Complete Guide Wedding Flowers in Singapore

One of the significant components of your wedding is flowers. It may be under your radar, but flowers help to bring out the mood and create a magical ambience for your wedding day. Here are some tips and tricks to getting the right flowers.

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Before figuring out which types of wedding flowers and wedding flower arrangement you need for a wedding, you need to set aside a budget.

Other than beautifying your wedding, flowers can reflect who the couple is through the distinct colours and styles chosen. There are weddings where petals of white, line the aisle as the beautiful lady in white walks, hand in hand with her father till he hands her over to the man she will marry.

And there are those with a colourful personality; 50 shades of pink and green throwing the church in a forest’s overcasting shadow – reminding one of a particular scene in Crazy Rich Asians. Flowers can be quite expensive if you don’t plan for it. A good benchmark to set aside would be 10% of your overall wedding budget. Let’s say you have $20,000 to spend on your decoration, wedding videographers, wedding photographers, catering & different aspects; you should pay around $2000 for your flowers.

Unlike vendors such as makeup artists or wedding videographers, wedding florists wouldn’t have a fixed-rate card. Supposing you went to a vendor like a makeup artist and ask for his/her rates, she’ll say morning would be at $300. However, for wedding florists, they would not have such rate cards. It’s best to find the styles of flowers you like and approach these wedding florists with your budget. A good number of shortlisted florists to contact would be 3-4. This would help narrow down and make the process much more efficient.

Choosing your wedding flowers

Singapore Wedding FlowersChoosing the right flowers can be an arduous process. Having the right combination colour matching the theme of your wedding with your wedding dresses. That can be quite a handful. But an excellent way to start the ball rolling would be to match all the flowers and style you want to your wedding bouquet.

Singapore Wedding Flowers

You can go over to Pinterest to see many types of flower combinations as well as how colours match and complement one another. Develop a mood board to have a good feel from what your preference is. Here’s an example of our Pin Board.

Are you going for a classical wedding? Or an outdoor one? What colours do you have in mind? The theme and colour scheme plays a crucial role in creating the general look of the decorations for your wedding.

Presenting the mood board to your wedding florists will help to streamline the process and engage the one that you can click well with. Hence, start pinning images and send the link to your wedding florists so that they know what you are into.

You can also use colour wheels to help make better decisions on the colours you would like for your flowers. We love using Kuler from Adobe. This helps to propagate colours that are matching. Furthermore, it gives you a better visual representation of the bouquets and flowers you would want for your wedding.

Furthermore, it gives you a better visual representation of the bouquets and flowers you would want for your wedding.

Your wedding bouquet should be the central arc of your colour theme in relation to the rest of your wedding. Bridesmaid dresses should complement the colour of your bouquet. The flowers on the aisle should serve to complement the colour of your bouquet. This should be a good guideline to work in deciding the right colour theme for your wedding.

Singapore Wedding Banquet

Type of Wedding Flower Decorations

Bridal Bouquet

One of the most common wedding flower pieces is the bridal bouquet. Tossing the bouquet is also a tradition familiar to many. It is believed that the person who catches it will be next in line to get married. Beyond this, it also adds an element of fun to your wedding. The other floral decorations would then serve to complement the bridal bouquet.

Corsages and Boutonnieres

A corsage is a small bundle of flowers either pinned to the lapel of the bridesmaids or tied around their wrists. Boutonnieres are the same except that they’re for men. Naturally, they should complement the colour of the bridesmaids’ attire.


Whether it’s for your solemnisation ceremony or at your reception as a photobooth, the backdrop allows a peek into the theme and character of your wedding. It can also serve as a photo spot for you and your guests to capture your memories.


As the couple walks down the aisle, everyone has their eyes on them. And what could be than walking down a flowery path during this significant moment? You can easily do so by tying small clusters on rows of chairs along the outline of the aisle. For those tight on budget, you can also choose to scatter flower petals on the ground. You can play around by using ribbons, candles or other ornaments too!


Instead of sticking to a plain card with the table number, floral centerpieces can help add a breath of fresh air. They don’t have to be too big so that there’s sufficient space for food dishes.

 These are some of the common floral decorations in Singapore weddings but they are not a definite necessity. You can always explore more options to add colour to your big day.


Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is an essential consideration in having the types and kind of flower arrangement for your wedding.

There are things to consider such as

  • Do you want your flowers to be on the aisle?
    Singapore Wedding Flowers
  • Do you want your flowers to be a centerpiece?
    Singapore Wedding centerpiece
  • Do you want your flowers to have an arch during your solemnisation?
  • Lastly, how big is your wedding venue to accommodate the flowers?
    Singapore Wedding Flowers

We have experiences in Chijmes and White Rabbit, where flowers work well to give a very wholesome ambience.

Figuring this out concerning your overall budget will give you a better perspective on what is possible.


Now comes to the part of misconceptions that couples typically may have.

– Fake wedding flowers

Let’s be honest; for some guests, they may not tell the difference between fake flowers and real flowers. Especially on cameras, when wedding photos are taken, it might look like the real thing. However, from our experience, you may be right. But there are degrees to fake flowers just like the degree of fake pirated shoes. For the good fakes out there, it may be more costly than the real thing.

Furthermore, having real flowers will serve as take-home gifts for your guests after the wedding. So not all is gone to waste. Besides, what use do you have for these fake flowers? We had couples consolidate the flowers with donations from their wedding and gave them to old folks at old folks home after the wedding. That’s like having your cake in your hand and eating it. Hence, don’t buy into fake flowers and go for the real thing.

– I WANT my wedding flowers to be like this photo

Singapore Wedding Flowers

Managing your expectations is essential to your overall happiness.

It’s ok to send photos from other weddings to your vendors. However, you mustn’t expect the same results as your wedding. Just like in wedding videography, a video might have so many factors ranging from venue, lighting, timing, expressions, emotions. And to say that you want your video to be the same as someone else’s might be quite challenging to manage.

Hence, it goes the same way for wedding flowers. Most of the photos you find over on Pinterest might be of overseas weddings. Compared to Singapore, they have much bigger spaces and better lighting of the day. Hence, the flowers might look different from that on your wedding day. Your wedding florist should be able to use it as a guide and deliver something to their style of work. Hence when approaching your wedding florist, it’s like approaching art, trust in your artist to do great artwork suited for you.

– Why Wedding Flowers cost so much

wedding flowers

This, unfortunately, is a result of most couples. To save costs, they may ask favours from bridesmaids and groomsmen to help in the floral aspects. From what we have seen, it often puts a burden on them. It’s still to trust in the professionals as they will accomplish better results in a faster time. Furthermore, there are more important things for your bridesmaids and groomsmen to do such as tending to your reception booth and guests. We found that it is much more efficient to have your bridesmaids decorate your reception booth with photo frames and fairy lights.

– Wedding Flowers are quite easy to set up

On your wedding day, the flowers will turn out cute and pretty. But the process that leads up to that final step can take as long as three whole days.

You may think of asking your bridesmaids to help in doing up these decorations. It is highly not recommended. They will be tired and busy preparing for your gatecrash. There’s no certainty that they’ll also do a good job so it would be better to leave floral decorations to the experts.

Florists need to go down to markets to collect and choose the wedding flowers. After that, they’ll need time to cut and process these flowers. On the day, they need to travel down to set up the arrangement. And lastly, they need to tear the arrangement down. If you factor all of these in, it can amount to lots of labour and material costs. It is, after all, a service that the couple is paying for.

In conclusion

Don’t be afraid to make enquiries and set up appointments with various wedding florists. They’ll help give you a better understanding of the costings involved. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, and you can look back and see the beauty. We feel that flowers represent timelessness. It’ll still be relevant 10-20 years down and will always be an integral part of your wedding. Do consider to set aside some budget for it to spice your wedding up.