Unique Wedding Favours that will Surprise Your Guests

Wedding door gifts, or commonly termed now as Wedding favours, are one way to show your appreciation to your guests for coming to witness your special day- the problem lies within choosing the appropriate and even interesting ones to wrap up their wedding experience. I have been attending a couple of weddings in my whole life and one of the best wedding flavours I got was a selfie stick- how useful is that! It might be really hard to satisfy everyone’s taste in gifts, but here’s some unique wedding favours that will surprise your guests!

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As a heads up, many wedding packages come along with pre-selected, limited wedding flavour choices for you, so do take note of which kind of flavours you are allowed to choose and make the best choice! 


 Edible and Yummy Wedding Favors 

Everyone loves a snack, don’t they! A wedding favour that is flavourful to the mouth and appetising to the tummy is well-loved at all occasions, The best kinds of edible gifts would be small and sweet confectioneries wrapped in nicely packaged jars or boxes for you to take home. 


Some yummy recipes to consider brownies, cookies or even our Singaporean flavour, Ice Gems! Baking these delights would both satisfy your guest’s taste buds as well as save up on a huge cost when made in bulk. 


Macaroons are also a common wedding flavour favourite due to their tinge of fanciness in its delicate Parisian vibe as well as the sweetest of its flavours. Put them in one of those 

If you are short of time to make them, just approach any bakery or wedding confectionary shop to request your orders- you can also opt for a personalised message as well to be printed on the goodies. 

Some helpful links that you might wanna check out are down here : 


  1. A wedding favors provider with a selection of cookies and candies https://www.favoratelier.com/
  2. Sticky, famously known for its rock candy, do provide customised candy services for weddings as well http://sticky.com.sg/
  3. Famous for their gooey brownies, this baking website sells 28 pieces for only $70 https://bakebabe.com/shop/desserts-delivery-singapore/gooey-brownies-singapore/


Do take note of the different allergies or dietary restrictions that your guests might have when it comes to giving food gifts.  As it is a terribly tedious job to cater everyone’s needs, you can just make sure that it is cleared from the most common restrictions, such as peanut-free, seafood-free as well as halal certified. 


Cash-in gifts for the Less-Fuss


People love to make decisions for their own these days and not every kind of door gift might be suitable for them -some might not like the flavour  and by giving gift vouchers, you can save a hassle on your gift planning as well as give your guests the option of choosing.


Some great examples of companies or shops we have sourced that provide these services are Sweetest Moments and Grabgifts. 


A local company that caters to couples on their wedding flavours woes would be Sweetest Moments.co. Sweetest Moments not only bakes cupcakes and pastries for wedding flavours but also provide customised wedding cards with gift vouchers included for the guests to free a one-time free delivery of a gift set, including cookies, pastries and cake presents. 


Alternatively, the transport application Grab has Grabgifts, which cater Grab vouchers as wedding favours for their guests to have seamless transport to and fro from the event location. 


Practical and Useful Wedding Favors

Who doesn’t like getting gifts that are lasting as well as usable for everyday life? It has been a growing truth among weddings nowadays that practicality is always the best when it comes to wedding favours. 

Some great ideas that can add value in your guests’ lives would be like selfie sticks, mugs, umbrellas or even water bottles. These items are universally applicable to everyone as everyone can use the same designed umbrella or water bottle without having to go through the trouble of customising to selectivity as well. 

To allow your guests to remember your wedding and that the gift is given by you, you can consider engraving the couple’s name as well as the wedding gifts on items like mugs or bottles. 

A more exquisite yet usable gift can be handmade bar soaps as well, which are both refreshing in fragrance and usable in showers, yet not forgetting the aesthetics of such a classy essential. Do take note of the chemicals used in these soaps and opt for natural essences used for the more sensitive skin. 

Some soap suppliers that cater to services on wedding favours in Singapore are TheSoapHaven as well as The O-Spa SCRUB ME soap range by SG Wedding Favours. 


Customised and Personalised Wedding Favors

Personalised gifts can range in a spectrum of so many ideas- depending on what that inspires you for a gift of appreciation straight from the heart. It can take quite a bit of time designing and making your wedding favours, but it is always the effort that counts! Your guests will be amazed as well as delighted to receive your token of sincerity and hard work put into commemorating their presence on the wedding day 


Personalising a gift is getting your hands-on with the design and the execution of the gift, either by making by hand or through a known supplier. Tote bags, as well as hand-drawn, are a classic You can also customize your very own collection of wedding tote bags for the guests, either choosing templates or designing your own tote art. These wedding tote bags can be designed and purchased from the Favor Table ( shown above).