that exist. Each rendition adds a new substance and meaning to the song. The 3 ladies create their own interpretation of this classic, incorporating the various shades of what love is. Love isn’t just sunshine and rainbows, but it’s always beautiful.



Lyrical Songs

Instead of instrumentals, you can also go for songs with lyrics. Lyrics can help enhance your Wedding March-in through the stories woven into the songs chosen. 


“Beautiful in White” by Shane Filan 


The bell and intro resembling the popular Canon in D is sure to turn the heads of all your wedding guests towards you and your spouse as you make your entrance. The Westlife member’s solo song is widely chosen for its simple yet graceful melody and lyrics. 


“You and I” by Michael Bublé


Though originally written and sung by Stevie Wonder, Michael Bublé’s rendition provides a modern interpretation while keeping the calming nature of the original. It is a soulful piece talking about how two people have fallen in love with each other. With lyrics like “God has made us fall in love”, it’s a favoured choice among Christians.


“All You Need is Love” by The Beatles 


From the jazzy intro, this song puts everyone into an optimistic mood. The repetition of the lyrics “all you need is love” and “love, love, love” also perfectly encapsulates the importance of love. 


“L-O-V-E” by Olivia Ong 


Originally sung by jazz artist Nat King Cole, Olivia Ong’s adds her own charm to the song with her sweet rendition. Making use of each letter in the word ‘love’, it is a simple and classic song to stroll down the aisle to.

“I Knew I Loved You” by Savage Garden


This contemporary hit is a romantic ballad that projects the joy and sense of completion one feels after finding the right person in their life. The wedding march-in song progresses along a soft and easy beat. It is definitely one that will soothe everyone’s hearts at the wedding.


Slow & Romantic

Choosing slower love songs help amplify the romance in the air. These romantic ballads are some of the most popular modern hits and will definitely get your guests excited.


“You Are The Reason” by Calum Scott & Leona Lewis 


Calum Scott initially released this piano-driven ballad as a solo song. It talks about a couple’s efforts to make their relationship a perfect one despite all the flaws present. With Leona Lewis joining for the duet version, this stunning collaboration adds a certain level of depth to it.

It further exemplifies the strong promise from both individuals to “climb mountains” and “swim oceans” for their everlasting relationship. 


“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran & Beyonce

Ed Sheeran is well-known for his rich and romantic melodies played with a guitar. He wrote this love song for his childhood sweetheart filled with distinct memories in the lyrics. Originally already a hit as a solo track, having Queen B join in for a duet elevates the whole beauty of the song. 


“Lucky” by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat 

This pop song remains a timeless hit for its sincere lyrics and chill vibe. It’s a brighter song while keeping a soft, swaying mood. With lyrics talking about how lucky it is to be in love with your best friend, it’s a delicate piece that will touch your heart. 


“Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Kina Grannis

Featured on Crazy Rich Asians, Kina Grannis gives a fresh acoustic take on the classic by Elvis Presley. Ever since the 2018 film used it during the wedding march-in scene, it has been gaining much popularity. She serenades softly, creating the perfect atmosphere for everyone to have their breath taken away as the couple walks down the aisle.


Fun & Energetic 

For couples who want to infuse some excitement, these are upbeat songs that would definitely make your entrance unique and memorable. 


“Love on Top” by Beyonce

As an up-tempo R&B disco song, it’s viewed as a modern take on old school music. Beyonce’s high tone paired with the use of an addictive bass groove makes this perfect choice for a bold and adventurous couple who still keeps it old school. This Wedding March-in Song is definitely edgy and if you’re daring, do try it out.


“Marry You” by Bruno Mars

Right from the title, it’s obvious that this is a song made for a wedding. The lyrics talk about the fun and spontaneous emotions of asking someone for their hand in marriage. With a hypnotising melody, this bubbly song is well-suited for young daring couples.


Sugar” by Maroon 5

This catchy jam definitely infuses sweetness into your wedding march-in. Adam Levine sings about the feelings of being deeply in love with someone and the want and need to be with them just like having a craving for sugar. 


Other Languages 

As a multicultural country, you and your spouse might want to choose a song in another language than English. These are some that you can consider. 


“今天你要嫁给我 (Marry Me Today)” by 陶喆 David Tao & 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai

Directly translating to ‘you’ll marry me today’, it’s a delightful duet well-suited for your big day. 


“小幸运 (A Little Happiness)” by 田馥甄 Hebe Tien 


Soundtrack of the 2015 Taiwanese hit film about a coming-of-age love story, this song would be an excellent choice for couples who began their love stories since their schooling years. Your Wedding March-in song will definitely be a hit among your wedding guests.


“Kaulah Segalanya (Say You’ll Always Be Mine)” by Ruth Sahanaya 


Ruth Sahanaya is best known for this hit song of hers. With a gentle and calming tune, it is one that will set the dreamy tone perfectly. It talks about how a couple’s love will give them wings to survive as they face this world together. 


“Ku Ada Kama (I Have You)” by Adira 

Adira’s captivating voice with the dreamy lyrics made this song a massive hit in Malaysia right after it was released in 2019.


“Finale” by DAY6

The band creates an addicting melody with earnest lyrics asking for their loved one to be their last love story. It is a song that will bring back sentimental memories of a love leading up to your big day.



When it comes to weddings, there’s no limit to what songs you can choose for your Wedding March-In. These are just 30 that you can consider. At the end of the day, the wedding March-In song you choose should be one that resonates with you and your spouse and encapture your love story perfectly.