24 Top Wedding Live Bands in Singapore that will Liven Up Your Wedding

Having a wedding live band can definitely brighten up the atmosphere of any wedding. Engaging a suitable one can also help you set the ambiance that you desire to match your wedding theme and tone. If you’re looking for a romantic ambiance, going for musicians whose forte lies in ballad or jazz songs works. In contrast, if you want a fun and energetic vibe, you can choose musicians with strengths lying in modern pop hits.

While live bands will have lists of songs prepared during the discussion to sing, experienced live bands can also be spontaneous and accept song requests from your wedding guests. Other than performing your requests, they can also read out your song dedications before singing the songs. This adds a touch of sentiment and anticipation and is sure to light your guests’ faces up with a smile. 

With that being said, finding the right band that will compliment you and your partner’s personality and character completely may not be an easy task. Hence, here’s a list of the 24 top Wedding Live Bands in Singapore that will liven up your wedding celebration!


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Musical Touch



Vetta https://vettaquartet.com/ contact@vettaquartet.com 
A Little Dream https://www.alittledream.com.sg/ info@alittledream.com.sg 
A Group Of People (AGOPSG) https://www.agopsg.com/ jiaxin@agopsg.com /


White Ribbon  http://whiteribbon.sg/ services@whiteribbon.sg 
Hummingbird Music https://www.hummingbird.sg/ info@hummingbird.sg 
Glittering Carousel  https://www.gclivemusic.com/ services@gclivemusic.com 
Merry Bees  https://www.merry-bees.com/ enquiries@merry-bees.com 
Red Kite Weddings https://redkiteweddings.com/ info@redkite.com.sg 
High Notes http://highnotes.com.sg/ enquiry@highnotes.com.sg 
JYPosh Entertainment  http://jyposh.com/ enquiries@jyposh.com 
Solvent Live Music & Entertainment  http://www.solvent.sg/ enquiries@solvent.sg 
Sparkle Live Music http://www.sparklelivemusic.com/ enquiry@sparklelivemusic.com 
Soundgrove Music http://www.soundgrovemusic.sg/ soundgrovemusicsg@gmail.com 
The Wedding Music Co.  http://weddingmusic.com.sg/ enquiry@weddingmusic.com.sg 
Vocalise https://vocalise.com.sg/ hello@vocalise.com.sg 
Wedding Harmony http://www.weddinginharmony.com/intro.html enquiries@weddingharmony.com 
Dreambird Music https://www.dreambirdsg.com/ info@dreambirdsg.com 
Music Box https://musicbox.com.sg/ boxupmusic@gmail.com 
AnchorBlanc https://advent-music.com/anchorblanc/ anchorblancsg@gmail.com 
The Wedding Serenata  https://www.weddingserenata.com/ weddingserenata@gmail.com 
Afterworkers 下班族 https://www.afterworkerssg.com/ afterworkerssg@gmail.com 
Masterpiece Entertainment  https://www.masterpiece.sg/  enquiry@masterpiece.sg 
Two Of Us 二人世界 https://www.facebook.com/twoofussg/  choyandernest@gmail.com 

Musical Touch


Musical Touch encompasses a team of professional full-time musicians and live entertainers, selected from veterans with at least 10 years of performing experience. Following their slogan of “Live Music From The Hearts”, besides selection on skills, only those who are truly passionate about their craft are chosen.

Since 2012, their team has performed for over 4000 events. They range from a 2, 3, 4, 5 piece bands to a full 16-Piece Pop Orchestra. They are also versatile in a variety of genres from pop, rock, evergreen, bossa nova, jazz, and many more. Their most popular choice is the 3 Piece Band. While bigger bands may produce a fuller sound with more instruments, it still depends on your needs and wants for your wedding music.

Musical Touch has also recently offered a new service of having a Pop Orchestra which is a 16-piece band comprising a full professional section. They bring a whole concert vibe and add a touch of grandeur and class to your wedding.

Having them as your wedding live band will certainly create a memorable experience to your guests!

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: info@musicaltouch.sg


A Little Dream

wedding-live-bands-singapore wedding-live-bands-singapore

Founded in 2002, A Little Dream combines the talents of experienced, passionate singers and musicians to provide a one-stop service for live music. Throughout the years, they have expanded their repertoire to encompass a wide range of musical genres, from classical, contemporary pop, rock, jazz and evergreen anthems. 

They have singers who are effectively bilingual who can perform songs in different languages or dialects. Many of their singers have also released albums, won national singing competitions and even headlined sold-out concerts. Some of them can also play the piano or guitar as accompaniment to their singing. As you get to choose your own combinations of singers you wish to engage, it allows you to have a live band that is unique to your wedding.

A Little Dream also provides instrumental bands of different sizes and combinations. From popular instruments like the piano and guitar to less common ones like saxophone and harp, they have a plethora of musicians to choose from. From solo instrumentalist to a full 5-piece band, they have it all. Their most popular ones being the String Quartet (featuring 2 on Violins, 1 on Viola, 1 on Cello) and the 4-piece (Pianist, Saxophonist, Bassist, Drummer). These instrumental bands can also perform a variety of genres.

With years of experience performing, their musicians and singers can also take spontaneous song requests and dedications to further entertain your wedding guests. 

Among such a wide group of talents under one company, you may be stumped on who you should choose! In this case, you can choose to list the type of instruments or genres you would like to hear at your wedding and they would give you some suggestions.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: info@alittledream.com.sg



wedding-live-bands-singapore  wedding-live-bands-singapore   wedding-live-bands-singapore

Vetta specialises in bringing live string music to your event , while remaining unobtrusive so that you and your guests stay in the limelight. The string quartet is Vetta’s flagship service and is well-recognised and sought-after Singapore weddings. With their extensive repertoire, they are versatile for weddings of different themes and sizes. From solemnisation ceremonies to cocktail receptions and dinner banquets, they can provide live instrumental music to spice up your wedding. 

Other than performing at outdoor weddings, they also perform indoors at churches or banquet dinners. Esta Quartet is a premium all-ladies String Quartet by Vetta. Their expanding pool of talented performers, artistes and musicians work hand-in-hand to add a touch of class to your wedding. They are professionally trained to play a wide range of genres. From classical to modern pop, they are sure to enhance the elegance of your wedding.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: contact@vettaquartet.com


A Group Of People (AGOPSG)

wedding-live-bands-singapore wedding-live-bands-singapore

Established in 2014, A Group Of People (AGOPSG) is a professional live music band of 4 covering a wide variety of music, ranging from classic oldies to modern pop hits in different languages & local dialects.

Their bubbly and engaging personality also helps to hype up your wedding guests. Rather than just going through the songs and singing them, they also choose to crack some jokes to entertain further. To date, they have performed at over 300 weddings and corporate events with raving reviews each time. 

Other than the 4 of them, they have also created a AGOPSG Legacy program which seeks to nurture and build fellow local musicians to pursue their passion in music. This initiative has also given rise to their pioneer band, The Retrospective. 

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: jiaxin@agopsg.com /kendricklim@agopsg.com


White Ribbon


White Ribbon seeks utmost quality when it comes to live music. As a group of full-time singers and musicians, they have performed for over 500 weddings and events to date. To stay relevant, they constantly update their repertoire and knowledge in the ever-changing music scene. Besides Singapore, they have graced countless stages in regional countries like Taiwan, China and Malaysia. 

White Ribbon worked on this special medley featuring a variety of their talents from saxophonists, guitarists, both male and female vocals for different languages. It is testament to their versatility throughout a wide range of music genres. Classic ballads, jazz, bossa nova, pop, classical and evergreens, and more – they are constantly developing themselves to tailor their music to your needs. 

You can choose to engage instrumental musicians or singers in different band sizes. After deciding on your desired band size and hire duration, White Ribbon will help to propose the best combination of instruments based on your preferred songs or genres. 

If you’re undecided on who you’ll like to engage, fixed configuration bands are also available. These are bands with fixed lead singers and musicians. Having worked together as a band throughout the years, they have built up an impeccable band chemistry with unique vocals and instruments combinations. They have 2 of such bands – 吃喝玩樂 E.D.M and JumpStart.

wedding-live-bands-singapore  wedding-live-bands-singapore

吃喝玩樂 E.D.M is a 4 piece bilingual pop-rock band. Though a 4 piece band, their sounds are comparable to that of a larger band due to their unique instrument combinations consisting of keyboard, guitar, footdrums, saxophone paired with male and female vocals. With experience built up throughout the years, they are capable of delivering both lively and emotional renditions of songs across various genres and transit between ballads and high energy pop hits effortlessly.

JumpStart is a bilingual acoustic band with music easily distinguished through its tight harmonies, complemented by the eclectic use of a broad range of sounds and instruments. All 4 members have also conquered numerous big stages around Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China. Some have even worked with popular artistes like JJ Lin, Kit Chan and Jacky Wu. Through their originals and covers of songs spanning from the 80s to the top hits of today, the band is always geared towards bringing something fresh to your guests.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: services@whiteribbon.sg


Hummingbird Music

wedding-live-bands-singapore wedding-live-bands-singapore

Founded in 2013, Hummingbird Music is a boutique music house that produces and curates live music experiences. Like the hummingbird, though it’s small size, it has a sweet call and voice. Hummingbird Music has taken inspiration from this little creature for their name. As the company was founded and run by musicians, the sound equipment rental department also supplies quality and professional equipment for their live music performances.

They have created a suite of specialty bands for you to choose from and this reel showcases some of the performances they have given. If you are looking for something extra special and personalised, you can also get in touch with them to create a customised concept for you.

Their experienced artists are trained to sing different languages and even Korean love songs! They are surely the perfecting finishing touch to liven up and lend polish to your wedding. With a specially curated list of acts whose professionalism and quality pre-vetted, you can definitely put your mind at ease when engaging them.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: info@hummingbird.sg


Glittering Carousel

wedding-live-bands-singapore  wedding-live-bands-singapore

As one of Singapore’s premier live music entertainment providers, Glittering Carousel prides themselves for their team of music professionals in delivering top quality music performances and entertainment. They honour versatile and professional talents with a core value of “Great Sincerity” from vocals to instruments to coaching and even songwriting and music production.

Oompah Beats is one of the signature bands at Glittering Carousel. For this couple where the groom is originally from Germany, he wanted to share his German traditional folk music with the guests. To cater to the couple’s special requests, they performed some traditional German pieces alongside other classic pop bilingual pieces. Various bands have their own unique style, but the chemistry between each band gives them the true power to brighten up your wedding.

From solemnisation and cocktail reception to wedding banquet or even after party, Glittering Carousel has a team of professional musicians and singers to choose from. All of them have their individual styles and interpretations that can capture your audience in their own unique ways.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: services@gclivemusic.com


Merry Bees

wedding-live-bands-singaporeMerry Bees was sparked by the sheer serendipity of 3 people on one coincidental evening in Aug 2012. To date, they have serenaded dignitaries at the Istana, guests in small intimate settings to international stages of more than 15,000 people and even performed on TV programmes and other high profile events like the F1 Singapore Grand Prix and Singapore Sports Awards, etc.

They have 3 main acts including John Lye, ShiLi & Adi and Ywenna. If you’re looking for a wider selection, they also have other female and male singers who may sing fewer genres but still bring something unique to the table. They also have band setups like ‘Merry Bands’ and ‘Honey Bands’  which allows you to choose lead singers and instrumentalists of your choice. 

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: enquiries@merry-bees.com


Red Kite Weddings


Red Kite has been a popular force of live music in Singapore for more than a decade. They believe that every wedding has a story of its own and that customisation is the key to let music tell your love story. They offer a wide variety of wedding music including live bands, DJs to string quartets and strollers. 

Their talents can make your glamorous wedding day even merrier and create the perfect atmosphere for your guests. With many years of experience, their professionalism to switch between emcee-ing and singing is also a talent trained while performing at various weddings. Many couples have given raving reviews about their memorable and classy performances.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: info@redkite.com.sg


High Notes


Established in 2008, High Notes has an unrivalled reputation for quality and providing the very best singers, musicians and talents to their clients. They are a full-service entertainment agency offering in-house services that include creative solutions, sound and lighting systems and design. Having provided entertainment for the most discerning of clientele, royalties, dignitaries, celebrities and high-profile events and weddings, they have vast experience to light up your wedding with their live music.

Other than an extensive list of boutique bands, they recreate ambience and are concepts-centric. This means they will put together a special concept that will resonate with you and your spouse to perform music that will show your distinct personality and character. With a sound business structure, they also keep their prices at an affordable level without compromising on quality. The best professional artists will be provided all within your budget.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: enquiry@highnotes.com.sg


JYPosh Entertainment


JYPosh Entertainment believes in providing the best personalised service to all customers. Be it weddings, corporate functions or any live events, they seek to cater to your every talent needs. Founded by singer Chanel Pang and managed by Charlie Tan, JYPosh Entertainment works with many diversified and versatile musical talents with years of performing experience that can showcase all types of music genres like pop, classic ballads and jazz to name a few.

From individuals to bands of different sizes and combinations, they have provided interesting repertoire for many weddings. When you engage JYPosh Entertainment, you are safe in good hands!

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: enquiries@jyposh.com


Solvent Live Music & Entertainment


Solvent Live Music and Entertainment is a talent management agency and entertainment consultancy. They have scouted talents all over Singapore and arranged for them to perform at events like weddings, corporate dinner and dance, road shows and many more. These include live bands, emcees, DJs from a myriad background of Singapore with international performing experience.

Their selection of live bands can be a solo member or a 2 to 5 members group with instruments such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano drums and more. For intimate weddings, they recommend 1-2 members while a bigger number for ballroom weddings. Bilingual bands are also available which can be great to entertain older guests with dialect songs. You can choose to pick any of their preformed bands or pick a singer for them to form a band specially for you.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: enquiries@solvent.sg


Sparkle Live Music


Sparkle Live Music is a team of music professionals who have sung at hundreds of weddings and events, both local and regional since 2012. Founded by local artiste Tay Kewei, with keyboardist Lee Ein Ein and singer Tay Kexin, they take pride in honing their skills to put up great and passionate performances for your big day. Armed with a wide repertoire ranging from pop, jazz and evergreens in various languages like Mandarin, English, French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Hokkien and Cantonese, they do their best to tailor their live music to your preference.

In this wedding, they have even sung the original Beauty and the Beast song in their own rendition in Mandarin. This is testament that they will put in their greatest efforts to personalise your night through live music.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: enquiry@sparklelivemusic.com


Soundgrove Music


SoundGrove Music was formed based on the idea to bring professional live music entertainment to weddings, parties, and corporate events both locally and internationally. From duos, trios, to instrumental trios and quartets, these are the common band arrangements they provide. However, any combination of instruments is possible to cater to your likes and needs. 

Sound systems services are also offered to ensure you a hassle-free experience. With an in-depth understanding of various music genres, they are sure to find the right fit for your wedding while ensuring your loved ones take away an unforgettable experience. 

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: soundgrovemusicsg@gmail.com


The Wedding Music Co.


The Wedding Music Company (TWMC) is a subsidiary of High Notes, Singapore’s forefront music provider of live music entertainment. Previously known as LoveNotes, TWMC aims to provide its clients with not only the best of live music but also a myriad of possibilities with the largest vocalist choice, coupled with the finest of musicians in Singapore. 

Their website is extremely organised with an online web-based application. It allows you to select up to 6 vocalists based on desired song languages and genres to create your band. After selection, you get to review your choices before TWMC gets back to you on the availability and other suggestions. 

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: enquiry@weddingmusic.com.sg




Since 2008, Vocalise has been dedicated to helping you find the perfect sound to celebrate your occasion, whether it is a wedding, launch or an event, etc. Now, they have a few exclusive artistes in their arsenal of performers, which include veterans of the music industry ranging from genres like pop, rock, jazz, as well as DJ collectives.

AMPER Quartet is Vocalise’s all-female string quartet. They have a strong suit in melding jazz and classical works within their repertoire. This quartet has always been a go-to ensemble for creating an ambience of subtle allure and refinement for weddings. Some of their other exclusive bands include VOX, Singapore’s first pop rock string quartet and also Qin, who infuses traditional Chinese instruments with Western hits.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: hello@vocalise.com.sg


Wedding Harmony


Wedding Harmony specialises in the creation and production of original wedding songs for weddings. From live performances to music productions, they understand your desire to be unique and believe in giving your guests a night to remember. 

If it’s hard for you to find the right song to reflect your personal and special love story, Wedding Harmony is the one to engage. By drawing inspiration from your love journey, original wedding songs are painstakingly created and produced, representing a musical expression of love for the true connoisseur.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: enquiries@weddingharmony.com


Dreambird Music


Dreambird Music has provided live music and show hosting services at thousands of events in Singapore and Asia for the past decade. They are made up of a powerful duo combination of Ariel Yumetori on vocals and Ian Soh on piano or keyboard. 

Ariel Yumetori is known for her crystal-clear voice and extensive vocal range, and brings sophistication and beauty to any wedding. She is thoroughly schooled in the vocal arts under various mentors which include star-maker Billy Koh, US-bred jazz virtuoso Richard Jackson and New York-based jazz singers. Ian Soh’s energetic, full sound and impeccable sense of groove has led him to perform with top artists including Singapore Idol celebrity Mathilda D’Silva, jazz diva Laura Fygi and Taiwanese singer Weng Li-you. 

When you engage Dreambiard Music, they will have everything covered for you including the most premium sound systems suitable for every possible event venue in Singapore. 

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: info@dreambirdsg.com


Music Box


Music Box is also known as 百年好盒 which comes from the common auspicious Chinese wedding greeting of 百年好合 which translates to ‘a hundred years of harmony’. Like the saying, Music Box seeks to wish couples a lifelong marriage harmony through their live band music. With a compact team of musicians, vocalists and emcees who are constantly performing, they are highly experienced in providing great live band music since 2007.

From the stages of enquiry, booking, song selection, program finalisation all the way to the actual performances and  hosting, they ensure that the processes are stream-lined, worry-free for you and most importantly, fun and enjoyable. They sing a variety of languages and genres catered to your requests.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: boxupmusic@gmail.com




AnchorBlanc is an acoustic band with soothing vocals and energetic beatboxing, complemented by guitar sounds. They are a duo made up of Charles Stitch Wong on the guitar, beatbox, vocals and Ferlyn Chen on vocals. Well-versed in the music scene, AnchorBlanc combines Ferlyn’s soothing vocals with Stitch’s lively beatboxing to create a powerful rendition of your favourite bilingual pop hits.

With the ability to handle English, Chinese, Cantonese and Hokkien, they are also able to offer emcee services if desired.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: anchorblancsg@gmail.com


The Wedding Serenata


The Wedding Serenata is a one-stop music solution for your events. They provide bilingual emcees, live bands and the latest best-sounding PA system. Whatever your style and music preferences from 50s to current pop and jazz sounds, and a mixture of languages and dialects, you can be assured that The Wedding Serenata will deliver. They believe in working with a small tight team of professionals and the most talented of musicians compared to having a large pool of amateurs. 

Established since 2012, they have been playing together for many years and possess the band chemistry to bring professionalism and charm to your wedding. Every wedding event is treated with utmost care and effort and they will never compromise on quality.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: weddingserenata@gmail.com


Afterworkers 下班族


Afterworkers is a group of 1 pianist and 2 vocalists from Singapore, specialising in various genres of Chinese pop songs (Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien). They perform as a Chinese live band for private and public events like weddings, corporate events and festivals. 

Their pianist and arranger, Ying Hao has more than 10 years of experience in the music industry and possesses the exceptional ability to transform any song into a beautiful piece of music. With the blend of lead female vocalist Joelyn’s mellow voice and lead male vocalist Shaun’s wide vocal range, they produce expressive and emotional performances sure to touch the hearts of your wedding guests.

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: afterworkerssg@gmail.com


Masterpiece Entertainment


Helmed by Linus Lee, Masterpiece Entertainment is helmed by Linus Lee, a wedding showmaster, emcee and musician with over 20 years of experience as a jazz and pop pianist. His forte lies in jazz as he has been actively involved in the local jazz music scene since 1994. He has also performed in numerous jazz festivals in Canada, India, Thailand, Japan and Australia, as well as the Singapore Jazz Festival.

There are different band setups that you can engage in from Masterpiece Entertainment. If you like Chinese pop and wish to be entertained in a stylish and jazzy feel, the Oriental Jazz Music Band is what you need. They perform with vocals in a quartet or trio of professional musicians to bring back familiar Chinese tunes, presented in a swing or bossa nova style. Others include Pop Jazz Band which performs a fusion of English pop and jazz and the Standard Jazz Band. 

Website / YouTube / Facebook

Email: enquiry@masterpiece.sg


Two Of Us 二人世界


Two Of Us 二人世界 has been actively performing together as an acoustic duo, from corporate dinner and dance events, weddings to popular hang-out venues. They also go on Facebook live quite frequently to showcase their talents. Other than singing, they are also engaging and can double up as emcees to interact with your guests effectively. Having received numerous compliments on their page, Two Of Us is definitely a band you can check out.

YouTube / Facebook

Email: choyandernest@gmail.com


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