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30 Best Wedding Flower Retails in Singapore

Wedding decoration plays a prominent role in setting the right ambiance for your special day. More than just creating picture-perfect moments for photos that will bring back memories, but it also helps to transform the environment into a magical and enchanting wonderland. Flowers are widely used for wedding decorations to dramatically transform venues with lush florals and botanical styling. With an extensive variety of flowers and foliages all around the world, you can let your creativity juice run wild using florals to style your wedding. With a long list of flower stalls in Singapore, we have come up with the top 30 places to get your wedding flowers.

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wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

Beato presents a wide range of seasonal and unique flowers from exotic countries such as – Ethiopia, Kenya, Ecuador, Japan and remote cities like Kumming, Capetown and Aalsmeer. nd Leave a lasting impression on your guests when you decorate your wedding venue with the vibrant colours and creative floral styling from Beato’s professional team of florists. With the commitment to assure customers receive the freshest flowers and products, you can trust Beato to style up your wedding venue for a once-in-a-lifetime fairytale wedding in your life. 

Website: https://beato.com.sg/

Facebook: @beato.sg



wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

What we love about Bloomwerks is that they are a one-stop provider for floral styling – from reception styling and aisle styling to table decorations and solemnisation, they’ve got you covered for all bridal floral things. 

Bursting with creativity and ideas, Bloomwerks comes out with stunning floral arrangements to suit your wedding theme and concept. You can check out some of their works based on colour palettes such as lush greenery or reddish romance.

Wedding Decoration Packages

Bloomwerks Rate Card

Website: https://www.bloomwerks.com/

Facebook: @Bloomwerks

Instagram: @bloomwerks


CC Lee Designs

wedding-flower-retails. wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

CC Lee Designs specialises in transforming hotel ballroom with well-known hotels such as JW Marriott, St Regis and Ritz Carlton on their list. From cascading floral installations to artistic centrepieces, CC Lee creates these stunning art pieces using soft colour palettes to create a dreamy and classy setting for a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Email: ccleems@gmail.com

Facebook: @ccleedesigns


Dancing Petals

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

At Dancing Petals, they believe that even though flowers may not last, but they create moments that last forever. With the commitment to provide the best service and best quality of flowers, you can trust them to make your wedding day an even more special one by delivering your heartfelt emotions in the form of their charming flowers. Other than their lovely hand-tied bouquets for your bridal flower, Dancing Petals also offers bespoke designs for weddings including venue styling and bridal car decorations.

Website: www.dancingpetals.sg

Facebook: @dancingpetalssg




wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

From calm and neutral to rustic chic to fancy whimsical, Eufloria is able to curate something that will match your wedding theme and concept. For those who are the rose kind of brides, Eufloria is the right place to look at, as they specialise in using roses of varying types and colours to accentuate their beautiful floral arrangements. Eufloria offers a wide range of floral styling services for wedding occasions such as floral arches, table centrepieces, reception table and bridal car decorations.

Email: hello.eufloria@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eufloria.sg/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eufloria.sg/


Fiore Dorato

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

The founder of Fiore Dorato, Brenda Lee, first started as a fashion design graduate from LaSalle where she enjoyed experimenting between different colours, textures and materials. She then went on to different places to experience floral artistry in action, such as Paris, Belgium and New York, and obtained a Master’s in Floral Designing. Having such an extensive background on floristry and winning multiple competitions and awards, Fiore Dorato has grown to receive much recognition for their floral design expertises. 

Providing event conceptualising services, Fiore Dorato is able to create and design a look fitting for your special wedding day, both local or even overseas venues. Lavish European-inspired design is Fiore Dorato’s forte, the mixture of luscious and eye-catching florals has been popular amongst brides to transform both intimate and extravagant affairs.

Website: fioredorato.com.sg

Facebook: @FioreDoratoInternational

Instagram: @fioredorato


Floral Magic

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

Since 2000, Floral Magic has been a family business supported by their daughters. Their professional team of florists has a substantial amount of training overseas from London and New York, with experiences in designing and marketing. With a strong foundation on the technicalities of arrangement and structure making, together with a keen eye for colours, form and balance, Floral Magic prides themself with their detail-orientated and aesthetic floral creations.

Website: www.floralmagic.com.sg

Facebook: @floralmagic

Instagram: @floralmagic_


Flores Boutique

wedding-flower-retails   wedding-flower-retails   wedding-flower-retails

Specialises in weddings and bespoke arrangements, Flores Boutique aims to evoke emotions through their stunning floral styling. Make your guests and yourself fall in love with their enchanting floral arrangements through vivid colours or romantic pastels.

Website: www.flores-boutique.com

Facebook: @flores.sg12

Instagram: @flores.sg


Floret & Teddies

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

Floret & Teddies graced many weddings of different style and size with their seasonal fresh-cut flowers sourced from different countries like Holland, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. The team behind Floret & Teddies understands how flowers are able to convey and evoke emotions through strategic arrangements of florals and foliage, and aims to deliver every couples’ emotion on their wedding day.

Website: www.floretnteddies.com

Facebook: @FloretnTeddies

Instagram: @floretnteddies



wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails   wedding-flower-retails

Floristas specialises in beautiful bespoke floral hand bouquets, where they promise customers the highest quality by sourcing and hand picking only the freshest flowers available on the day of order. Floristas get their flowers from different parts of the world such as New Zealand, Holland, Australia, Africa, Columbia and so on, with an assortment of florals to offer. With over 10 years of experience, Floristas’ top priority is customers’ satisfaction, assuring every couple that their hand bouquet is of the finest quality tailored to their needs.

Website: floristas.sg

Facebook: @floristas.sg

Instagram: @floristas.sg


Flower Empire

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

A European floral designer and decorator based in Singapore, Angela Baburga, the brainchild behind Flower Empire started her passion for flowers ever since she was young. As a florist for 10 years, Angela Baburga has been continuously pushing boundaries, curating more beautiful and complex flower bouquets each time. 

Flower Empire offers an extensive range of floral styling service from wedding accessories including groom boutonniere and flower crown to venue decorations including wedding wall and wedding backdrop. Looking for something extraordinary and unique? Flower Empire offers their exclusive stunning fresh flower dress fully covered with real flowers for a once-of-a-kind wedding photoshoot.

Website: www.flowerempire.sg

Facebook: @FlowerEmpire.sg

Instagram: @flowerempire.sg


Gerbil’s Garden

wedding-flower-retails   wedding-flower-retails   wedding-flower-retails

With ‘Strange and Deranged’ as their slogan, you can look forward to fun and quirky floral arrangements with Gerbil’s Garden for a one-of-a-kind wedding celebration. Sky’s the limit with Gerbil’s Garden, where the creative team of florists thrive to churn out unique bouquets for their customers to be surprised and in awe of their creations.

Gerbil’s Garden provides a variety of wedding services from pre-wedding photoshoots to centrepieces, with the choice of choosing from their wedding packages or customising your own theme and concept. Whether it is rustic boho or romantic pastels, Gerbil’s Garden will be able to make your dream wedding come to life.

Website: www.gerbilsgarden.com

Facebook: @GerbilsGarden

Instagram: @gerbilsgarden



wedding-flower-retailswedding-flower-retails   wedding-flower-retails

Happyflorals is a Singapore-based online artisanal florist that specialises in customised laser cut floral art, modern rustic bouquets and bespoke wedding styling. Believing that everyone is unique and that no two weddings are the same, each of Happyflorals’ creations are created to reflect each couple’s style and personality. Having the joy to see their flowers bring smiles to people’s faces, the passionate team behind Happyflorals are committed to work together with you to bring your ideas come to life.

Website: www.happyflorals.com

Instagram: @happyfloralssg


Hello Flowers

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

More than just a floral boutique, Hello Flowers is a social enterprise floral studio that not only creates beautiful moments with the wildness of nature, but also contributes back to society by empowering local women who are facing issues with jobs. The founder of Hello Flowers, Annie, is not only a curious and idealistic individual, but also one with a big and caring heart. Due to her helpful and patient personality, Hello Flowers has received much support and good reviews from her customers. No two of Hello Flowers’ designs are the same as they customise all their bridal florals. From floral bouquets to corsages to floral crowns, we love Hello Flowers’ unique and absolutely stunning floral arrangements.

Website: helloflowers.sg

Facebook: @helloflowerssg
Instagram: @helloflowerssg


This Humid House  

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

This Humid House is a botanical design studio with unique floral arrangements inspired by Singapore’s endless summer. For those summer and tropical lovers, This Humid House offers unconventional and out-of-the-norm designs, incorporating tropical fruits such as coconuts and bananas in some of their projects. If you’re looking for striking floral and foliage arrangements and large palm leaves, This Humid House is able to transform your wedding venue to a tranquil lush forestry space where you can treasure every moment in the wildness of nature.

Website: humidhouse.com

Facebook: @This Humid House
Instagram: @thishumidhouse


Kindled Events

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

Kindled Events is an events company providing services and entertainment for various occasions. An extended branch under Kindled Events, Kindled Florals provides lovely floral bouquets with a mixture of fresh and dried flowers that simply exudes timeless elegance.

Other than their floristry services, Kindled Events also offers their flower bars where couples can let your guests customise their own fresh floral blooms with on-site florists piecing their florals together. The live flower bar is a brilliant idea as an entertainment for your guests before your wedding ceremony, to put at your reception area for them to get their hands active with some lovely flowers.

In addition, Kindled Events provides other services such as photo booths and door gifts like potted succulents or dried flower cards, which can be catered for wedding celebrations as well. 

Website: kindledevents.com

Facebook: @KindledEvents
Instagram: @kindledevents


Liz Florals

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

Having trained at Nobleman School of Floral Design, Liz has worked with numerous brands and styled for several types of events from weddings to photoshoots. At Liz Florals, they offer a variety of floral wedding services including flower arches, bridal car decorations, aisle pews and centrepieces, all carefully and specially designed to reflect the couple’s story and personality. Liz mainly specialises in rustic, whimsical and romantic styles but is also open to customisation to suit every couples’ theme and concepts

Website: lizflorals.com

Facebook: @lizflorals
Instagram: @lizflorals


Mirage Flowers

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

Mirage Flowers has you covered with its flexible range of packages, whether it is just a basic bridal bouquet or a full-on venue styling. Specialising in wedding celebrations and large-scale installations, Mirage Flowers curates spectacular floral backdrops and floral arches. Express your emotions and thoughts with Mirage Flowers’ bespoke services, creating design that is uniquely yours.

Website: www.mirageflowers.com.sg

Facebook: @MirageFlowers
Instagram: @mirageflowers


O’hara Weddings

wedding-flower-retails   wedding-flower-retails   wedding-flower-retails

Founded by Chanel and Karen, O’hara Weddings is a leading wedding florist and styling company where they strive to provide affordable one-of-a-kind floral services to each and every couple. O’hara Weddings specialises in bespoke wedding flowers, car decorations and venue styling services. Transform your wedding venue with O’hara’s romantic soft pastel colours that will be sure to leave a lasting impression of your special day.

Website: oharaweddings.co

Facebook: @oharaweddings
Instagram: @oharaweddings



Petite Fleur SG

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

Petite Fleur prides itself in their premium blooms, using only high quality flowers that remain fresh longer than average. With their professional and experienced team of florists, Petite Fleur assures every of their art pieces are perfectly curated with their good sense of colour and keen eye for details. 

Website: www.petitefleursg.com

Facebook: @petitefleursg
Instagram: @petitefleur_sg


Meadows and Clouds

wedding-flower-retails wedding-flower-retails wedding-flower-retails

To pursue her love and passion for flowers, Shumin left her job and founded Meadows and Clouds. Meadows and Clouds’ floral arrangements are kept simple and minimalistic, to allow each flower to shine their unique characteristics. Their simple yet elegant bouquets are specially handcraft and can be customised to match your wedding concept.

Website: meadowsandclouds.com

Facebook: @meadowsandclouds
Instagram: @meadows.clouds


Poppy Flora Studio

wedding-flower-retails wedding-flower-retails

Inspired by how Mother Nature works – “not as neat bunches, but as ‘dancing’ in the wilderness”, Poppy Flora Studio creates whimsical and creative arrangements expressed with bursts of clashing colours and textures. With 19 years of experience, Sarah has been constantly pushing boundaries and curating dramatic projects that are jaw-dropping. With her team of talented and dedicated florists, let Poppy Flora Studio magically transform your wedding into a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

Website: www.poppy.com.sg 

Facebook: @PoPPyFloraStudio
Instagram: @poppyflorastudio


Simply Flowers 

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

Established since 2007, Simply Flowers has been providing customers with the freshest and prettiest blooms with 3 outlets in Singapore. Other than their casual bouquets, Simply Flowers also offers wedding floral services such as venue styling and bridal car decoration. Sourcing their high quality flowers from around the world, along with a dedicated team of florists who are ever ready to listen and cater to your every needs, you can be sure of Simply Flowers’ professionalism and quality services.

Website: simplyflowers.com.sg

Facebook: @Simplyflowers
Instagram: @Simplyflowerssg


Spellbound Wedding

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

Spellbound is a wedding planning, conceptualising and styling company that also offers floristry services. With a team of experienced and committed wedding planners and stylists, Spellbound prides itself in being the trend setter for styling and decor, bursting with creativity and originality in all of the works. Be it an intimate affair or an extravagant celebration, Spellbound is not only able to transform your wedding into an unforgettable event, but also use creative designs to reflect you and your partner’s personality and relationship. 

Website: spellbound.com.sg

Facebook: @spellboundweddings
Instagram: @spellboundweddings


The Bloomish Eden

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

An up-and-coming floristry, The Bloomish Eden is popular for their timeless and rustic style. For something original and unique, you can get your fix with The Bloomish Eden’s signature rustic style. With a keen eye for matching colours and textures, the talented florists in The Bloomish Eden are able to convey your emotions and story during your special day through their floral arrangements that are specially made for you.

Website: thebloomisheden.com

Facebook: @thebloomisheden.com


The Floral Atelier

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

The Floral Atelier is the sister company of The Wedding Atelier, an award-winning destination wedding planning company established in Hong Kong. Having stemmed from a wedding company, you can trust The Floral Atelier to be able to understand couples’ wedding worries and to help guide you along the way. Using only premium seasonal flowers, The Floral Atelier strives to provide gorgeous bespoke bridal florals that reflect each couples’ personality and style.

Website: www.thefloralatelier.co

Facebook: @thefloralatelier.co
Instagram: @thefloralatelier.co


The Floral Tease

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

The name behind Floral Tease came forth from the heart to ‘tease your senses’, to stimulate your 5 senses through their bespoke floral arrangements. The Floral Tease puts together well-thought handmade arrangements using seasonal blooms, adding a splash of colours to your wedding celebration. 

Website: www.thefloraltease.com

Facebook: @thefloraltease
Instagram: @thefloraltease


The Flower Practice

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

The Flower Practice got its name from the idea of learning and practicing while doing hands-on floristry, constantly looking to improve themselves and create unique floral creations each and every time. A one-stop service provider, The Flower Practice offers an extensive of wedding floral services from wedding bouquets, to boutonnieres to wedding arches. You can also choose from their selection of pre-designed floral themes – classy chic, red romance, vintage, dreamworld, botanical green and morrocan.

Website: www.theflowerpractice.com

Facebook: @theflowerpractice
Instagram: @theflowerpractice


Timeless Fleur

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails   wedding-flower-retails

The Timeless Fleur is an online florist shop that specialises in designing preserved flowers. The idea of selling preserved flowers came after realising flowers wilt away so quickly and therefore wants to produce flowers that can preserve the beauty of roses that last as long as possible. From the careful handpicking of the freshest flowers to meticulously air-drying those flowers, Timeless Fleur assures you the highest quality of their preserved flowers that can bring a beautiful timeless ambiance to your wedding celebration.

Timeless Fleur also introduces their Flower Sharing Service where the preserved flowers on the arch will be collected back and re-use for the next sharing. This eco-friendly initiative not only reduces flower wastage and carbon footprint but also means that their products and designs will be cheaper than others. 

Website: timelessfleur.com

Facebook: @timelessfleur
Instagram: @timelessfleur


With Every

wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails  wedding-flower-retails

Gaining their inspiration from their daily lives and all that they see, the florists behind With Every have been styling unique and stunning floral arrangements through vivid colors and romantic pastels. Dramatically transform your wedding venue with lush floral and botanical styling with With Every’s arrangement of different flowers and foliage. From bridal bouquets to centerpieces, With Every offers bespoke services that will reflect your taste and personality, and spice up your wedding theme with their one-of-a-kind designs.

Website: witheverybloom.com

Facebook: @witheverybloom
Instagram: @witheverybloom